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  • Hey dear, I feel so sad after knowing about this. I am here for you. Feeling dumped is the worst feeling. But you have to come out of this trauma. Life won’t stop for you. You have to keep going. I hope you find a better one this time. All the best wishes to you.

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    Hey dear, it is just a little end of bad. You should be thankful that they didn’t harm you. You don’t know about such clinics. They are expert in fooling others. I am happy that you are safe. Don’t be sad. It was your first experience. There will be much better things in the future. Just stay calm. Don’t panic. Every clinic is not the same. A…[Read more]

  • Hey dear, you are absolutely right. Surrogacy is a blessing. You have decided right. Any infertile couple who is thinking of a baby should opt for it. It would be the better alternative. I am so happy that you decided to go for it. I must say you would be proud of it. Baby dust to you.

  • Hey dear, this would be really frustrating for you. I do understand your feelings. But you have come to the right. Surrogacy would be a great option. You should talk to your husband related to this. I think he would agree with you. As you are 43 now. Surrogacy would be better. Surrogacy is an amazing process. It is as safe as the normal pregnancy.…[Read more]

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    Hey dear, I hope you are safe and sound. Well, don’t me depressed. You have to go through bad and good ones. I really felt sad to know about your miscarriage. Don’t lose hope. This clinic was not the last one left. There are several good ones. You have to choose right for you. Choose the clinic wisely.

  • Hey dear, I really feel sad for your friend. TTC is a tough journey. Everyone is confused at the start. It is mandatory. But the fact is you have to choose best for you. Every process or treatment has its own consequences. You cannot rely on one. IVF and surrogacy both are the alternatives for having a baby. Your friend should consult a good…[Read more]

  • Yes, dear, you have chosen right decision. Surrogacy will be best for you. It is the best alternative introduced by science. You will get your own baby. A baby that is biologically related to you. You don’t have to be confused. Just consult a good doctor. You will be a mother soon.

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    Hey dear, don’t lose hope. I know you must be nervous and depressed. But life doesn’t end here. You have to stay positive. It is life. You don’t have the best in the start. You have to struggle for it. Just stay relax. Don’t take depression. Take things positively. I know infertility is difficult to admit. A woman won’t accept her inabilities…[Read more]

  • Dear, I felt sad to know about the difficulties you are facing. I know it would be difficult for you. But I am happy that you are strong enough to choose the alternatives. The thing on which you are confused is mandatory. IVF and surrogacy both are the options to have a baby. However, IVF is a painful method. You get cramps and pain. And many are…[Read more]

  • I hope you are enjoying your good health. I can feel the pain in this post. I know you are facing difficulties. But don’t be sad. You will get the expected results soon. You should seek a good doctor. A good clinic really matters a lot. I hope you get conceived soon.

  • Dear, thanks a lot for sharing the sketch of the Adonis clinic. You are absolutely right. They are just like as you told. They are so worst in giving treatments. They don’t deserve to be visited. They have unprofessional doctors. They don’t deal their patients with equality. They have their own rules. I have witnessed all this. And I was really…[Read more]

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