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    I hope you are enjoying good health. Well, TTC is the hardest times to face. Those are who get success in conceiving the child are indeed lucky. Indeed infertility is the worst nightmare for anyone. Your story has filled me with emotions as the clinic is not replying too. Don’t worry dear as time is still in hand. It’s great, you’ve got an idea about surrogacy. There exist many other treatments for infertility, dear. Among them.. surrogacy is the most practised and successful treatment. The other phase in this regard is choosing the right clinic. I think you’d consult your family doctor in this regard. Your doctor can suggest you the best one. As per my experience, I must say you’d choose a clinic which offers a success guarantee. Thank you for asking for the experience. I’ll definitely share mine surrogacy experience too. Best wishes to you!

    Shelby Ashton

    My experience with clinic was Kind of worse. I was forced to pay them few euros in order to get some amount of information otherwise they won’t provide any kinda information at all. Few Euros was nothing for me, but what shattered me was their behavior. They were so harsh and insensitive that i couldn’t believe on my eyes what just i read. Such behaviors are totally unacceptable. These Kinda clinics should be banned. They are only playing with emotions with people and making money only. I wonder how many people got ditched by them like this. I am so frustrated and disappointed.

    Alsa Markle

    Hey dear, I hope you are doing well. I really felt sorry for your bad experience. Don’t stop trying. You will get to the best by trying the bad ones. There will come many bad clinics but you have to keep open your eyes. You have to seek the best one for you. You shouldn’t lose hope. This is the part of life. Life is the name of ups and downs. You just keep yourself stay strong. You have chosen the right treatment for you. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing. I hope your treatment goes successfully. Many hearty wishes to you. Best of luck dear.

    Sophia daisy

    Hey dear, don’t lose hope. I know you must be nervous and depressed. But life doesn’t end here. You have to stay positive. It is life. You don’t have the best in the start. You have to struggle for it. Just stay relax. Don’t take depression. Take things positively. I know infertility is difficult to admit. A woman won’t accept her inabilities openly. But you are really strong. Give try to other clinics. You will find some good ones too. Do pray for my surrogacy too. I need wishes.

    Farah Smith

    Hey Angelina, I am sad that you had gone through the worst experience. Yes this journey is a bit hard and you will face difficulties too but patience is the key. I had gone through many difficulties when I was declared infertile. My inlaws started cursing me, they treated me so bad and the worst part was that my past husband didn’t even support me. Things went so wrong that he left me. That was the hardest time of my life. But I didn’t give up. I always believed that my time will also come. Then my Lord listens to my prayers and finally get I met a real man. He supported me in my those worst days. I married again and now everything is perfect for me. I had a baby too through surrogacy.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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