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    you are on the right forum. So glad to see the positive energy from you. Surrogacy would be the best option for you. You are right one cannot rely on the clinic before investigating. My suggestions for you is the clinic in Europe. I had my personal surrogacy experience and it was satisfying. Good luck.


    Hey there. I hope you’re in good health. You’re doing a great job. This is such an important topic. I’m glad someone wrote about it. Infertility, as we know, is fast becoming common. This shows that assisted conception is being used, more and more. Also, this clinic is the most obvious choice. People are free to make decisions on their own. There’s nothing wrong with it. People should do their own research and reach out to the clinic they want. They aren’t forced.


    Thanks for sharing experienced with us. You are doing very well. Such you are a brave lady. You fight the infertility disease. Now a day surrogacy is a great option. IVF and surrogacy is the wonderful treatment. The clinic in Europe is best. They gave a proper treatment. Hope will be soon a mother. Good to see you here. Best of luck.


    Hey. I hope you are doing fine now. Your post got my attention. Maybe because my story is similar to yours. I kind of relate to it. I was diagnosed with PCOS too. Couldn’t conceive. Only I know how much it took to get past that phase of life. I can feel you. I am here to tell that we all are in this together. We will always be there for you. No matter what. This journey requires strength. Give it to your fullest. Don’t give up. You have to help yourself. I am sure you will. Just like you have come out to tell your story. Keep up the courage girl. Cheers.


    Hello Jessica, I love the way you have told about your experience. Infertility is really hard to bear. I appreciate your efforts. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Just because things are bad doesn’t mean that they are going to be that way forever. Many congratulations for your baby. Finally, you have got the fruitful result of your efforts and persistence.


    Jessica, it is really good to see that you are on the way to motivate other women. We definitely need more women who inspire us and help us go through the toughest situations. Too many women are dealing with this pain of infertility. No one can know the pain of it until one goes through this whole process of infertility. Good thing is that we are moving forward in this field. Science is providing solutions that one can take advantage of. Infertility can sometimes take a person on a very high mental set back. It is our duty that we do not let the hope diminish from themselves who are in this tough process. It is upon us that we keep motivating people. Hope that everyone remains faithful in their journey. It is for their own good that people keep taking advantage of the possibilities available. Best of luck for the future. Good luck.

    Alsa Markle

    Dear, I am glad that you thought of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a wonderful thing. I am happy that you chose it. It will definitely a successful experience for you. Many infertile couples are opting for it. I know a woman diagnosed with PCOS will find life really difficult. But don’t lose hope. Life is the name of ups and downs. You need to face it with positivity. You need to stay stress-free. Positivity is the only thing through with you can fight infertility. I hope that surrogacy helps you. It is the priority of many infertile couples. Sending you many healthy wishes. Best of luck to you.

    Sophia daisy

    I hope you are enjoying your good health. I can feel the pain in this post. I know you are facing difficulties. But don’t be sad. You will get the expected results soon. You should seek a good doctor. A good clinic really matters a lot. I hope you get conceived soon.

    Samantha Bill

    Life is the name of ups and downs. Your story has inspired me very much. My cousin faced this condition and she consulted a clinic in eastern Europe. They have treated her with the best facilities. Now She is enjoying her motherhood. You are right and I am totally agreed with you that infertile couples must not lose hope. There are so many procedures available now. Hope every infertile couple would have the blessing of parenthood.


    Jessica I know it’s not easy to deal with. But I am sure you are going to have a better resolution to it. PCOS is a long road to fertility. Because the irregular periods and cysts make the conception difficult. Have you considered going to an RE? Because, a good treatment along with a healthy diet will allow you to conceive, As PCOS is treatable. Though you need a good doctor for a treatment. I would advise you to see a good reproductive endocrinologist who will advise you a better treatment. As the fertile window for POCS patients is wider and longer but there is a lack of quality eggs. IVF can be a good option for you. You can go for donor egg as well. Hope this has helped!!


    Wow, it’s such an inspiring post. You are a symbol of inspiration for many infertile couples. You have chosen the right path. Surrogacy will be the best option for everyone. A clinic in Europe is helping people to achieve their dreams. Wish you a very good luck. Stay happy and blessed.

    Nathalie Hill

    Hey there. Thank you for sharing your experience. One should never lose hope, as that is the worst thing that can happen. You made the right decision for yourself. Surrogacy is a good option for many. Specifically, if you cannot conceive yourself. There are so mnay good clinics, who are with their clients throughout the journey. I hope you find one such as well.

    Dakota Quinn

    I am sorry about your PCOS. I have fibroids, which makes it difficult for me to carry to term. This is not what I had imagined. I always thought id be able to carry my children myself. But at times things do not work according to the plan. I agree that losing hope is not the way. I am looking into other options like surrogacy myself. My husband has shortlisted a clinic. I cannot wait to go there. Apparently, it is the best at surrogacy.

    jennifer jonas

    Hi Jessica. It is indeed a great news that you are blessed with the child. Your journey is very motivational. It will surely inspire many of the infertile couples who have lost hope. You know it is very difficult to be positive and highly optimistic in such a situation. I think you guys were lucky enough to be successful in this journey. I wish you all the best in future, Stay blessed!


    Hi! I hope you and the family are doing well. I’m glad everything turned out for the best for you. Infertility’s really tough on some people. You came out of it shining. Surrogacy’s a great procedure. I think it’s great that you opted for it. Do keep spreading the motivation and positivity, love!

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 77 total)
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