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    Felicia Saz

    Hi. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story here with us. It made me really happy. The clinic you went to sounds like a good one. It is so hard to find genuine clinics nowadays with good service. I just recently got to know about one that actually is very good at fertility treatments and their success rate is very high. It worked for a lot of women and even men. I see so many struggling couples here and it breaks my heart every time. I want to help them somehow. They should check this place out.


    I was in search of a good surrogacy clinic.
    I checked out many clinics but didn’t found a satisfying clinic.
    Then i came to know about a clinic Lotus clinic. I contacted the clinic. But the clinic didn’t responded.
    I mailed them again and again. But the clinic didn’t responded for a single time.
    So be aware of such clinics. These clinics are just here to make money.
    They won’t help someone. Instead of such time wasters look for some clinics. Always research about good clinics.
    There are many clinics regarding surrogacy everywhere.
    But few clinics are there to make money only.
    Surrogacy is a complicated process.
    Then contact a good clinic. Otherwise you will just waste your time.

    Lily grace

    Yes, we all should never lose hope. It’s the last thing we can do to ruin ourselves. This is just the matter of priority. It depends what actually you want from your life. The more you care about your problems the more you have the chance to have a baby. This can only happen after meeting with doctors. Ohh how can i forget to tell you all about the London event? It’s actually about the surrogacy and IVF treatment. This clinic is based in Ukraine and they are arranging this event. I hope to see you all there. Thanks

    cardi c

    hope you are doing good. I am so sorry that you suffered a PCOS. I exactly know how it feels to loose a kid that lived in you womb. I had survived 3 abortions because of ectopic pregnancies. I have experienced a mix of weird emotions and it is difficult to give that phase a name.After disappointment from all treatments that I tried, I decided to go for surrogacy. I live in india. There was no clinic nearby that has a good repute and competency in surrogacy. Thus my husband and I tried searching clinics in other countries whose Visa process will be easy. We found out that the best and inexpensive treatment is available in Ukraine. We contacted one the top rated clinics of Ukraine. We got a very positive and motivating response. The staff is so friendly and cooperative that they answered all our queries until we were satisfied. They even facilitated us to share all our reports via emails and guided us accordingly. We are about to sign our contract soon and I am very excited.”


    Hey. How are you all members. Hope you’re all good. I want to share my sister’s experience with all of you. That there is a last stage of surrogacy she is suffering from. Then doctors tells us that, you can get a treatment from good clinic. Then, we will try to search the good clinic. Then we hear about the A****s clinic, that is near to our home town. We, send to many emails to it. But they didn’t reply us of any single mail. We’re waiting for so many weeks but they didn’t reply us. Then we try to search another good clinic. Some peoples will tell us that this clinic is so bad and dirty. Who visit this clinic they tell us. We said thank God, that we do not visit the A*****s clinic.


    Hey Jessica, hope you are doing well.I agree with you buddy. You are so right in your approach. We should never loose hope and fight infertility. I have been TTC for last 10 years but got no success. Still I am trying my best to find ways to have a biological kid. My DH wanted to adopt but I didnt agree. My parents adopted me but they had this wish of having a biological child their entire life. So I am very eager to have a child who is biologically associated with me. I am considering surrogacy to make my dream come true. On a friends’ recommendation we contacted L***s clinic in Ukraine. To our surprise their communication channel is pathetic. We were hoping to get a positive response. But we got no response for weeks. We felt bad but still we are ready to find a reliable clinic to start surrogacy asap.


    Hi Jessica, hope you are enjoying good health. I loved your post. It gave me a positive vibe and motivated me to keep going no matter what. You know I had been very depressed lately. After 2 failed IVF attempts my husband divorced me. That incident shook my soul. Thankfully my friend took care of me in that difficult time and now I am married to him. I so want to have a kid now to make my bond stronger. We decided to try surrogacy and started looking for clinics. A friend told us that she heard about L***s clinic in Ukraine. We emailed them to share details of treatment with expenses. They didnt responded. We kept trying for weeks and still got no response. That incident really frustrated me and added to my misery. Thankyou dear, Your post gave me courage to keep trying and have faith


    Hi Jessica,hope you are in good health.Couldn’t agree more with you one should be optimistic even in the direst of conditions.Yes infertility is a curse and is hard to cope with but it has treatments.I am infertile too.My DH has been very supportive of me through out this phase.A friend of mine told about surrogacy and Ukraine.I searched about it and found a clinic.L***s was it’s name.We decided to contact them to learn about it.We emailed them and told them about our circumstances and where we are from.At first they responded to us,and when we wanted to talk with a doctor for further consultation,they plainly refused and stopped replying to our emails.I emailed them for week.We decided to call them,the strangest thing for us was there behavior during the call.The staff extremely unprofessional and rude with us.I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody after how they treated us.


    I am so happy for you dear. My best wishes are with you. Stay positive love. All will be fine. I really appreciate you. My friend had gone through an accident. She had a miscarriage and after that news, she was shattered. That she cannot concieve again. But her husband support and love made her strong. Nowadays infertility is not a big problem. With the advancement of science. Many solutions are available. The method of surrogacy guarantees success. This is the reason she chose it. In Europe, there are best clinics. Which are not so expensive and provide you with a great environment. My best wishes to all women out here. Dealing with such issues. Best wishes for the future ahead. Prayers are with you.


    Sucess stories always make me happy. Surrogacy is a treatment that basically I believe is perfect when you want to have a baby. Surrogacy had fewer complications than IVF. Moreover, the success rate is also better than IVF. However, Sucess is always based upon the physical condition of patient I’m suffering from heart disease from last two year. Because of heart disease its not possible for me to become a mother. Then I and my husband moved to Europe for surrogacy. Surrogacy is really a blessing of medical science. There are many good fertility clinics. Now I have my own baby. I’m very happy that you’re the mother of the 9-month baby. Having children is really a blessing. Congratulations to you guys.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. Thank you for sharing your story. It gave me hope. We emailed them and told them about our circumstances and where we are from.At first they responded to us, and when we wanted to talk with a doctor for a further consultation,they plainly refused and stopped replying to our emails.I emailed them for week.We decided to call them but no one responded. I hope no one goes through this pain. Take care.


    I’m so sorry that you suffering from this problem. I can feel your situation. Majorities to a woman are suffering from this from a younger age.PCOS is the big cause of infertility. My friend also suffering from this from the younger age. But she took it easily. After her marriage she TTC failed. She’s doctor declared her an infertile. Later she decided to move to another clinic. After that, she went to Europe for treatment. She only had two optioned surrogacy or IVF. She chooses the option of surrogacy. Now she has her cutie pie. I wish you will become a mother soon. Hardship is the part of life.


    Hoping everything is good at your side. Your experience is worthy for us. Heartiest congratulations to you on having a baby. Finally, your dream has come true. Aspirants should get inspiration from you. There’s a need of spreading awareness about surrogacy. Some people still take surrogacy as controversial. But they’d think about all other aspects. You guys deserve appreciation because you give hope to others. Children are a great blessing if God. Only a child can complete a family. Surrogacy is fulfilling this dream. There’s a clinic in Eastern Europe offering surrogacy with success guarantee. Aspirants should give them a try too. Sending baby dust!

    Farah Smith

    “Thanks for this post. This post will surely give motivation to the women out there who are facing infertility. Infertility is no doubt very difficult stage of women life. It is very hard to cope with infertility. In the last 5 years, I have seen so many people giving up in these hard times. I don’t know why they didn’t try other methods. Science has provided us with the solution to infertility. We should go for these treatments. Surrogacy and IVF, these both treatments are the great blessings of science.
    These are sensitive treatment and it requires a lot of care to go through these processes. All we need to do is to choose a prominent clinic for our treatment. I have seen a quality clinic in Europe. They are doing excellence in this field for years. I would request you to visit there. Everything will be alright. God bless you.”


    Hey there, how are you doing? Hope you are enjoying good health. Congrats for your success. i am a victim of clinics. I am an infertile. i contacted A***s clinic. I sent them several emails but they didn’t bother to reply. After a month finally a got an email. They didn’t answer my questions rather they asked me marriage certificate and my reports. when i again asked about questions related to infertility treatments. They stopped to respond. We are very disappointed. It seems they are non professionals. I want to expose such clinics. Beware of them.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 77 total)
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