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    Hey Jessica! I hope you are doing fine. Good to hear that you found a way. I was also diagnosed with PCOS in early age. After getting married I had been TTC for so long with no luck. I didn’t conceive even a once. Then after making a long research struggle here in Europe, I found a reputable fertility clinic. I had been provided with great facilities by the clinic. Doctors recommend me IVF. I opted for it. After a while I got pregnant. Now I am happy with a beautiful baby boy. Thanks for sharing your experience here. Hope it would be inspirational for others. Stay blessed.



    Hey, jessica733 it’s very simple to say that hold down. You have experienced this feeling and tell me what you do when you become upset. It seems like we are stuck in a situation where not a single way route out towards success. It also depends upon your surrounded people. Their way of condoling and what expressions they show you when you face failure again and again. A person doesn’t forget two faces in her life. First one is of who never ever leaves your hand in miserable situations. The second one is who leaves your hand when you need him more than anything.


    Lauren Rhoades

    Hey! Hope you’re alright. This is a great post. It is so informative. This gives me a lot of hope. I cannot thank you enough! You’re a gem!


    Farah Smith

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. These posts mean a lot. It’ll inspire many women out there who are looking for these treatments. Yes, surrogacy is a great treatment to get rid of infertility. It is spreading happiness for years. I would request ladies to go for it. God bless us all.


    Kate Bruce

    Hi! Hope you are will be fine. Thanks for sharing your experience. I can understand your pain. Life is the name of ups and downs. Never lose hope. Because hope is something that gives you courage. Try for alternate things and leave the rest in God’s hand.



    Hello Jessica, I hope you are doing great. I got to know about your experience and seriously it touched my heart. I’m Infertile too. But not naturally. I got uterus bacteria due to unprotected intercourse. I know bearing this is quite hard. But I’m trying other ways too. So let’s just hope for the best.



    Your post is made me sad. Infertile couples suffer a lot. I salute them for their patience. Now the good days are coming for them. Science has created many good opportunities for infertile people. There is only a need to find the best solution related to the problem. A clinic in Europe highly succeeds in this regard. They are successful in completing the treatment appropriately.



    Aloha Jessica! can you share some more details of your surrogacy? I am currently going for Ivf from a really good clinic. I am not sure that what I should expect. It’s fortunate that I have found some seriously good doctors around town. It saved a lot of hassle. I wish to get pregnant but it can’t get any easier than this. We have to do something to get results.



    Hello there. I hope you are doing fine now. Infertility can be a very difficult journey for a woman to go through. But i am so happy that you got a way out of it. It must have been very difficult for you to go through it, but i am glad that you found your sanction in surrogacy. My best wishes are with you. And i hope that surrogacy becomes of help to other people out there, who are still unaware of this procedure.



    Hello Jessica! Yes ladies, please do not loose. Hope. Now science is doing wonders on us. They have created techniques like IVF and surrogacy. Making everything possible. I am also infertile. I was also heartbroken when I got know about my infertility. But then options like IVF and surrogacy has changed my life. I tried for IVF as well but failed twice. Then, I opted for surrogacy after trying to have a baby for 5 years. The struggle was real. Surrogacy is a blessing. My husband is also very happy now. I would recommend every infertile couple out there to definitely try these options. These are blessings. These techniques are changing the lives of people, seriously. I am a mother now because of this. I can’t thank God enough for such a blessing.


    Lily Stan

    Hi there. I am so happy for you. Please stay strong and do not lose hope. Life can be difficult at times, but trust me there is light at the end of the Tunnel. I have seen people fight diseases, and infertility, it can be very difficult. But no woman should lose hope, as there are ways to fight these things. Surrogacy as you said, is a really good option to overcome infertility. It gives you the guarantee of having your own child, and without any failure. There are clinics which can help you out without any difficulty, but you should be careful as there are some clinics which are scam. So, whenever you do your research be very careful. Apart from this, surrogacy is the best procedure for infertility. Best of luck if anyone else is going for it.


    Kate Bruce

    Hope you are doing good. I know to become a mother is every woman dream. It is an amazing thing. Being pregnant is really a blessing. Couples who are facing infertility must go for the alternatives. A child is someone who completes a family. I think surrogacy is the best option for this issue. Best wishes to you.



    So pitiful to think about you. PCOS is difficult to manage yet it tends to be managed adequately on the off chance that you look for assistance from a decent ripeness center. I know it must be hard for you yet it isn’t difficult to be dealt with just like you managed. For everyone out there going through such issues, go for consultancy to a decent center. There are numerous in Europe which is very suggested. I am happy for you.



    Pretty inspirational post! Surrogacy has become widespread among the couple who are struggling to get pregnant. More and more people are choosing it as a resolution to infertility. I am convinced that it is not immoral. And should be legalized in the major parts of the world.



    Thanks, everyone who has replied on this post. This is the thing I like so much. People are so much supportive on this forum. They are always ready to help others. It really makes me feel better. People should really share their story. It encourages the depressed people. I have seen many success stories. And I have seen that there are a lot of people who took encourage from them. So people don’t hesitate by sharing your feelings. You cant imagine how much it helps other. I will also try to share the positive thing as much as I can. Ladies, you also share some positive posts. The best thing to relief your problem is to share it. As according to a very famous quote “sharing is caring”.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 77 total)

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