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    Hi everyone , i hope all of you will be fine and happy.Surrogacy is the best way for you to born baby.Surrogacy is best and simple way to born bay for infertile people.It is blessing for infertile people.But the it’s depend on clinic also.There is some scammer how done there work only for money.So be aware that type of clinics.
    I am telling you about the story pf my cousin.She is infertile due to this she can’t born baby.Surrogacy is the best way for her to born baby.So she decided to go for surrogacy.She contact with Adonis for surrogacy.When she reached there then no body care her.This was really hard moment.She lost her baby.Adonis is just a scam .People must know about these type of clinic who work for money only.


    I read your story , i think surrogacy is best option for you to born baby.Surrogacy is a cool way to born baby.Clinic play an important role in surrogacy success.If we choose right clinic then everything goes in right way.So must confirm about clinic before surrogacy.
    I am suffering from infertility.Due to this i do not born baby.Me and my husband want baby to complete family.SO finally we contact with Lotus for surrogacy.Everything will be done.We paid advance money for treatment also.But we reached there for surrogacy we really disappointed,This was really sad moment for us.They cheated us for money.They wasted our time money.They have low experience medical team.People must know about these type of surrogacy clinic and be aware of them.This was so bad experience for me.

    Amanda Kalvoska

    Hey betty. I hope your family is fine. I am sad to read your story. I can understand your pain. Betty you shouldn’t lose your your hope. You will become a mom don’t lose your hope. You should contact to surrogacy clinic. This is a great treatment for infertile people. There someone donates you eggs that will be injected inside you. Make sure you should contact to a trustworthy clinic. There are a lots of Fraud. One of the worst is Adonis. They are not actually working in Surrogacy or IVF. They are only making money by playing people’s feeling. You should be careful while choosing your clinic. I hope soon you will be a mom. Thank you for sharing your Story.


    Hello dear. I hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about your infertility. You are going through a very tough time. Infertility is hard to deal with. I have heartly sympathy for you. You have to be brave to face this situation. Do not lose hope. You have made a right decision. Surrogacy is an amazing treatment for infertility. It is the most successful way to have a baby for infertile couples. It is a process in which a surrogate mother keep your baby in her womb for nine months and give birth to your baby. It is also less risky. It is also beneficial even a woman is physically weak or aged. I have also taken surrogacy. I got success in having my child. I know about a good clinic. It is located in Europe. I would suggest you go there. You would not get disappointed. It is a clinic you can completely rely upon.


    Hi Betty, Oh, I’m so sorry hearing about your infertility. I know this is really hard for any of us. Unable to give birth is a quiet depressive situation. I’m glad that you are struggling with your treatment. You have made a right decision of surrogacy. In this procedure, the egg is removed from the intended mother and is fertilized with the sperm of the intended father outside the body. The fertilized egg or embryo is then transferred to the surrogate mother who carries the baby to term. After 9 months, he gives birth to a baby and handover to the intended parents. It has been proved successful so far. I have heard man success stories of surrogacy in different forums. I know the best clinic in Europe that offers this procedure. You should consult them. They also provide different packages and is affordable. Don’t worry I’m sure you will also be successful in this process. Have faith in yourself. Wish you the best of luck.

    Jess bling

    I got the news of infertility a year ago. I have been trying this treatment of IVF. The clinic is based in Europe. I have been there for a year now. I used their accommodation. It failed one time. I am waiting for the second’s result.


    Hello Betty! hope you are doing fine! And yes I can totally relate with your story. I am also infertile but my reason was depression pills. I used to take alot of those pills. My husband also wanted a baby and we had been literally trying for 5 years. Nothing seemed possible. I also lost all hope. I didnt knew about surrogacy until my sister suggested me. And yes, I have been through it. It is really a blessing. My experience was totally worth it. Surrogate mothers are the real heros. I would advice you to also opt for it if you have no other option. You will love this journey. Your and your husbands dream will definitely come true from this. It is a miracle for all the infertile couples. I am soon going to opt for another surrogacy. 🙂

    Alsa Markle

    I hope you are in your good health. I don’t know much about this shape of the uterus. But I must say that surrogacy will definitely help you. It is as normal as the natural pregnancy. Only you have to find a right surrogate for you. She will keep your baby in her womb. You have to fulfill some legal requirements too. Best of luck dear.

    Sophia daisy

    Yes, dear, you have chosen right decision. Surrogacy will be best for you. It is the best alternative introduced by science. You will get your own baby. A baby that is biologically related to you. You don’t have to be confused. Just consult a good doctor. You will be a mother soon.


    BETTY, I know how infertility can affect the individuals as well as the couples. However, a woman tends to get affected more often other than man. And indeed polyps hinder fertility, but the large ones do as compared to the small ones. Have you considered seeing a good RE? Because it is important to see what chance you have pf conception. If its impossible by any means then, you must consider an option like surrogacy. I won’t suggest you try adoption as far as your eggs are viable. In my case as well, I have a low ovarian reserve and my doctor suggested me to for surrogacy in Europe. If you are considering surrogacy then you must visit eastern Europe for your procedure.

    Nathalie Hill

    Oh wow. This is amazing to see you are thinking of surrogacy. It is a wonderful procedure. You can surely become a mom. I hope things go great for you.
    My friend had a beautiful daughter recently through surrogacy as well. She went to a clinic in Europe. She had the best experience with them. The clinic and the staff were so helpful.

    Dakota Quinn

    Surrogacy is a wonderful procedure. This is great that you are thinking of it. I am sure you will not regret it. It has helped so mnay. Also, I think it has a good success rate. I am thinking of it myself. In fact, i have even selected the clinic. I just need to go visit them.


    Hey! I think I can help you out well here. I went through quite some of the same of what you have. I had cancerous polyps which required my uterus to be removed. I was in a dark phase until I was finally introduced to surrogacy. I researched it and finally my DH and I took the decision. We found a clinic with good packages and went for it. I’m honestly so happy now. It has completely turned my life around. I really hope you get to experience the same. It’ll be wonderful. Don’t overthink it. Good luck! Take care.

    Shelby Ashton

    Surrogacy is indeed a great procedure. But the fertility treatments are actually creating mess. There are some money makers who are breaking many hearts by using name of fertility treatments. The L***s clinic is one of them. I was ditched by this clinic and a friend of mine also. I wonder how many hearts they break on daily basis. I am hating them so much. they are doing such a shameful act. They should be banned. Beware of them sweetheart. They are trash.


    Hello, Betty! How are you doing? I am really sad that an issue like this came up. I am certain that it is not easy to fight a disease like this. I wish I could simply be of some help to you. But it is unfortunate that infertility issues are to be dealt with confidence and strength. I do believe that it is not impossible to get pregnant at this age. However, the chances to get pregnant after 40 does get low. So you need to make sure that you are taking proper treatments. Moreover, you should stay strong and positive. am sure that you will soon hear a good news. All the very best dear! I am hoping that my advice can help you face it strongly. I am also an infertile woman. I have been trying to conceive for the last 7 years. But I am not at all losing hope. So just stay calm.

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