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    Hello all!
    Now at the age of 43 i am married again to someone else and we want a baby of our own.
    I know at this age it is quite difficult to have a baby off my own womb.
    Keeping in mind all the complications regarding pregnancy now i think i should go for some other option to have children.
    From my last marriage i had many complications regarding pregnancy.
    I don’t have any other options left so far so surrogacy is the only solution to my problems i guess.
    He agreed to my proposal so i started looking for clinics with good surrogacy records.
    I founded many clinics regarding surrogacy and i picked up the few clinics too for further discussion with them.
    I contacted many clinics and told them every aspect of our complications.
    From their satisfied answers i guess some clinics are the best solution for having a baby.
    So i suggest that you people should also do your own research regarding surrogacy and should contact different clinics for further details.
    Like i was facing miscarriages every time i conceived.
    But i’m worried about many other aspects like my behaviour towards the baby after knowing everything.
    Like when the baby grows up what i should tell him/her.
    So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy to have our own children.
    If someone is raising a baby from surrogacy method please share your experience with us so we can learn something from your experiences.


    I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is hard to conceive at this age. I think surrogacy is the best option for you. My sister was 45 when she decided to have a baby. They tried but failed. She was upset when her doctor told her that it is hard to conceive at this age. I heard a lot about surrogacy everywhere. So I suggested her that she should go for surrogacy. She was happy she agreed to it. Her husband had no problem with this decision. They started searching for a clinic when they came across a clinic in Europe. They went there and they erer provided healthy surrogate. They didn’t face any complication Now its been a year to surrogacy they have a baby now. They are so happy that they got her after a lot of struggle. I hope this would help you in making a decision regarding surrogacy.


    It’s really a hard luck to find out that you can’t conceive a child.But women like us also have options like surrogacy and IVF.I’ve done surrogacy twice through BioTexCom clinic.Both of the time it went incredible.I’m so glad by the fact that now I’ve two beautiful children.


    Hey there! I hope you are going good in your life.infertility is a big issue in the life of a couple. Women who are suffering from infertility punish themselves as if they have committed a crime. Go for surrogacy. It would help you have children of your own and you would be able to get the best happiness of your life. There are clinics in Ukraine that provide this facility at an affordable price and they have the experienced staff there. The decision is on you. Bring the happiness in your life. Try these clinics for your betterment and understanding. I hope you take the right decision for yourself.


    Hello Olivia, yes it’s really difficult to conceive naturally at this age. You have had also a history of many miscarriages. So, you have selected the right option. Surrogacy is becoming very common throughout the world. A number of clinics in the world are giving their services with excellent results. I had researched a lot about these clinics. My situation is not so different from you. I am facing double infertility. That means I and my husband both are infertile. Surrogacy is the only option for us. My husband wanted adoption. But I decided surrogacy. Why going for adoption when you can have your own child from a surrogate mother. I have found Ukraine best for this procedure. A number of success stories are associated with a clinic there. I don’t think so that there is any problem with this process. You don’t need to tell your child in future that he is born through this process. Just go through this process without any fears. Good luck.

    Sasha James

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry you have to go for surrogacy. However be calm. Surrogacy is a very good choice. It’s wonderful. I have had it. I wish you good luck take care.


    Surrogacy is a broad and sometimes complex topic to understand. Let alone explain to children. Luckily, books exist that help simplify the concept of surrogacy in a way that young ones can understand. There’s no need to talk down to your child. They are capable of thinking in unique ways and can learn faster than we realize. At the same time it’s unlikely your child knows what “in-vitro fertilization” is. Focus on terms and concepts that your child can understand. Explain that you will carry someone else’s child for them to help them start a family. Share the experiences of other surrogate mothers who have gone through the same journey. Get your children involved with your journey. Your children don’t have to be detached from your surrogacy journey. Show them photos of the intended parents or the baby’s new home. You can ask them if they want to draw a picture or write a letter for the family. The best way to share your journey with your children is to get them involved.


    Hi. I appreciate that you are considering all this important. Having these concerns shows you’ll be a good mother. It isn’t necessary to birth the child in order to love him/her. The child will be born from a part of you. Your eggs and your husband’s sperm will make the baby. I have a daughter through it. She’s turning 2 this year. Yes, we were worried, too. But when we got her home, it felt like I am her birth mother. She started calling me mama. It means the world to me. The child will love you like you will love them, no matter what. The baby would be yours in every way. When they grow up, you can tell them. But only when they can understand it. I would tell my daughter when she is at least 10.


    as per my perspective, the best alternative for you is surrogacy. You are 43 years of age now. You should not squander additionally time on different systems. As you have officially sat around idly such a great amount of different issues (as you told). At this age, surrogacy is the best alternative for you. I don’t think about your body condition. Yet, I think you are in the piece of the age where you ought not to go out on a limb. I am likewise going to have my surrogacy one month from now. I think it is the best choice for women like us who can’t imagine normally. Rest is dependent upon you. You need to choose your future.


    Female age is important when considering probability for getting pregnant. Increased infertility rates with aging are well documented and apparent in our society. The real issue is egg quantity and quality. Which translates into embryo quality after fertilization. As women wait longer to have children. More couples have fertility problems due to declining egg quality. And other issues that are more common in older women. Many couples end up needing advanced treatments such as IVF to overcome this age related decline. Many fertility doctors recommend that women over about 38 that are infertile should have aggressive fertility treatments and proceed to IVF sooner. Before fertility potential is lost. IUI success rates decline with female age. So older women often prefer to move on to IVF after a few IUIs have failed. All clinics have an upper age limit after which they will not do IVF with the woman’s own eggs. Most IVF centers will attempt IVF using the female partner’s eggs until about age 43-45.


    Many intended mothers are surprised and excited to learn that even without experiencing pregnancy. They may be able to breastfeed their new babies. Through induced lactation, it is possible for these new moms to enjoy the breastfeeding experience. Along with its suggested health benefits. The first step for any mom-to-be who wishes to breastfeed is to talk to her doctor. If you are interested in breastfeeding your surrogate-born baby. It will be especially important to work with your doctor as you start and stop medications to induce lactation. While it requires some advanced preparation. Breastfeeding a surrogate-born baby is not much different from nursing any other newborn. Under the right circumstances, breastfeeding a surrogate-born baby can be a rewarding experience that promotes your newborn’s health and attachment. If you are interested in breastfeeding. Talk with your doctor and your surrogacy professional early on.


    well, I agree with you, dear!
    this is the case that each one of us must concern.
    but this is also the case that we got to understand the financial needs of intended parents,
    I can say that easily because I was the one who putts off her IVF cycles just because of being out of pocket.
    I mean each one has different circumstances.
    rather than that, I respect surrogates so much they are great humans.
    yes, I do agree that they are taking the risk just because of your wish to have a baby.
    you also might look for the countries that offer valuable packages and that are affordable for you.
    you have a life to live. That’s correct this is one of the most precious things that we want but we also have to be careful about making selections.
    wish you all a very good luck.
    never consider false about surrogates.
    they are moms too. respect them as you want to be respected by your babies.
    Love, XX


    Was just feeling down. So I opened this forum. I had commented here before also. These comment sections are great. These comments really give me feeling that we should never lose hope. IVF, Surrogacy and all these kinds of treatments are really blessings of science.


    When you are looking for a surrogate with whom you can entrust the first nine months of your baby’s life. You will want to find someone who will treat the pregnancy as if it were her own. If you do choose to find your surrogate through an agency. Ask them about their screening process for surrogates. What they are like and why they do this to determine if the agency is able to provide you with the right surrogate for you. Ultimately. The key to making the right choice, is finding a surrogate that you can trust completely and with whom you can feel at ease. If you do not already have a surrogate in mind. Such as a friend or family member, you can contact an agency or fertility clinic who will help you find one. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a carrier for your surrogate baby including. The surrogate’s medical history. What kind of relationship you wish to have with the surrogate after the child is born—you may wish the surrogate to remain an integral part of your child’s life, or have the relationship complete upon delivery.


    Hi. No doubt that at this age conceiving a baby is really hard. But as you want a baby of your own so you should have to go for some alternative. The best option for you is to go for surrogacy. There are many clinics which offer surrogacy. It is one the best and effective way to have a baby safely. It gives the most guaranteed and efficient results. You just have to donate your eggs which are then implanted in a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother then fertilizes them and conceives the baby for you. I will suggest you that you should go for surrogacy as it will provide you with the best and positive results.

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