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    elizabeth maya

    Hi everyone , hope you all are good and having fun in life. i want to tell you all my wrost life experience about adoption life. As i am adopted child and the behavior of my family was not good with me specially my parents, all the time they use to scold me even they always beat me so badly. Because of this i start taking pills no other option i have except this. Due to pills i become infertile the most sadfull thing of my whole life.On internet one day i saw a post of the most pathatic clinic named LOTUC Clinic. I called that clinic more than ten times but yes i never get any response. I dont have why they do this to someone’s feeling. They always play with human feelings they dont not care a bout anything. One day my sister told me about surrogacy and it helps me alot i live in Ireland and cant go out of europe because i have a Schengen visa and it is free all over europe. i visit a clinic in ukraine and they help me with my problem. i visit there and had a baby through surrogacy.Nothing is impossible in life its all about hope and trust in your own self. i never lose hope and i will suggest you all to not lose hope ever. thanks


    hey Elizabeth Maya!!! That’s so bad. I am really dory for cruel behavior. I am also against adoption. And see the clinic didn’t reply you back. That’s so annoying too. I don’t know why these clinics are acting in such way. Don’t they know this hurts us so much? I think you should try another clinic. The world has progressed and still making progress in the field of science and arts. One more thing that you have a bad experience as an adopted child. then don’t do with whom you will adopt. Be a royal model for all adoption mothers. You can do anything you want with him. Whether you adopt a bad or a good behavior to him. It depends on you.

    Martina John

    Hey Elizbeth! Hope so you will be fine. Glad to read about your success. Surrogacy is really a kind of blessing. I also have a baby through it. By the way, the clinics like Lotus and Adonis should be banned. I heard a lot of bad reviews about them. I hope people would get aware of them through such forums.
    My heartiest congratulations to you

    Jessica fields

    Well, I guess you were too emotional while writing this. Though I got an idea about what happened. I have heard about Lotus too. There is no point in discussing them. I mean it is waste of time. I am glad you went to Europe. Surrogacy is an amazing invention. You are right. Sometimes parents are not rightful with their adopted children. I don’t know why do they even adopt them. I am hoping you would be a better mother. I just want to request to all the parents out there. Who get their babies through traditional surrogacy or Adoption. Please don’t treat them differently. You cried day and night to get a baby. Don’t ruin it by treating them horribly.


    Hi Maya! Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry to hear about your story. You are right Lotus clinic is the worst. I also tried to contact them when I was going through my infertility but never got a reply. I initially through that they had closed down but when I went to Ukraine to another clinic for my surrogacy I heard that they are still functional. I recommend people to stay away from them.


    Hi, How are you? I am really sorry to know about your problems. They are very cruel. They should not do this. You are in the right direction. Surrogacy is the blessing. Your child will have your own genes. They are like your real child. Many infertile women chose surrogacy. Thanks for sharing this. This is very motivational. It will help many infertile couples. They need our support. Stay strong all. Hope for the best.


    Hi Elizabeth. Hope so you are having a good time with your newborn baby. Congratulation for becoming a mother. Your story is really very shocking and all I can give you is my sympathy. You have gone through a lot but I am glad that you are rewarded in the face of a baby. No doubt, where there is will there is a way. Sending you positive vibes.

    Polina Delany

    Well, CONGRATS! I’m happy to hear of it. I’m glad for you. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! Stay blessed! 🙂 I’m also heading there in a week or two for my process. My cousin sister referred after her successful birth of the daughter. So, excited! Pray for me too. 🙂


    I am sorry about the experience with Lotus. It is not replying to my sister’s emails too. It is so bad that we have to wait for their reply so we can proceed with our plans further. A totally irresponsible attitude of the doctors and the clinic. But I am glad you did not lose hope and went for surrogacy from the other clinic. Congratulations on the new arrival.


    Your life was full of challenges. But, you fought with all odds bravely. Truly a motivation for all. Lotus has been behaving rudely with all of its patients. So many of the infertile couples are complaining the same. I am happy to see that you decided to move on. You did not lose hope. Surrogacy helped find you your rainbow. Glad for you.

    Julia Christine

    Hey Dear! First of all, my heartiest Congratulations on your success. Surrogacy is really a kind of blessing. I also have a baby through it. By the way, certain clinics like Lotus and Adonis should be banned. I’m hearing a lot of bad reviews about them. I hope people would get aware of them and never be their victim again.


    I think you should go for surrogacy. An adoption is also a good option. Surrogacy will be the best option. You will have your own biological child. It will be a great thing for you. Don’t be confused. You should definitely go for surrogacy. There is a good clinic in Eastern Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. Their services are less expensive. You should go there. Trust me once you opt it you won’t regret your decision. Difficulties in your journey make your destination beautiful. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you

    Mandy M

    Hello, Elizabeth. I’m sorry about your poor initial experience. It truly sounds scary and horrible. I am glad you made it out. You’re right about surrogacy. It is actually much safer. I always recommend surrogacy over adoption. Adoption is also an option but surrogacy is better. I’m glad your sister told you about it. Really happy to hear your story. I have also just recently registered for this procedure. I am right now in the initial waiting time phase. I hope my story is as successful as yours. Really looking forward to a smooth journey. Baby dust to all!


    Hey there Elizabeth. This is really horrible. Treating a child like that how could nay parents do that. I hope you are doing great. You turned out to be a wonderful woman. You are really strong. It’s great that even after so much trouble you fought your way. Surrogacy is really an amazing thing. It helps people everywhere. It’s so nice to hear when people tell about their stories. I know the journey must have been really hard. However, you are an inspiration. It would be great to know more about your clinic. It can help a lot of people. Good luck to you take care.


    I hope you get over this horrible experience. Infertility is already depressing and painful. Such horrible experiences with clinics make it worse. I’m happy that my clinic was really good. They helped me so much! They were so caring and kind. Thanks to them I will welcome my daughter after 8 years of TTC. Good luck to you for future as well!

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