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    infertility clinics or agencies are supposed to provide the hopes and success for the intended parents. The individuals who consult such clinics have already been going through such odds of life that they really don’t have any strength left to observe more odds in life. I have trusted fertility clinics for years and I even have heard many success stories. I am glad that there are many clinics that are providing successful treatments at an affordable cost.
    Such treatments are way too costly and we have to make a good selection as far as clinics are concerned. I have very little knowledge over clinics. But I look over such forums to get information. And I have observed the post saying the names Like Lotus and Adinos and have heard about the worst services. Have anyone here has found something similar?


    Hi Ezabel! Hope you are in good health. You are right infertility is very hard to deal with but unfortunately only those suffering from it know how hard. I have had an experience with the Lotus clinic. I wanted to know more about their fertility treatments and the cost of their treatments so I mailed them. Even though I mailed them for like 5 days straight, I have still not gotten a single response. It is shame really to see such negligence from such a crucial clinic. Infertility can leave people in very tight spots and such clinics destroy their hopes of getting out of their troubles. I consider it a scam clinic not a fertility clinic.


    Hi Ezabel, how are you? Hope you are enjoying good health. You are right infertility is very painful. i have had bad experience with Adonis clinic. We wanted to know about the infertility treatments and costs so we emailed them. after waiting for a month we didn’t get a reply. Infertility can leave people in pain and such clinic are destroying their hopes. Such clinics should be banned.


    Thank you for this post. It is so upsetting that we are hearing such bad remarks about clinics constantly. Clinics really need to stop with this unprofessional behavior. Also, spreading awareness regarding them have become a necessity. When I found out about them I instantly regretted sending them an email. I got a very monotonous tone reply from one of them. In the email my answers weren’t even answered. I was honestly a bit angry. Mainly because, if you’re replying late at least give me the right answers. Anyways, one shouldn’t waste time on them. It is always better to find clinics which are better than them. I have so many more on my list that I will getting in contact with. I think it is all about researching well. Best of luck to all those who are opting for treatments. Please be aware of such scams.

    Jessica fields

    I have been reading such posts as well. I don’t know what is wrong with Adonis and Lotus. You are right. A clinic is a place you look towards to get your issues resolved. There is a need for absolute trust between the IP and the clinic. Though I don’t see that happening in the light of the recent events. I remember my sister went to this clinic. It was so amazing. I mean her experience was amazing. It was worth spending each and every penny. I believe every clinic needs to ponder over this. They have to set standards. It should be their priority to help out people in need.


    There are many infertility clinics. But it is better to go for renown. There are many clinics that are cheating people. Adonis and Lotus are their names. They are first of all not replying. They are wasting people’s precious time. People want to go for the baby asap. But they are not taking them seriously. I hope they stop doing this.


    Good post. I hope you are fine. We should go for the renown clinics. My friend wasted her alot of time by emailing the stupid clinics. She was also betrayed by Lotus clinic. This was so heartbreaking. I was so upset with her. Now she is looking for an affordable clinic. I hope this would help you.

    Julia Christine

    Hey Ezabel! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I wanted to share my experience somewhere to let people know about the clinic of Adonis. Actually, I was suffering from some hormonal issues. Due to this, I was unable to conceive. I went to the clinic to have IVF. They are so much expensive. Despite this, I had two IVF’s there. Later, even the option of IVF has closed for me. I was so devastated at that moment. Later I went to Europe to have surrogacy. And from there I finally got a baby. The staff and even the doctors are so irresponsible. So never put your case in such unskilled hands. That’s my opinion


    Hey Ezabel, hope you are doing good. Yes sister I myself have faced adverse behavior of Lotus clinic. I believe the same. Clinic are there to give us hope. They are supposed to give us relief. Instead Lotus clinic added to my agony. I am 36 years old and an infertile with no kids. I also suffered a lot due to this infertility. I have survived a severe depression. My DH helped me to fight through my depression.For us surrogacy is our last hope. We are ready to even fly from Ireland to Ukraine for treatment. Someone told me about Lotus clinic. I contacted them and they bashed me badly after ignoring my emails for weeks. I was shocked the way their staff person spoke. they are truly unprofessional, rude and inhumane.


    Hey there. I so agree with you that these forums are a source of guidance for us. I don’t know what I would have done without them throughout my pregnancy and miscarriage. As for the clinics you have mentioned. I have been reading the same reviews about them as well. They seem to be not interested in their clients at all. I hope no one gets scammed by them.

    Nelly Kom

    I’ve also read many negative reviews about these clinics, Ezabel. This is literally unbelievable. I totally agree with you on this that already people are going through a tough time and then clinics like these hurt them more. One doesn’t contact a clinic if he’s not in need. A clinic is responsible for making the treatment successful for it’s patient. I hope people make the choice wisely. Best wishes to all!


    Yes, you are right. They suppose to do that. Are they doing it? Do you think this? I have heard some things different than this. Which was really not right. Well, I am not saying everyone is like that. There are some.


    Yeah, they are good. Really good. Everything is great in them. They help people a lot. Adoption is a really nice process. If someone does that. He has a good impact on the whole society.


    “jezebel hi! Recently I have read your post. I am very happy to see you that you are doing a great work. Basically, infertility has become the worst thing now. we have to take more precautions about it. added to this the negligence of a clinic increases the difficulties of a couple. Yes, I also hear some bad reviews about such clinics. I will suggest all the ladies investigate a clinic before visiting it. stay blessed


    Hi Ezabel! Hope you are in good health. You are right, infertility couple rely greatly on their clinic for moral support but when it comes to Lotus clinic you can just forget about that. I am going through infertility and decided to contact them but still have not gotten any reply from them. I went as far as to call them in Ukraine but they still did not pick up. I think it is a fake or scam clinic.

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