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    Anika louis

    Hey. I am sorry for what you have experienced. I agree with you. I have read a lot of negative posts about them. They actually don’t care. There is a clinic in Europe. That’s the best clinic. I personally experienced that clinic regarding Surrogacy. They were really cooperative. I suggest you go there without any delay. Good luck.


    You’re right to make a thread on this. This is a topic irking me and I’m sure many others out there. It’s completely wrong of these clinics to play with the emotions of their patients. It’s no way to treat them. How can you not reply to their desperate queries? I’ve experienced the same from them both. I’d not recommend these to anyone!


    Finding a good clinic is a tough thing. There are so many clinics for surrogacy that it becomes difficult for people to choose. Lotus is not a good clinic. They have run the lives of many people. They only care about your money nothing else.


    Hi there. I have also heard about them. They have poor management. They don’t reply to their clients. But there are surely good clinics. Wish luck to everyone. God bless.


    Hi Ezabel! I hope you are doing great. Thanks for starting a thread like this. People should share more reviews about the clinic they went to. I have also had a very bad experience with Lotus clinic. when I was going through my infertility phase and searching for a good clinic to start my surrogacy treatment, I put all my eggs in one basket and decided to contact Lotus clinic for an appointment. I mailed them and waited forever to get a reply but there was never a reply. I was very demoralized from the experience. I even went as far as to call them but no one seem to Pick up. I took to other clinics after that but this experience added more odds to my already odd life.


    hi. hope so you are doing great. I also tried to contact adonis clinic. To know the details. But they not even bothered to reply. But I believe that if one door is closed many doors are open. The thing is we should not lose hope. I was very upset when doctors broke the news that I couldn’t conceive naturally. The clinic should be ashamed of their actions. Clinics are built to serve humanity. These clinics are spam. Please be safe guys. Sending you lots of love.

    Alsa Markle

    Yes, you are absolutely right. I know that infertility is not an easy thing to be handled. The people which are facing this only understands. Infertility makes you weak day by day. It finishes with you. But only a supportive environment and love can help to face it. I know all this because I am also an infertile woman. And life had been doing injustice with me three times. I had three miscarriages. I was dying inside. Because losing a rainbow is the most difficult pain a woman can get. But my husband supported me a lot. He took me to a very good clinic in Europe. I was afraid of clinics because my last experience was so bad with the Lotus clinic. But I was wrong after visiting that clinic. They gave me the best treatments. And told me about surrogacy and arranged a surrogate for me. I am a happy mother of a boy now.


    Hi there, hope you are doing good. Yes, you are right. These treatments are costly. But if you see what they are doing for you. You will notice that it worths. There is a number of clinics who are not charging much. There are some good clinics in Europe. You can also visit them. You just need to find them. Thank you.


    Yes, I do find a similar situation to you. My sister was infertile. She tried to contact Lotus clinic. They behaved rudely at the beginning. Then they stop giving any response. She was very much disappointed with that. Then her friend suggests another good clinic. She was worried. Then with the support of her husband she went to that clinic. It was successful. She had daughters through surrogacy. Her family was completed. You should also go there. I wish you the best of luck. Baby dust to you


    Hi, I know it has been a tough time upon you and I will pray that you get through this situation. I Believe you are doing good in life. I can understand what you are going through. The best option available to you is to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy has been made a taboo. People should understand that people who are not able to have their own children are called infertile. These people should go for surrogacy. Finding a good clinic is a tough task. A clinic like Lotus is very much stressing, as they are not client friendly. I hope you find a good clinic so that they might solve your problems. They are only concerned with your money, not with your satisfaction. I wish you all the best.


    That’s such an annoying thing to hear. I can’t believe Lotus clinic is that careless. How can one be so careless? Especially when they’re specializing in this field. They are so insensitive. And this isn’t a concern only for you. So many people have been through the same. I wouldn’t recommend this clinic to anyone. The good reputation’s just going down the drain now. Anyway. There are much better clinics out there. Ones that will really look forward to helping you out. I think you should keep your search going. Good Luck.


    Hey. I have been scrolling through these forums for quite a while now. And all I have heard is bad comments about these two. These particular clinics get the most negative reviews. And people get the worst experiences. I wonder what makes them so insensitive. Infertility is a very vulnerable issue. And should be dealt with are. Or else the women break down. It is already hard for them to go through that phase. I hope people get the support that they need. I hope that they get supportive clinics. Those which cooperate. And give them what they desire. Cheers. Hope luck comes to all of us.


    Hello Ezabel! I hope you are doing fine. Infertility issue becomes very common nowadays. Surrogacy is such a blessing by which we can defeat infertility. Well, I had heard many complaints about lotus clinic. My friend had faced infertility problem for so long. Now she is looking forward to surrogacy. So that she tried to contact lotus clinic. She mailed him for getting information about the surrogacy process. But they didn’t give any response yet. It is very shocking to hear about this unethical behavior. Well, Ukraine is the best place for surrogacy. Here other clinics are available which have a professional behavior. I hope people should found a better clinic and beware of scammers like lotus clinic. Thanks for giving you views on this forum. Stay blessed


    Hope you are doing good. You are absolutely right infertility is very hard to deal with. But I don’t think clinics these days understand that. I have had an experience with the Adonis clinic. I wanted to get information about surrogacy before getting started with the process. I wanted to know the cost of their treatments and other details so I mailed them. I emailed them several times. And every time I got the automated reply. I can’t visit them cause I am from London . Even I told them that but still got no proper reply. Then I left them to be pathetic. I contacted another clinic which is soon to be coming to London on 18-19 August. They are very reliable. I am excited to get started with the process with them.


    I hope so you are doing great. I am so sorry about your experience. I also tried to contact adonis clinic when I wanted to go for IVF. To know the details. But I got no replies from them. They don’t care about the patient’s time. They are unprofessional and unreasonably expensive as far as I have heard. Clinics are supposed to serve humanity. But they are doing the exact opposite of that. They should be ashamed of themselves. These clinics are scammers. Be aware of them. Please be safe guys. Search before visiting any clinic. Sending you lots of love.

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