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    I am so sorry to see you like this. You must have gone through a hard phase in your life. You are not the only one. Many other people are facing a similar situation. I don’t understand what this clinic is up to. Lotus clinic has spoiled its reputation. People used to trust this clinic once. But what can see now? What matters to us is their way of treating their patients. Now their service quality is very poor. My friend faced a similar issue. She was very annoyed at their unprofessional behavior. She felt miserable. She is totally against that clinic. I think no one should contact this clinic. It will only be a waste of time. They will not reply you on time. And even if they do, they won’t answer your problems. They do not care for their clients at all. I think it is a fake or scam clinic.


    Hey. I’m 24 years old and married before one year ago. This can help me in every step of my life. I’m infertile because concieve of heart diseases. Then my husband can support me as well. Then, we try to find a good clinic for treatment. My friends tells us about the Adonis clinic. This is near to my home. When, i visit this clinic, this clinic is so dirty and there doctors are not know that how to talk with the patients. They cannot check up me properly. Their staff are very bad. They cannot receive the calls of the patients. They can not pay attention to the patients. Doctors dont wash the hands after the checkup of any patient.


    Dear your post is good. And you are right. There are many forums which are the hope for hopeless couples. But there are many such clinics as well which further destroy the hopes of such couples. Because a clinic or a doctor’s aim must be to give strength, hope and faith to their patients. Rather few clinics are there who just devalue their customers. And don’t focus on their problems at all. I myself is victim of such a bad clinic named Lotus. They have very poor communication service. They are very disgusting. I would suggest such clinics must be banned. So please don’t ever try this one. Otherwise you will also repent like me. Hope you will learn a lesson. Thanks.

    emma joe

    Hello there, I am sure that you are living awesome and healthy like superman . I have had an involvement with the Adonis center. I needed to get data about surrogacy before beginning with the procedure. I needed to know the cost of their medicines and different points of interest so I sent them. I messaged them a few times. What’s more, every time I got the computerized answer. I can’t visit them cause I am from London. Indeed, even I disclosed to them that yet at the same time got no appropriate answer.
    Now, I want to share with the people that are facing infertility must go for Ukraine. The best clinic is the Bio-Tex-Com that is the only clinic in Ukraine providing good services. Best of luck for your future life. 🙂

    Julia Christine

    Hey Ezabel! Hope so you will be fine. You are absolutely right. One of my friends had her worse experience in Adonis. She was suffering from PCOS. She tried to conceive for about 5 years after her marriage but with no luck. Later she went to the clinic of Adonis. And from there she found that everything is fake. They are too expensive and but the staff and even doctors are so irresponsible. So I left that clinic. My trip was wasted. So if any of you is going to avail of this option from there. I would suggest you look for some better and trusted options. I hope it will be fruitful for you


    Infertility clinics really are supposed to provide the hopes and success for the infertile parents. It is really a sensitive thing. Infertility brings along frustration, anxiety, and depression. I know because I have been through this and I have been a victim of infertility and the Adonis clinic. I emailed the Lotus, about the details because a month ago I was declared infertile. It was such a sad news for me. Anyway, my husband was really cooperative with me so we started to look for alternatives. Found out about this Adonis clinic but they never replied to my emails. Yes, they were charging a lot so I thought well if they charge so much its gotta be worth it. As I was ready to give anything to have a baby of my own. But honestly, they never even replied. That’s the impression I got of them.

    Isabella Gomez

    Hey Ezabel, hoping that you are doing great with your life. You are absolutely saying right. A woman who is already broken by hearing the news of her infertility may die because of these kinds of filthy clinics. But these kinds of clinics don’t have humanity. They don’t know what they are harming the society, as a lady is the creator of the society. And I wanted to say thank you for sharing these kinds of awareness posts. You are really helping those women who have been a victim of these clinics. I myself, also been a victim of the clinic known as Adinos. I was declared infertile after having two miscarriages. I chose to go with surrogacy. I contacted them, but they didn’t bother to send a reply. And when they called me they showed rude behavior. They have no right at all to spoil someone’s life. Anyway best of luck with everything.


    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. You are right. Some of the clinics are surely scams. I heard a lot of bad experiences regarding them. But there are good clinics in Europe. Everyone can easily consult them via email. They provide you with very good services. If anyone wants to go for the procedures. They can contact them. I hope there will be no more victims of these scams. Wish luck to everyone. God bless you all. Chose what is best for you.


    Fertility is a blessing. Getting the baby is the dream. It completes the family. It is the passion of every family. Even the single parents desire to have a blessing. In this dream of having the happiness fertility clinics play a vital role. They make the happiness possible. They make life of the infertile much easier. There are ample opportunities for the infertile to get treated in these clinics. The desperation and the hope of the infertile couples has compelled several people to open the fertility clinics. It has started a rat race. On one hand there is a list of the credible clinics. The other side of the picture shows clinics that are endangering the reputation of the reliable clinics too. Lotus is one such place. It has advertised it too much but the performance is almost nil.


    Hi, How are you? Infertility is a big issue. Infertile couples are desperate to have a child. That’s why these clinics get the advantage of it. Choosing a clinic is another kind of struggle. We have to be more careful. I was infertile too. It was very difficult for me to choose a clinic. I came to know about a clinic in Ukraine. I heard many success stories about it. Then finally I decided to go there. It is the best clinic. I am very happy. Its services are up to mark. They helped me a lot. They gave every support to me. Good luck to all.


    Hey Ezabel, how you doing? I am glad you talked about it. Many people are needed for this suggestion. Well, Infertility is indeed hard to deal with and it becomes more awful when you get access to the irresponsible clinic. I have seen many people lose their all hopes after facing such a situation. Some clinics like Adonis and Lotus just don’t bother to reply to emails. When I decided to go for surrogacy I contacted Adonis. And I was very disappointed with their response. They didn’t even respond to my pain and needs. They were just asking for the dues. This is really unprofessional. They have no right to deal with their patients like this. This is even unethical to play with your patient’s emotions. Then a friend of mine told me about the clinic located in Europe. I am glad I found them They are best dealing with infertility.


    Hi, hope you are well! I am happy to see your post! That’s good you have revealed them! I had the worst experience with the clinic A****s! I wonder how they still exist! They must be banned all over! Clinics like them don’t make people trust in the good clinics as well! They are so clever! They are doing this with so many people! I have got many complaints about them! They trap people in their sweetness! There are many other good clinics in Ukraine which are providing good fertility services! One should make a proper research before going to any clinic! I hope things work out for you! I wish you good luck!

    Iris Watson

    I agree with you. Choosing a reliable clinic is the real battle. And i had a worst experience with this clinic A****s as well. this clinic asked for euros when i contacted to ask a few details about policies. I wanted to start my surrogacy asap so ii rushed to contact this clinic. And it was my worst decision ever. They are such a trash. Money is the only thing they want. Beware of such clinics guys. all they know how to shatter your hopes. They should be banned!

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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