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    Hey guys. I have been through infertility. But i am now thinking of opting to surrogacy. However I need your help here. I have a lot of questions in mind that need answers. So after saving up and doing research we have decided surrogacy is our way forward. We would like to hear from anyone who has used an international surrogate. We’re looking for advice and have the following questions; What country did the surrogate live? Did you use an agency? Which one? Costs- what were they? What process did you have to go through to bring the baby home? How did you find the experience? Anything else you could tell us? Anyone who has been through surrogacy can help me out. Or if maybe you know someone who has been through the procedure. You will be in a better place to help. Do not forget to give me your experiences too. I always feel like they work best for me. Thanks in advance.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Stormi. How are you doing? I had my son through surrogacy and I went to a fertility clinic for it. after applying they did some tests and we were supposed to wait then. They found me a matching surrogate after three months. We had to fly down there and they took care of the legal work themselves. It did not cost me much. We were considering going for surrogacy in the USA and when we heard about how much it cost we changed our minds. This turned out to be an investment for us. The clinic gave us a guarantee of a child. It didn’t cost me much and I ended up with the most precious thing I will ever have. I’m thinking to have another baby now. I will go to the same clinic for it. You can contact them and they will guide you for sure. Good luck.


    Hey, Stormi, I will share my story of infertility and surrogacy with you. I tried to conceive for three years but was not able to conceive naturally then we decided to go for surrogacy. We travel to Ukraine and it was the best experience of my life. They paid our dues of stay and they help us out in every way. It was so arranged and well-organized procedure. I will suggest you the same. It will surely help you out. Cheers…


    Hey, Stormi. I want to share what I know. I have been searching for surrogacy and considering it for more than six months. We were recommended a clinic on our tour to Europe. So upon returning I researched the clinic, the website, the vlogs they do. The surrogate experiences etc. I and OH searched other clinic located in different countries. However, the data comparison and success rate took us to Eastern Europe. The prices are economical. We then visited the clinic, made sure that the doctors are skilled, the place is equipped with advanced ART and how they keep track of the health of surrogates. We found out that the surrogate is well kept, and go through regular tests and screening to ensure that the surrogate is at her best health to carry a child for intended parents. So the cost depends on what sort of the clinic you are choosing and what are they providing. Mine has provided accommodation too. So that has saved us from several trips from the hotel to clinic. Good Luck!!


    “Hello, Stormi, I will share my account of barrenness and surrogacy with you. I endeavoured to imagine for a long time yet was not ready to consider normally then we chose to go for surrogacy. We go to Europe and it was the best understanding of my life. They paid our contribution to stay and they enable us to out all around. It was so masterminded and efficient method. I will propose you the same. It will most likely enable you to out. cheers.


    Hey, You are making the right decision. I have a baby through surrogacy. I opted this when I was declared infertile. I was hopeful that I may have a baby through this. It proved me right that I took a right decision. I chose a clinic in Europe for it. I think it is safe to use such clinic which is reliable for surrogacy. Here few things should be kept in mind. For surrogacy, we should choose renown and reputed clinics. The clinics which can provide with healthy surrogates. It is necessary because she will then give birth to the healthy baby. Secondly prefer those clinics which are liable to provide the IPs all the rights and privileges to the baby so that the surrogate may not change her mind. There were my preferences and I found this in Europe. The baby born genetically belongs to the IPs. I am happy that I made a right decision. Hope this would help.


    Hi. Yes, we had a great surrogacy experience. It was in Europe. We flew from US. The surrogate was also European. The procedure went all smooth. We had chosen a well-rated clinic. We just had to pass the tests and be there. Rest of the work was taken care of by them.


    Hello Stormi, so nice of use. Hoping that you are doing good. Welcome to the forum and happy to know that you have opted this forum for discussion. It filled my heart with joy that you are going for surrogacy. Really, infertility is such a big problem nowadays. Harder is to fight and cope with it. In past, most of the infertile couples used to give up because they did not have any other option. Most of them died childless while others adopted a child. You are lucky that you have taken this decision in time. Hats off to you as you are going for surrogacy treatment. Though I have not gone through surrogacy treatment yet I gained a lot of knowledge due to continuous visiting different forums. You can also check success stories available at this forum. So, you may get some idea from there. Some of them have pointed out a prominent clinic which is offering unlimited tries of surrogacy treatment at an affordable price. Also, their environment is supportive and corporative too. I wish you very best of luck for any further procedure.


    I joined and discovered similarly invested ladies in alternate surrogates. I didn’t need to disclose why I needed to do it – they all simply comprehended. It was an astounding and tolerating knowledge.
    I went to one of the casual bar lunch socials and got visiting an exquisite woman. We spent the following couple of hours looking at everything except for surrogacy. We got on so well that I knew I needed to help her and her significant other. I requested that the association let them know I was keen on becoming acquainted with them more. They were so energized, and felt the same about me as I did about them – we were moment companions. We spent a couple of months becoming acquainted with each other and I knew I couldn’t help them. They were so awesome, and I could perceive what superb guardians they would make. A couple of months after the fact I decided to state I had a positive pregnancy test! I was so energized and just so glad for them – it felt like the greater part we had always wanted were working out as expected. The pregnancy went so easily and the main peculiar minutes were at clinic visits when other individuals couldn’t comprehend everybody’s identity!


    Hey! How are you doing?
    Great to know that you are looking for surrogacy. Well! I have not been through this procedure till yet but I am looking forward to doing so.
    I have been to so many forums with intentions of understanding this procedure and the cost structures. I often interact with women’s over the forum that went through this procedure.
    So as long as my knowledge is concerned in back few days. It’s all about a contract based procedure.
    The circumstances you are talking about often occur when you are not done with any contract initially.
    If you are in valid fertility clinic than most probably they would offer you a contract initially if so happens to you than you are in right place!
    They make you assure of a good surrogate and good health assistance throughout the journey to your surrogate.
    That’s completely their look on. And to talk about cost this varies from country to country or state to state. A viable choice would be if you pick the place with affordable cost structure and service packages.
    It’s totally upon you. Look for official websites of fertility clinics you might come up to correct measurements.


    Rules on surrogacy vary from country to country. Which can lead to pitfalls and complications for would-be parents. The practice is banned in many countries including Germany, Italy, France and Sweden. In other countries, such as the UK and Australia. The laws are more complex. Paying for a woman to carry a child is legal in about 19 US states. Which have laws recognizing compensated surrogacy. According to international surrogacy non-profit Families Through Surrogacy. Another 10 allow unpaid surrogacy. Such laws tend to enable would-be parents to change the birth certificate of the child and gain legal recognition of parenthood. All children born via surrogacy in the US are eligible for a US passport. Regardless of the citizenship of their parents. International surrogacy is very impersonal and very commercial. An increasing number of couples were looking for surrogate mothers overseas because of the difficulty in finding one in their own country. In general. People have very positive outcomes from surrogacy. More often than not, it doesn’t go wrong.


    The fact that surrogacy often takes several attempts is a financial consideration. Whether using a U.S. clinic or one abroad. Most couples choosing surrogacy as their choice for procreation can see multiple rounds of IVF fail before a surrogate successfully becoming pregnant. Due to the legal limitations and high costs related to surrogacy. International surrogacy is often an attractive option. If you are a UK national couple considering conceiving with a foreign surrogate. There are several issues to consider, including immigration. Issues pertaining to entry clearance. British registration and citizenship. In order to bring the child to the United Kingdom. There are also issues related to parenthood. Which would impact the immigration issues. Some foreign systems of law allow the intended parents to acquire parenthood status automatically. Either through a foreign court process (such as a Californian pre-birth order). Or by allowing them to be named on the birth certificate (as in India and the Ukraine).


    Hello, Stormy! I can recommend my clinic in Ukraine. It’s absolutely legal, they provide you with a good lawyer and all the documents that he does for you. Our surrogate was from Ukraine, 27 years old, the clinic recommended it. About the price we paid almost 40,000 euros, it was an all-encompassing program – flights, visa, hotel, lawyer, surrogate services, all tests, IVF and child delivery. So I wish you good luck, and if you need details, I’m open to any questions!


    You are making a very wise decision. I have a baby through surrogacy treatment too. I opted surrogacy treatment when I was declared infertile. I was sure that my biggest wish will be fulfilled very soon. My success finally proved my decision right. I went to a prominent clinic located in Europe for the treatment. I think it is the best clinic to have surrogacy. A few things should be kept in mind. For surrogacy, we should be very careful in choosing an optimal clinic. The clinics which can provide with healthy surrogate should be chosen. Only a healthy surrogate can give birth to a healthy baby. Secondly, prefer those clinics which give guarantee for the treatment. I had consulted to many experts for this. Hence, the baby born genetically belongs to the IPs. I am glad that I made a right decision. Hope this would help you too.

    Jessica fields

    Just consult a good clinic. Everything else will be taken care of. They will take care of the legalities. They will get in touch with the surrogate. All the complications will be dealt with by them. You won’t have to do a thing. Good luck and kisses XOXO.

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