• Hello, Gina! You’re right! Our children are the greatest gift in life. These women make our families complete and happy, minimal, what we can do for them is some kind of material compensation. Thank you for raising this topic!

  • Hello, Stormy! I can recommend my clinic in Ukraine. It’s absolutely legal, they provide you with a good lawyer and all the documents that he does for you. Our surrogate was from Ukraine, 27 years old, the clinic recommended it. About the price we paid almost 40,000 euros, it was an all-encompassing program – flights, visa, hotel, lawyer,…[Read more]

  • i wish you all the best! Dont give up!

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    Hi! The best way for you to find a clinic, they provide you with all the help. I know a good clinic in Ukraine – Canadian medical care. Check out this clinic. Good luck)

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    It is Canadian Medical Care. Here is the link if it can be helpful


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    A lots of people choose it, if you wanna i can recommend good clinic. Its Canadian medical care, in Kiev, Ukraine. We was pay near 40000 euro (all inclusive)! Its much cheaper then in US.

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    Hello, Damian! Why do not you want to try surrogate abroad? Or only in the US?

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    Hello! Im Elisson, from the UK. Im 32, merried and happy, because I’m a mother)), we waited for this 5 years, and now our little angel is 21 months old. I wish everyone an ideal way to become a mother, and I’m always happy and open to some advice and help. xxx

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    I congratulate you and your family !!! All the best for your daughter!

  • Try Ukraine! Some of the clinics are offering best packages. They are also facilitating their customers. Which is best. We tried that personally. I has successful surrogacy. Now we has a daughter of 21 months. My family cannot pay a lot. This is the reason we tried Ukraine. But we are not disappointed with the services.

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    Hi darling! Do not give up, do not lose hope! You must believe in your dream! We have been waiting for 7 years …. Now I have a daughter, and this is the most important thing in my life)))

  • is start to your journey)) believe me, we already have a child) we chose the Ukrainian clinic, in 2015, and it was a terrific experience.
    So good luck and do not be nervous!

  • We was together 7 years and childless… Finally i am mother))) my baby Bee was borned in May 2016 )
    I used international surrogacy. Actually I hadn’t enough money to have surrogacy in US and pay for every attempt, so I decided for surrogacy trip in Ukraine. One clinic made a very attractive offer, which included everything we needed abroad ( I m…[Read more]

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