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    My sister is going through financial strains. She is married with no children. Let me give you a pick of her story. She was married 5 years ago. 2 years later she started TTC. It was unfortunate that every pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. This went on for 3 years. Recently she decided to go to the hospital. She was told that she has weak uterine walls. That means that she cannot hold a pregnancy for long. She only manages to hold a pregnancy for 2-3 months. Thereafter she gets a miscarriage. She is very fertile. The only problem is that she cannot manage to hold her baby in the womb. The job her husband is doing is not that good. It cannot cover surrogacy fee. She is even now thinking of adoption. I told her that she is fertile she can think of surrogacy. Who knows of a clinic that is cheap. One that can scope in her small budget?


    Hearing your plight I can imagine myself in that situation. Many people have had dreams die due to lack of funds. I am also sorry for what your sister has gone through. There have been cases of people even going 10 years. In her case it was just 3 years. Bur I can still feel the pain. Especially for a person going through miscarriage. You get all excited then the happiness diminishes. This is more painful ,for the first child. When you get so happy waiting for 9 months to be over. It is going to be your first child. Then all over sudden your happiness is taken away from you. Many mothers break at this point. But others take the courage to continue. The still motivate themselves that it will work. Then the 2nd then 3rd the case is just the same. They now starting seeking medical attention. This has been so mental affecting and I pity your sister. I hope you will find the clinic you are looking for and help her out.


    This is so bad. Facing infertility with lack of funds. I have been undergoing infertility for more than 5 years. And I can say it is something that one need money for. Like in my case. I have failed IVF, IUI, ICSA and I had to pay for them. Even the procedure does not success you have to pay. That is where the problem comes in. But if you are dedicated you will just keep on trying. Like in my case. I never gave up. I went on with my pursue for a child. And finally my dream has come true. But I can say I am among the lucky few. With the best doctors around. And going to the best clinics. I have enough money to spend too. So in your sister case I really feel pity for her. Now that you are going to assist her I hope it will help. You will be cutting down some finances for her. Which that will be good. So that she can afford the other services,.


    If you have no problem you can help her. Why not carry the pregnancy for her sake. Since surrogacy is expensive because of paying the surrogate. But if you can act as the surrogate you will cut the fee. Or you can find a surrogate that is cheap. In that manner then you can go for an independent surrogate. They tend to be cheap compared to surrogates in an agency. Because in an agency the surrogate has to get money too. Since the agency also has to be paid. But an independent only gets the money. They are not sharing the money with anyone else. But still you can try Bio texcom clinic. They have always been the best around. So I cannot think of any other clinic to give. They have the best services and affordable. I believe you will be successful.


    Hey. I’m sorry for your sister but unfortunately I can relate. Almost the same thing happened to my family and we had to agree for treatment overseas just because of low funds we have. However I can agree with @woods, if you are able and have wish you can be a surrogate for your sister. She will cover your pregnancy related costs and only needs to find a lawyer to make the whole process legal till the end. I believe that low cost surrogacy is a myth. Of course, I came across $10k surrogacy but I can hardly believe that this is a total cost of the program. Most likely you need to double the cost and pay additional compensation to a surrogate.


    Sure, we know how much money the fertility treatment can take. Perhaps, it’ll be weird advice: if you decide to struggle with infertility we have to be well-prepared. Who knows what could be? Nobody does. it wasn’t an advice but just a joke on some of them.
    However, even in such tough questions we can compare. What is expensive for European people isn’t so for the US citizens. Is it right? Yeah. We can check how much fertility treatment costs in the US. and then we’ll learn the same from Europe (eastern Europe in particular) Is it important where to have a program of treatment when it works and takes really less money?


    Try Ukraine! Some of the clinics are offering best packages. They are also facilitating their customers. Which is best. We tried that personally. I has successful surrogacy. Now we has a daughter of 21 months. My family cannot pay a lot. This is the reason we tried Ukraine. But we are not disappointed with the services.


    Hi there! I’m sorry for the situation your sister’s in. I can’t imagine the sadness of not being able to hold the pregnancy once conceived. I think she’s right to choose surrogacy. With that, your baby’s genetically yours. I tried surrogacy from a clinic in Europe. Their prices were almost 1/3 that of those in America. Maybe she should look into that? Or try to get some funds collected. I know it can be hard, but it’ll be so worth it! I wish her all the best!


    Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I know how bad she must’ve felt after losing her child. You’re right surrogacy is a great option. It is a little costly but it’s very successful. I got mine done from a clinic in Ukraine, Europe. Their services were great and the whole procedure was quite affordable too. In fact, they even let us stay there for free. I think you should check it out. Good Luck. x


    Hey, I am sorry for your sister. I know the pain of losing the unborn baby. Infertility takes a lot out of a woman. I had 3 miscarriages and then I was not able to conceive due to uterine polyps. I went to a clinic in Europe for surrogacy. I chose it because it was affordable. The staff of the clinic was so professional. They provided us with a healthy surrogate. They medically tested the surrogate and then she was allowed to have surrogacy. They provided me rights to the baby. I didn’t face a complication in surrogacy. I am a happy mother now. I have my genetic baby. You can choose that clinic for your sister. They are affordable and provide all the facilities free.


    Hugs to your sister!
    Tough times I must say!
    Dear such procedures are often expensive all because they tend to use latest technologies and expertise that cost big.
    But yes there are certain places I have read on forums that most of the people seem to suggest.
    They are offering this procedure in lower cost and valuable packages.
    And you can have full-scale treatment in such countries and they might have no allegations.
    I would suggest you go for internet search you might find appropriate travel place for you.


    The big sadness of this world is people have no resources to get cure their problems. I really feel sad. There are many couples who have not even many resources. And there are many couples who have solutions but not resources. There are many well-known clinics about fertility in European countries with cheap cost. I hope your sister gets a well-known clinic with affordable resources. Good luck.

    Jess bling

    It is sad that people can not afford such basic treatments. The problem is many clinics have commercialized this process. They charge so much that a normal person can not imagine getting a treatment. You have to spend all your life to have one shot.If that fails, BOOM the money is gone.However, there are some clinics that are affordable too. They take care of you like your family. An example is of the clinic I visited for my fertility. I had gestational surrogacy too. The budget was affordable. Accommodation and food included. The environment-friendly and staff cooperative. I was even offered multiple tries on the same deal. I was in the 7th sky hearing this. Tell your sister to look up for a clinic in Europe. She will definitely be able to afford them. May she get her baby soon.


    Hey Trisha, I felt very sorry about your sister. It’s really heartbreaking and disappointing. The circumstances she is going through are very crucial. Yet there is still some hope. Good to know about her fertility. But the main problem is with her womb. Seriously, losing a pregnancy is very sad and hurts a lot. Science has suggested possible treatments to cope with such issues. Surrogacy is one of them. Many clinics around are offering surrogacy. you can check on this forum that many people have shared their successful experiences. You may consult them for guidance. As much I know, most of them have praised a very well-known clinic. They reported that the clinic is offering unlimited tries of surrogacy at a very affordable price. also, they will give you guys full guarantee about the surrogate mother. so, I think she should go there for surrogacy treatment. I’m sure it will work for her.


    Undergoing infertility treatments such as IVF can cause not only physical and emotional stress. But can bring financial strains as well. Fertility treatment costs, particularly IVF, can add up. In order to help couples afford fertility treatments. A number of foundations and organizations provide Fertility Treatment Grants and other financial assistance. Applicants must have little or no insurance coverage and no children living in their home. Preference is given to couples early on in their fertility treatments who have likelihood for a successful outcome. As indicated by medical reports. Applicants must meet the definition of infertility as defined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Be under the age of 44 if they are using their own eggs. Demonstrate good overall mental and physical health. Have adequate living arrangements. And have a health insurance plan that can cover prenatal health.

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