• Hi Carrlow. I’m so glad I got a reply from you. How did you make a final decision? I mean what was helpful? I for one contacted a few clinics and all of them seemed great and pretty reliable but I had to look for testimonials on the web. Only this made me confident in our next step. What stage are you in now?
    We are going to Kiev in few months,…[Read more]

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    I can imagine how it feels Berta. I still remember the day I was told that there were many ways to treat infertility. For me it was the first time I even heard that I word from a doctor. Infertility is something that happens to others, not you, but when it’s you then you are shocked for sure. Well, I am now waiting for a baby but haven’t been…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone. I am an intended parent doing surrogacy with donor eggs. Unfortunately, I’m not able to produce good eggs and ahd to accept egg donation and took it as the only chance to have kids. It was hard decision and my husband is the only person who knows about this matter, except for a clinic and an agency. We were discussing what we would…[Read more]

  • Lovely inspirational story. Money it’s not all but believe me, life could be worse when you are broke.
    May I ask you how did you do that? I’m sure that motivation means a lot as well as positive thinking but it’s not all. How did you get rid of your endo? Did you have surgery?

  • Hi. I have been going through surrogacy process for almost 2 years and can say for sure that my life has changed since I started. Because of lack of money for surrogacy in the US I had to start with Ukrainin agency. It’s not a surprise I believe as after India approved that Bill in 2016, hundreds of couples need to look for other attractive…[Read more]

  • Hey. I’m sorry for your sister but unfortunately I can relate. Almost the same thing happened to my family and we had to agree for treatment overseas just because of low funds we have. However I can agree with @woods, if you are able and have wish you can be a surrogate for your sister. She will cover your pregnancy related costs and only needs to…[Read more]

  • Hi all. Well starting this topic just to hear about your experience with any surrogacy agencies. I had to choose an agency abroad to lower expenses. So far so good but I would also like to know that I am not alone through this tough journey. My surrogate is 20 week pregnant now and I am very excited but also worried. The half of the road is behind…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone! I’m new here and glad that there is a special community for indended parents. Well, I am in the middle of my journey now and can’t help worrying about the other part of my surrogate’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, our first try with a surrogate didn’t succeed and the lovely woman were replaced. Next time we got the same result. It’s our…[Read more]

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