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this post is essentially about my experience with surrogacy.

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    Awww, I am really glad for you. You have fulfilled your wish at last. It is such a blessing for you dear. I know you are so much happy. I am very happy for you also. I wish that all parents will get fruitful results as you have. I am feeling very pretty for you. Hope all things are going well to you. Wish you very good luck dear.


    I’m so happy for you! I’m sorry you had to go through hardships before you found your happiness. But what matters is that you did in the end! I stand totally with surrogacy. I think it’s such a great method to opt for those struggling with TTC. We all know it can be difficult. IVF is a good one too but definitely not as certain with results as surrogacy is.


    Hey. Wow. Hope you are doing good. Infertility takes a part of us. But it doesn’t mean you give up. And lose hope. Come on. You are brave. We never fall into situations we cant handle. The universe probably knew that you are stronger. That you can deal with this. And become an inspiration. You have given so many women motivation. Keep doing the good work girl. Also, it must be so blissful for you to have an amazing spouse by your side. Our loved ones are all we need in hard times. Kudos to you guys for the decision. Hoping to see the little one soon.


    Hi there, hope you are fine. I am sorry about your infertility. I know it’s hard for you. Be positive. Don’t take too much stress. This will affect you. Being positive will make things easy for you. There are number of treatments to deal with infertility. You just need to find some good clinic. I hope everything will be alright soon. Surrogacy is one of best options to go for. In surrogacy you have child of your own DNA. I think you must go for it. At least it will give you hope. Thank you. Wishing you luck.


    Hi there. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I am so happy to hear what has happened in your life. It is so positive. This is just beautiful. The struggles that you have been through. And now what you get. I mean surrogacy should not be looked at with such negativity. I hope and pray that people open up about this. It will help out so many couples out their. And countries should legalize it. It will be perfect for many. My best wishes to everyone going for this.


    I am glad you had what you always wanted. Indeed surrogacy is amazing. you won’t believe I gave up everything I had. Everything made me sad. Everything made me frustrated. But I went through with it anyhow. Surrogacy was the only alternative I had. My DH was supportive of it as well. It was just my family that didn’t like the concept. But this was my only hope. I have a depressed personality I don’t find happiness easily. Somehow I managed to pacify my parents about it. I went for surrogacy. I got to choose the surrogate mother even. I now have a daughter that’s 2 years old and she is the love of my life.


    hey, sara_joy!!! It sounds good to me. I am glad to know that you are brave enough. you have proved yourselves. I think we can achieve everything in this world with our minimum efforts and a lot of courage. we can make our destinations beautiful. It is said that don’t care for the path if your way is full of stones. Look if your destination is great then take advantages of it. there is the brightest day after heavy rain. Especially when there is a rainbow in the sky then this makes the scenery more beautiful. We feel like we are alive. No one can defeat us till we accept our victory. Your story is full of hopes. I would like to share it in my circles. People will able to get motivation from it.


    Sara hi! I am very dismayed to hear your story. I am so regretful that you have to verve through this. lady, indeed you are a very valiant lady. You have proved yourself very heroic by facing these hitches. I am proud of you. now, you can see hope for only those who tolerate these snags. Enjoy your sweet family now. stay blessed.


    Hi Sara, How are you? I am sorry to know about your problems. Infertility is very hard. I am glad that your husband supports you. Surrogacy is a blessing. It is the only hope for infertile couples. Many congratulations to your baby. Thank you for sharing this. Good wishes

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