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this post is essentially about my experience with surrogacy.

Home Forums Surrogacy Getting Started this post is essentially about my experience with surrogacy.

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    Julia Christine

    Dear Sara! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I can understand the situation you have been through. I have also walked through that situation. Such treatment makes a man totally hopeless. But I’m glad that you won’t lose hope. I have seen many people who have lost hope in this run. I think it is the part of life. We should look for the options instead of getting frustrated. I’m also a heart patient and it is the cause of my infertility. But then I adopted surrogacy. It’s really a kind of blessing for infertile couples.I’m very pleased about you that you have a baby through surrogacy. My heartiest congratulation for your baby. Have a good day

    Sara Alston

    Hey Sara. How are you doing? Hope so you are having a good time. Well, surrogacy is a blessing for all the infertile couple. Surrogacy is just hoped for all the infertile couple. It just gave new life to many new infertile couples. My friend also had a surrogacy and her life is completely changed now. She is enjoying her life. All infertile couple should think about surrogacy.


    hey sara_joy!!!how lucky you are. But we are not. Even we are fruitless to find our best clinic. This world I think full of many robbers. Doctors or paramedical staff has taken a seat of robbers. I am too much against a lot of clinic openings. Now where you go you will find a banner. That banner will give you surety of success. Though its doctors are not as talented as written in the advertisement. A lot of miscommunication. People even don’t bother to contact you via emails. They want you to travel a long distance for them. and what happened after traveling? They will ask you to do this and that. They should give awareness in their first meeting and all necessary terms and conditions like methods, procedures, and payment scheme.

    Alice Blake

    Hello darling. How are you? I hope you are feel. Surrogacy may be thought as controversial because of an unnatural way to have babies. But at the same times, one should also think about those couples who don’t even had a child. I would like to congratulate you dear on your successful experience. Lots of love. Take care.

    Evelyn Rose

    I must say all is well that ends well. Now you have your own baby. You must be very happy. You have been through a lot. Actually, TTC is a journey which totally shakes you. You have to stay positive and strong. NO matter whatever happens. But staying strong is very difficult in such a situation where you cannot see any hope. You are just left with failures.
    Your DH is such a nice person He stood by you in this extreme situation. He supported you completely. It is a blessing to have support during such situation.
    I have been through all this stress and tension. As I had unexplained infertility issue. But now I have my baby through surrogacy. I know how happy you must be when you had your child for the very first time.
    Ahhh those moments. 🙂
    Wishing health and luck to you and to your family. Lots of love to you.

    Evelyn Rose

    Stay blessed.


    hey !!!!, congratulation to you on your success story. I m very pleased to learn that your husband did not give up. and pulled up to you for your problem. This post really informative for us. These success stories are the real motivation for the people suffering from the infertility issues. People who are hesitating to share their problems. May get solutions to their problem from these success stories. Thanx for sharing such stories.


    Sarah, your story is inspirational. It is great to hear so much of the stories that started off very low with years of depression and fear but in the end, it was a bliss. No matter how they achieved but the major achievement has been attained. Congrats on your little bundle of joy!!


    Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.I have experienced many bad clinics like lotus and Adonis in Europe. They are the worst clinics. They are bad in dealing with fertility issues. They behave very rudely with people. I had experience of visiting them. The way they deal with me I decided to not discuss my infertility issues with them. Because money was very important to them. They are not for the sake of humanity. So if anyone suffering from infertility. There is a good clinic in Europe also. I am getting my treatment from there. They are the best. Infertile people should go there. Trust me you won’t regret your decision. Don’t visit such bad clinic. Till then I wish you a very good luck.

    Julia Christine

    Hey Sara! ope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I’m very pleased that you adopted surrogacy. It’s really a kind of blessing. Without this, the struggle could be difficult. I have also been through the whole situation. I was declared infertile due to some hormonal issues. I was unable to conceive. Later, I went for surrogacy because it was the last option. And finally, with its help, I got a baby. I think people should adopt this method. It really helps.
    My heartiest congratulations to you


    WOWWW! I am glad that you got what you wanted. Everyone deserves a chance to have a child. By reading your story I started believing that every couple who want to have a baby can get it. Your story is very inspiring and informative. It will give a lot of information to young couples, those facing infertility issues. I faced this issue for almost 3 years, recently I decided to have a baby through surrogacy. It’s going great and I am exploring many good things that I used to think bad about them. Anyway! Stay blessed! I know it really must be hard for you. Take care! I am glad you went for it! Although you can see it was worth it. xx


    I am glad after reading your post. All is well that ends well. Congratulations on your success. Surrogacy is the best option for all people who can’t carry their child or can’t get pregnant. You have been through a lot. But still stayed strong. Never lost hope. That’s amazing. You are one of the blessed ones. Your husband is a nice person. Having a supportive partner is a great blessing. I am also searching these days. Your post has helped me a lot on my way of searching. As I am infertile because of the hysterectomy. I hope it will help more people. Stay blessed.


    I’m glad to see you happy. Thanks for sharing your story. You must have been very strong and steadfast in your ultimate goals. Surrogacy is really a blessing of medical science. I also become a mother through surrogacy. Take good care of both of you. And all the best.


    I believe you are doing fine. I have a feeling that life is good for you. Do not make infertility a cause of your distress. It will help you solve all your problems. Go for surrogacy. It is an advanced process that will help you solve all your problems. It is so much great that it has very much happening effects you. I have seen people going for it and have made their lives happy. It has changed the lives of people for the better. It will change your life for the better. Do not go for Lotus. It will not help you in any good way. Rather it will only waste your money and time. I hope you choose the best for you. I wish you al the best.


    Hello there, Very congratulations to you. It is such a great news. I am very glad for you. You have shared very nice thing. I am very impressed that how much you are positive personality. I am happy that you have shared your pleasant moment with us. Keep sharing your experience with us. I am sure it will help others. Good Luck.

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