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    Yes, ivf is great for women with PCOS. But there is a chance of failure. Don’t worry. I hope this cycle works out for her. Be there for her. Help her emotionally and mentally to stay positive. You are a great friend. Good luck to her.

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    Nice to meet you diana. I have had my share of difficulty with conceiving a baby. We tried for years but nothing. We did all we could. But it was just not happening. Finally, after a whike of research, we landed on surrogacy. It’s no less than a miracle that it worked out for me. I am so happy.

  • Yes, surrogacy is an amazing option to go with. It is a true blessing.
    I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I was so lost. But a friend of mine suggested visiting a clinic for our checkup. She had her IVF there. She kept on insisting to visit the same. We decided to go for surrogacy after visiting the clinic. It was a wonderful…[Read more]

  • You need to confirm that you are pregnant first. Once that is done, you an ultrasound at about 10 to 12 weeks. Then 3 or 4 more during the whole pregnancy. You need to figure out the best hospital to deliver your baby. You also need to confirm your date of delivery. Then, you need to have a friend ready to take you to the hospital if needed. I…[Read more]

  • I know I know. I can totally relate. It was those three years. I can’t forget that time. The worst time of my life. It was so much difficult for me.
    I would suggest you relax. Ignore them. Take a deep breath and just calm yourself down. I hope things get better for you. Love and wishes to you.

  • Stay Blessed.

  • Hello Stromi! How are you doing? Ths is so nice of you to share your friend’s success story. Congratulations to her. Finally, it worked for her. They must be happy and contended. It is an inspiration for many people on this journey. All people need is a little hope and support. And you are doing it the perfect way. Your post will ensure people…[Read more]

  • Hello Stromi!! So good to read your post. It is quite informative. This is so nice of you to help people in need. Your post is going to help many people on the journey of TTC.
    Keep spreading love and awareness. Hope to hear more from you. Lots of love and wishes to you. 🙂

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    How are you doing these days? I hope you are fine. I don’t have enough knowledge about all this. I writing this to wish you luck for your efforts.
    I just know about IVF and surrogacy. As we went for surrogacy because I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Now we have a baby girl.:)
    I have heard about IVM for the first time. It seems…[Read more]

  • This is so nice of you. Your instructions will help many people. I wish you have posted it 2 years ago. I was dealing with lots of stress due to this issue. But all thanks to my friend who helped me through those days. She told me about a clinic. We decided to try what she was saying. And it was a nice decision to follow her instructions. Now I…[Read more]

  • How are you doing? Surrogacy is actually such a nice option to go with. I guess it is completely your call. It depends on you and your DH whether you want another baby or not. As it is your family. As long as your DH is with you, you must go for it.
    I also opted for surrogacy. And now I have my baby girl through it. From your post, I have also…[Read more]

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    That is so much of struggle you did. It is so amazing to know that finally, it worked for you. Happy for you. As I can feel the pain you have been through. TTC is such a tough journey. It demands lots and lots of strength and struggle. I have been through all this. I completely understand how happy you must be right now. I wish you stay happy…[Read more]

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    Wishing luck and success to your friend. I hope everything goes well for her. I had my surrogacy there. And a friend of mine had IVF there. It is a nice place to go. Moreover, you get to explore a new place along with your treatment. I had a great time in Ukraine.
    I hope your friend will be fine and happy soon. Sending love and wishes to her.

  • I must say all is well that ends well. Now you have your own baby. You must be very happy. You have been through a lot. Actually, TTC is a journey which totally shakes you. You have to stay positive and strong. NO matter whatever happens. But staying strong is very difficult in such a situation where you cannot see any hope. You are just left with…[Read more]

  • So good to hear from you. I hope it will go amazing for you. Stay hopeful. Be strong and think positive. More positive vibes and power to you. Lots of love and wishes to you. Don’t forget to share more about you. Will be waiting to hear more. Lots of baby dust on your way.

  • Hey there. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well. I totally agree with what you have just said. Rightly said. I guess knowledge of the new technology is very important. People must know their pros and cons.
    I have seen many websites talking about these infertility treatments. People share their experience. I think it is such a nice…[Read more]

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