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    I don’t have any experience now but soon i will have.As i am thinking about surrogacy. I am also trying to conceive from last 10 years. You have the issue of miscarriages but i have no issue. There is no reason behind my infertility. Doctors can’t even tell me the reason behind my infertility. So i will be also like you will go for surrogacy. I live in Bulgaria there surrogacy is not legal. So i will move to Ukraine to go for surrogacy.


    Yes, you are right. Many things ahead. You shouldn’t be worried about this. I wish everything will be alright for you. Of course, it is. Your surrogate is pregnant. You know this is really huge. Not everyone could have this happiness. This is really great from you. You shouldn’t be worried about any of this now. Just forget all the tensions. This is your time to be happy. Everything will be alright for you. Just don’t think bad at all now.

    Evelyn Rose

    So good to hear from you. I hope it will go amazing for you. Stay hopeful. Be strong and think positive. More positive vibes and power to you. Lots of love and wishes to you. Don’t forget to share more about you. Will be waiting to hear more. Lots of baby dust on your way.

    Alice Blake

    Hello. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I was devastated. But I am going to have my surrogacy from Ukraine. Surrogacy there is relatively cheap with maximum positive results. Ukrainian government also supports this process. So, surrogacy is considered to be legal there. As in many countries of the world, it is considered to be illegal. The clinic I have selected there is just perfect. My first visit was just awesome. Good luck. I hope it goes well for you.


    Hi Misha. Well, nowadays sense of infertility treatment is rapidly developing in the world. And also you are surely not alone. Even I and also my best friend had a baby through surrogacy. We went to a clinic in Europe for surrogacy. Expenses were low. And plus point was their accommodation facilities was free. They were just charging the treatment. This was a blessing in disguise for us. Cause we cannot afford too much. You feel better when I will tell you about my doctor. They were so generous to us. Also, clinical staff was so cooperative. Congratulation that you are going to become a mother soon. And becoming mother is one of the best feelings in the world. Remember in my prayer. Wish you very happy life ahead.


    You’re right that these agencies are very bad. My experience is same to you. Hy there. Hope you’re fine. I’m 24 years old. I’m married before one year ago, I’m the daily visitor of this forum. I want to share my experience with you of my life. When, i’m suffering from infertility and doctors told me to get a treatment from clinic. I’m so sad at this time, but my husband can supports me. Then, me and my husband search daily new clinics. Then, my relatives told me that there is Lotus Clinic. I’m feeling very happy. We visit next day this clinic. When, we visited this clinic, this clinic is so dirty and there is no chance of clean the dirtiness. Doctors and the staff of this clinic is so unfriendly. They didn’t know how to talk with the patient. This is my life badest experience and I’ll never go again.


    Hi, This is Jacoline. I’m here to explain you all and warn you to be careful about choosing the hospitals. I got married five years ago and faced 3 miscarriages. After 3 miscarriages i was afraid of getting pregnant. Last month when i was not getting periods on time. I straight went to the hospital as i was aftraid of strip checking. I went to the hospital named Lotus. I went there and asked about the gyneagoloist they didn’t tell me the proper time and said She’s coming in a bit. I waited for the long time and again asked them if any other gynea available? They sent me to the heart specialist due to their poor communications. Their staff misguided me so much. I got dissppoint and came back. The motto of my story sharing is dont get trapped by such kind of hospitals. They just make money and make people fool.

    Julia Christine

    Hey Missah! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. Glad to know about her pregnancy. I think you should consult some clinics in Europe. There, clinics are specialized and give quality treatment at low cost. I think you should consult them. I hope they will help you make the way easier.
    My sympathies


    Hi, hope so you are doing great. I am happy for you. All the best ahead. I am also infertile. Now thought of choosing surrogacy in clinic lotus. But I am really sad they even not replying. I am really stressed out. Prayers needed. I don’t understand why Lotus is behaving in this way? They are breaking away the trust of the patients. They are losing their patients in this way. Lotus is simply crushing the hopes of many people. It has got the worst communication service ever. Beware of such clinics guys . Good luck! My prayers are with you. Take care.

    emma joe

    Hello My Dear, Hope you are doing well and living like a superman. 🙂 The best clinic always give you good response. But when you choose the normal type of clinic like LOTUS they just waste your time. They are scammers. I went to Lotus for the surrogacy they they make me busy in stupid activities and charge me every day at highly paid work but the response was zr. There was no output in my life. I was totally sad wit the Lotus clinic. so then
    After all this by wasting time and money. When we want to have a baby for that we again consult with experienced doctors said that we should go to Ukraine. My husband was worried about me. He said to me for surrogacy again. We searched for the best clinics in the world. After one month we decide the Ukraine and enjoyed their best service. Now I have my own lovely baby. So at the end. I would like to say something to those women who are facing infertility. They should visit the Ukraine. Best wishes for you. My love is always with you.


    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. I am happy that you found a good clinic. Not everyone is lucky enough. My friend contacted a clinic named Lotus. They have not even replied her yet. What kind of behavior is this?. Why are they not replying to their clients?. I want everyone to be aware of these scams. Don’t waste your time on them. They are looters. I want everyone to be conscious. It really breaks your heart. I wish nobody would experience it again. Wish luck to you.


    Well, it is great. Congratulations to you. I feel so glad that you have decided right for yourself. Happiness is just near your doorsteps. Must be excited to hold your baby. Isn’t it? Glad that you have gone to the right clinic. My friend is infertile. She recently got betrayed by Lotus Clinic. The clinic doesn’t reply at first. She continued waiting for their response for long. And, when she finally got the reply, it was stated that they could not find her surrogate match. How incredible. They kept her waiting for no reason. I feel so helpless for her. Now, we are looking for other clinics. I hope we find one soon. I hope all goes well with you too. Lots of love!


    I hope you are fine and living a wonderful life. Surrogacy has been helping people for some time. It can be depressing for people that they are unable to have children. Their lives become not that joyful as they were before. They have been working their way out of it life has become like a net for them. Trying surrogacy has helped people a lot. I have seen many clinics that are not concerned with your satisfaction rather they are only concerned with your money. Do not go to these clinics for this purpose. Lotus do not provide good service in any aspect. So do look out before you try some of the clinics. They might not be that sufficient for you. I hope you do the right thing for you. Best of luck for the future.


    Hey Missha! How are you doing? So happy to hear your surrogate is halfway there. I hope everything goes well ahead. Do not worry, dear. It will all go well. I am actually in the same position as yours. And I can relate to you. I am opting for surrogacy in a clinic in Europe. They have been amazing with their services. Even I found their prices reasonable. I have contacted many other clinics and I found surrogacy very expensive there. I have chosen my surrogate but the rest of the process is yet to go. I cannot wait to complete my family. This has been a very exciting experience for me as it gave me hope once again. Good luck to everyone!


    I hope you are doing good. It is really good to hear from you. I feel good that assisted methods are helping people overcome their problems. With the passage of time, the number of the clinics offering the facilities have also increased. Many clinics have started promoted such methods. One should stay safe while selecting a clinic. My cousin sister had contacted the Lotus Clinic. They are not replying to her emails. She has stated that it is a matter of urgency. Her in-laws wanted a child badly. Otherwise, they would get her divorced. It is so sad to say that she is extremely hopeless. I would recommend everyone to get reviews from all over to resources before selecting a clinic. I hope all goes well with her too.

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