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    Felicia Saz

    Hi you guys. How are you all doing? I making this post to talk about my friend who was diagnosed with PCOS. She applied for IVF and had her first transfer a while ago. Unfortunately, it failed. We don’t understand why. Even the doctor at her clinic said it’s unlikely, but you know, it’s possible. According to my research, IVF works best for women with PCOS. I was hoping it would work just after her first transfer but it didn’t. She has completely lost hope. I’m trying to be there for her. She had her second transfer a couple of days ago. We are just waiting and praying now. Your prayers will also be appreciated. Thank you.


    Hi darling. I hope you are doing good. I am really sorry to hear about your friend’s story. Stand by her side and don’t make her lose hope. Make her positive. I have PCOS too. Unfortunately, I am in the same boat. Me and my husband wanted a baby so desperately. We tried so many times but all in vain. I was devastated. We were then introduced to surrogacy. It was truly a blessing for us. We are so happy to have our own baby. If IVF does not work this time(hoping it goes well this time) tell your friend to give surrogacy a try. I hope it will be helpful for her. Good luck for it. Stay safe.


    Sorry to hear about your failed IVF.
    I will say go for surrogacy. It is easier and successful method of having a baby. As i have gone through it that is why i am saying for surrogacy. Surrogacy was successful for my family. I had hysterectomy cancer due to which i was infertile for life. So we decided to go for surrogacy. And it turns to be a real straight success for us without any issue. Now we will have our twin daughters from this surrogacy.
    That is why i suggest surrogacy. Good luck to you friend.


    Hey darling, Sorry to hear about your loss. I will prefer surrogacy over IVF. As you know, the success chances of IVF is 50%. Surrogacy has high success rate. Also this process is easy. You need to be mentally strong. I heard from many people about it. It has the positive response. Surrogacy is successful in my case. i am also an infertile. I can’t have my own baby. Now i have a healthy baby through surrogacy. We are living happily.That’s why i am suggesting it. I hope you will make the right decision. Best of luck.


    Hey, I am so sorry. I know how much it is hurtful. PCOS is kind of infertility and the chances of conceiving are very low. I was so upset when I came to know that my sister is diagnosed with it. She was 21 when she was diagnosed. She thought that it is not a big deal. Now she is married and now she was not able to conceive a baby. She was so worried. It was so heart wrenching. It really broke her. She went for IVF with no luck. She failed in the even second cycle. Then she went for surrogacy. Now she has a baby through surrogacy. She is a happy mother now.

    Felicia Saz

    Hi everyone. Thank you for such supportive comments We have a good feeling about her second transfer. I’m sure she will get pregnant soon now. I’m just happy she is being taken care of and is in good hands. Just keep praying for her. Much love.


    Hello, I am so sad. I know the amount it is hurtful. PCOS is somewhat infertility and the odds of considering are low. I was so disturbed when I came to realize that my sister is determined to have it. She was young when she was analyzed. She imagined that it’s anything but a major ordeal. Presently she is married and now she was not ready to consider an infant. She was so stressed. It was so tragic. It extremely broke her. She ran for IUI with no luckiness. She flopped in the even second cycle. At that point, she went for surrogacy. Presently she has a child through surrogacy. She is a glad mother now.

    Sarah Williams

    Well, I agree. That’s right about it! I’m also a PCOS patient. A PCOS patient really has some good options in an IVF treatment. So, yes! wish her all the best! Baby dust to her. xoxo


    Hello! Hope you are doing great. Bad to hear about the loss of your friend. It really very hurting. It is a good thing that you are worried about her. Failures of IVF are common. Chances of IVF failure is absolutely hurting. I had also gone through it. So after that, I decided to go for the surrogacy. It was very hard to decide because society thinks about it in another way. But I never thought about anyone. I got a surrogate baby. Surrogacy really helps. I also suggest your friend think about it.It really works. Take care of her.


    Hey! I am good. Sorry to hear about the failure of a cycle, It feels so bad when someone has this sort of failure.
    So many hopes she would had put up to this procedure and when it turned out to be a failure. Who, won’t feel bad about that?
    You are right. I observed so many cases where IVF worked magically in PCOS.
    Its good that she is trying for the next cycle. Be her side she needs someone that might support her at this tough time.
    Ask her to keep her hopes high. This is no doubt a tough time but she has to keep up with this.
    Never stop dreaming of a baby. You would soon have that. This is a worthy procedure and many have turned their cant into the can.
    To all the beautiful women who struggle. May you get your hopes near.
    And make her aware that life never ends with single IVF. You might also look for the other procedures available.
    I just read comments above that suggest surrogacy. And that’s true. Even this one is magical. and worth going for.
    Both IVF and surrogacy is doing a great job. The more it used to be considered false The more this proves itself a great procedure. In providing hopes to many.

    keira trey

    hey there!how are you doing? I hope you are doing great. it’s really sad to hear about your friend. I think IVF is a totally safe process especially for women with PCOS. it is a total pain-free process. I’ve been through the process, it was hard in the beginning. but it was worth the baby boy. I am hopeful that your friend will become a parent soon.

    Jessica fields

    Yes, it is true. IVF works for PCOS. Again, there are chances it can fail. It is not something that works for sure. There is a failure rate as well. I am sorry for your friend. It must have been so painful. I know how it feels. I had two failed IVF cycles. I was optimistic still. It paid off in the end. I have twins now. I am sure your friend will have a successful cycle too. I will keep her in my prayers. Keep me updated on what happens, I will be really happy if I can be of any help.


    Hey there Felicia. Hope you are doing fine. How is your friend now? I hope she is fine too. I am so sorry for her loss. Infertility is such a big issue. I have gone through two IVF cycles. Unfortunately, they failed too. IVF has a pretty low success rate. You did right by being there for her. That’s so nice of you. She shouldn’t lose hope. We all go through hard times in our life. We all will get through it. My prayers are with her.

    Julia Christine

    Hello! I hope you will be all right.
    I’m feeling sad after reading about your friend case.
    I think this time it would be fruitful. But, in case, it is not working. She should go for surrogacy. A surrogate mother will carry her child. And after the birth, he/she will be yours.
    My prayers are with you.
    Best of luck.


    IVF also didn’t brought any luck for me. I went through different cycles of IVF but nothing positive. Before IVF i also tried IUI but there was also no luck there for me as well. Than we came to know about surrogacy. Many people around me keep talking of it. So i was curious whats the success rate if this method? So i joined different forums to know more about it. Here on forums many people are talking about it. Many people are sharing their success stories at different clinics. From the peoples journeys i learnt alot about surrogacy. People are mostly talking about the best clinics regarding surrogacy. People share their experiences about different clinics. I learn from their experiences. I have also decided that i will go for surrogacy. I have told my husband about it and he is positive too about this. Bulgaria is not allowing surrogacy. So probably we will move to Ukraine.

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