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    So you had your first IVF cycle, and it fizzled. You are most likely inclination a great deal of feelings disillusionment, misery, possibly outrage that you didn’t get the outcome you needed from fruitfulness treatment. The principal measure to take is to give yourself a chance to lament a bit. It’s alright to feel baffled and pitiful. Allow yourself a week or so to overcome this before you choose what to do straight away.
    Numerous ladies who have had a fizzled IVF cycle will be effective on a second or even a third cycle. Not every one of the issues that impact IVF achievement can be rectified, however, some can be routed to help make the following cycle more prone to bring about a pregnancy.
    Another reason IVF cycles fall flat is poor developing life quality. Generally, the developing lives neglect to embed and develop in light of the fact that they have chromosomal or hereditary deformities. Once more, more seasoned eggs will probably bring about poor incipient organism quality.


    I hope you are doing good. I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. Failed IVF is really the worst thing ever. I have also suffered once so I understand what she is going through. It’s really a heart-breaking thing. I also had two failed attempts but my third attempt was successful. But don’t worry she will get over it. Try to do things that make her happy. Just try to divert her mind from it. She really needs love and support at this time. Stressing yourself won’t give you anything. Wait for sometime and I hope this time result will be positive for her. Much love and many prayers for her.


    Hi Felicia! Hope you are fine. I am so sorry to hear about your friends failed IVF. IVF is indeed helpful for women with PCOS but it is not always the first cycle the bear’s fruit. At least 2-3 cycles of IVF are still recommended. I hope she finds success in her coming cycles. If not I want, you try to persuade your friend to go for surrogacy. I wish you and your friend the best of luck. Our prayers are with her.


    Really it is the heaviest pain that someone could bear. It’s almost unbearable. I don’t know how she faced it. I always started shivering when I thought about my miscarriage and the pain I went through this pain. I am really worried about this. I hope you guys overcome this soon. I really don’t know what to say. I am really sorry for her loss dear. Try again now. I wish you guys get your happiness soon. Please be calm and keep patience. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Good luck to her.


    Hi Good to see your post. I hope you are doing well. That is great you are searching for a solution to the problem rather than become worried. I appreciate you. You are doing well. You did not give up and still moved toward a solution. I want to share my experience of IVF and surrogacy. I was 24 years old. I face miscarriage due to a road accident. My bones were broken. A doctor said to me that you are infertile. That was the difficult situation that moment. I was depressed and disappointed. Lose of the unborn baby is worse than if we have not babied. My friend suggested me IVF treatment. IVF did not bring any luck for me. I went through cycles of IVF but nothing success in this. I post on a forum and shared my problem. Women told me their experience in surrogacy as I am sharing my experience. They told me success rate of surrogacy. I agreed for surrogacy. I consider with a doctor in the clinic in Europe. After surrogacy, i have 2 babies. Surrogacy is such hope for intended parents.


    Hey Felicia. How are you?. Feel bad for your friend. Yes, I also heard IVF is the best option for PCOS. It’s really strange to hear about her unsuccessful cycle. Although IVF itself has proven as an effective fertility treatment. Although IVF does not work on women above 40 to 42 ages. And it also not work if women are overweighted or obese. IVF is best for women under the age of 35. The success rate of IVF is also good for women under 35. Maybe these were the issues for an unsuccessful cycle. Let’s hope for the best. Take much care of your friend. God bless you both

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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