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  • Hey Olivia. Sad to hear about your losses. MC is an easy thing to go through. It requires lots of patience and strength. It’s great to see you didn’t lose hope or give up. Going for surrogacy is your best decision. But before going for surrogacy me sure you choose the right clinic for it. There are many best clinics in Europe. My friend had her…[Read more]

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    Hey Alsa. Thanks for sharing these types of post. No doubt surrogacy is the best blessing of God. It is miracle for infertile peoples. It’s not easy for anyone to live without children, live without a family. Surrogacy is a successful treatment. The success rate of surrogacy is also good. There are many best clinics in Europe. They are providing…[Read more]

  • Hey Sara. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Surrogacy is for all age women. But it is one the process for those who are over aged and cannot conceive a child in their own womb. Surrogacy is a blessing for them. I don’t know why it is still illegal in many countries. Even it brings happiness in the life for many infertile couples. It is…[Read more]

  • Hey Sweetie. First of all congratulations for your baby girl. Yes, I may suggest you go for surrogacy. You already had experienced it. And you are well aware of this procedure. So it is the best option to go for. Women’s who are unable to conceive surrogacy is last and best option for them. You must go for surrogacy. And following this procedure…[Read more]

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    Hey Felicia. How are you?. Feel bad for your friend. Yes, I also heard IVF is the best option for PCOS. It’s really strange to hear about her unsuccessful cycle. Although IVF itself has proven as an effective fertility treatment. Although IVF does not work on women above 40 to 42 ages. And it also not work if women are overweighted or obese. IVF…[Read more]

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    Hey Roha. Totally agree with your post. I also feel strange how anyone can do this with his/her child. Abortion is also a cause of infertility. Most young couples go for abortion after conceiving. May be they don’t know the value of becoming parents. I thought having an abortion should be banned. So that before going for abortion couples think…[Read more]

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    Hey dear. How are you?. Hope you are feeling good. I know how it feels when are unable to conceive your child in your womb. But sometimes we have to accept this harsh realityof not conceiving. Surrogacy is a right decision for you. You will never be disappointed with this treatment. You must go for traditional surrogacy in this father’s sperm is…[Read more]

  • Hey Olivia. It’s really sad to hear about your infertility and broke up. Infertility had ruined many people’s lives, dream, relations. Moving towards surrogacy is a good step. Surrogacy is a hope of light in the dark. It’s glad to hear that your partner is cooperative and he is ready for surrogacy. I know you have gone through the years of…[Read more]

  • “It’s really sad to hear about your recurrent miscarriage. Having a miscarriage is such a painful thing. I know how it feels as I also gone through it. It is also known as spontaneous abortion. It’s a disheartened moment when your baby dies in the womb. I don’t know what is your cause of miscarriages, but it happens when there is a problem with…[Read more]

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    Hey Trisha congratulations for your pregnancy. It’s really amazing to hear that you are pregnant at the age of 44 as I saw many women who are trying to conceive at this age and got fouled. Chances of conceiving a child at the age of 40 is one in 100 and I think you are that lucky one. Wish you a good luck. May you have a healthy and happy…[Read more]

  • I feel really sorry for you. I believe not being a mother is a big pain that anyone could have. Babies are one of the best blessing. It’s good to hear that you choose surrogacy. Surrogacy is a best option for the people like us to have a child and yes, there are many fears which keeps moving in our mind. We feel like walking in the dark room with…[Read more]

  • Infertility is becoming so common that every third person is a victim of infertility. A big risk factor of fertility is the age factor. Aging decrease a women’s fertility after the age of 35. It’s because this stage women’s egg reduced in large number so it has a lesser chance to conceive. But now science has introduced many treatments to get rid…[Read more]

  • It’s really sad to hear your story. It’s true infertility has spoiledmany people’s dreams. I can understand the situation from which you are going through. Everybody wants it own baby. It’s a dream of every mother to see her child, to see his/her looks, to feel him/her in her arms. Mother had many expectations towards his/her baby, but infertility…[Read more]

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