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    I am really happy after reading your story. It’s really encouraging for me. I am suffering from the same thing. The doctors also told me about surrogacy. I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know how to handle it. I am really worried about it. Like you said your condition was. Mine was nothing change than that. I am also feeling same things. I always feel like I am gone somewhere. All of my thoughts are crappy these days. I have nothing to do. I also wish that like your story is matching with me. I hope end matches too for me as well. Because I am very much worried these days about my situation. At this time your story is like a healing thing for me. I am hoping and hoping and hoping dear.


    Hey dear! Surrogacy is the best thing happened to us. Anyone can have a baby via surrogacy. I repeat anyone! I get it that it can be expensive. There are places where it is affordable too. Multiple tries are also offered. The clinic I visited had this facility. I was so happy I opted for it. The legal issues were taken care of. The surrogate was such an amazing lady. It was the best experience so far. You should totally go for it. Everything there was perfect and they handled my situation very efficiently. It felt like a burden taken off my shoulders. Like someone else started taking care of your problem and you are free. It felt great. Of course, I had my ups and downs during the time. But at the end, I got the most precious thing I will ever have. You should totally go for it.


    Heyy! It is sad to hear your story. Hope you are keeping up with it strongly. I have been through Hysterectomy myself after my first child. It was a devastating experience for me. I had lost all my hopes. But you must stay strong and look for other options. Consult different doctors as they may have different opinions. I am considering opting for surrogacy myself. However, it has been recommended to me by many doctors and friends. One of my friends who has been through a successful surrogacy is my inspiration, and her baby boy is so healthy. So you must consider surrogacy because other options such as IVF may result in problems later on. Sending baby dust your way! Good luck!


    storm, first of all, I am really sorry for your loss. That’s the reason for your disappearance from forums. I was thinking that why stormy is not coming to the forum. If it is fearful then it is also successful. It is human nature than he gives his attention to those things that have a negative impact. He doesn’t care of about the success stories. Even if the success rate is high than negative impacts then he will keep on focusing on negative impact. It’s natural. We cannot change human nature. If you want to be a successful person and wants your life enjoyable then don’t focus on the negative side. Forget about the negative side. I know this is not possible but tries make man perfect. Go outside and build confidence. don’t listen to those who have a failure.


    I feel really sorry for you. I believe not being a mother is a big pain that anyone could have. Babies are one of the best blessing. It’s good to hear that you choose surrogacy. Surrogacy is a best option for the people like us to have a child and yes, there are many fears which keeps moving in our mind. We feel like walking in the dark room with lights off, but in the end it is a safe journey and nothing sounds good when you have a child in your arm. Don’t be afraid Stormi it will defiantly turn out positive.


    Hi Stormi dear! Sorry about your loosing know it’s not a thing to ignore .getting over all the negative thoughts is tough. It’s good that you don’t give up. You are still looking for some guidance and hopeful. I adopt the option of surrogacy. My surrogacy goes successfully. You shouldn’t be afraid to adapt this. Go for it .good luck


    Hey, surrogacy is best for infertile couples. You should go for it. Everything will be alright. Surrogacy is mostly successful. It is also cheaper and less painful compared to other processes. I have also a baby through surrogacy. I went for surrogacy to Europe. You should also go for it. Stay blessed.

    jennifer jonas

    Hey, yes surrogacy is a great option. Actually its the best, to me. It was successful for me in our first try they let us choose the surrogate mother and with full medical reports checked. The expense was not much either. There are many clinics and the prices vary from clinic to clinic from country to country. I hope you find what you are looking for! Best of luck! CHEERS


    hey, how are you? why are you afraid of to go for surrogacy.hey surrogacy is much easier than is cheap and the success rate is also 99%.don’t be afraid of.go for it, it’s only hoping for best wishes are with you.hope you will take care of yourself. good luck.


    I don’t think you should stress too much about this. SUrogcay is a great process. I think you’ll be very happy once you go through it. It’s one of the best sure shot ways to get your child amongst all other assistive conceiving methods. Choosing the right clinic is definitely key. I would suggest looking for some in Europe. Not Lotus or Adonis though. Hearing bad reviews of theirs. Such a scam. They don’t even care to reply properly. However, you’ll do great with finding others in the area. It’s a lot cheaper there compared to America. In the end, you’ll be very happy. Good luck with all that you go through!


    Hi dear! Feeling sorry to hear from you. I knew you are being anxious and stressed as well. However, why you are stressed simply look at effective experiences of individuals. Dear, life does not stop at any minute. We would be advised to alternatives and strategies. Simply the thing you needed to required to locate the distinctive ways. With the positive contemplations and expectations, you will improve and typical. Dear, don’t be so much anxious and negative. Be solid and think positive. I had this strategy in an extremely sensible facility at the place in Europe. You should need to visit that place. I am certain you need to show signs of improvement result and you will be sure in the wake of going by there. It is an extraordinary gift for all the planned guardians. It felt magnificent in the after holding a baby in my arms. I wish you good luck


    People do make the life of infertile couples hell, by telling them that they are infertile. You should not listen to people. They are only there for talks. They won’t do you any good rather they will just keep on talking. You can always go for surrogacy. Your life would be made easy and you would be able to have your own children. Having your own children is a blessing and your life would be made pretty awesome. Children are a requirement of our life and it would be difficult for all of us living without children. So do what your heart desires and live a happy life.


    Surrogacy is no doubt a great revolution. Surrogacy makes you enjoy the blessings of the parenthood when all hope is lost. Right now you are scared of the surrogacy. This is what I call the fear of the unknown. Such fears are natural. sometimes the past losses are very painful. They lead to uncertainty and hopelessness. When the past has a great deal of disappointment you visualize everything in the light of those happenings. In fact, this is not right. It hinders the way to the happiness in the future. You need to come out of all this. Good luck and go for it.


    I had my two children through surrogacy. Nothing is compared to the happiness and peace you going to get when you’ll hold your baby first time. Surrogacy influences you to appreciate the favors of the parenthood when all expectation is lost. Therapeutic science has done wonders for the humankind. It is a successful process and its success rate is more than IVF. I chose it because it has no side effect. The most important thing that should keep in mind is that one should choose a reputed and reliable clinic, tell them about your problem and they will give you a discount and everything if you want. I know people don’t like surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing for people like us. I wish they understand. Wishing you good luck. Take care.

    Jessy Smith

    Hello. Hope you are doing well. I’m sorry to hear your story. I agree infertility is hard. You should not lose hope, dear. Surrogacy is a great process. My friend was declared infertile. She went for surrogacy in a clinic in Europe. Now, she is a happy mommy. You should keep your hopes high. You should fight against your infertility bravely. You should prove that you are a strong woman. Stay strong and happy. Take care. I wish you all the best ahead.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 147 total)
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