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    As far back as I thought of going for surrogacy to have my first infant, everything began becoming alright for me. I’m not by any means misrepresenting. I have spent some extremely baffling years. My significant other and I took a stab at considering a child for some time and nothing was going on. Turned out we both had an issue and that made us never have the capacity to have offspring of our own. Surrogacy came as a gift to me. When I met with the specialists in Ukraine, I decided. Everything there was impeccable and they dealt with my circumstance productively. It felt like a weight removed my shoulders. Like another person began dealing with your concern and you are free. It felt awesome. Obviously, I had my high points and low points amid the time. However, toward the end, I got the most valuable thing I will ever have. You ought to thoroughly let it all out.


    Hey dear, don’t lose hope. As there is always a way out from your problems. Life is the name of challenges. Just face the challenges with such a strong power that everyone appreciates you.
    You should definitely go for surrogacy. I also have read and watch many successful surrogacy stories. Many infertile couples are considering surrogacy as a blessing for their happiness.
    I myself is also considering the surrogacy. Because I also can’t conceive naturally. The reason is I am a heart patient. Thus, doctor asked me not to try again to get pregnant. Otherwise, your life will be at risk. Thus, my close family and friends suggests me of surrogacy. I just hope that it goes well for both of us. Best wishes.


    I am so happy to hear that. Good for you. Life can be very haard without kids. Especially for those who wish to have them. Surrogacy has come as a blessing for the infertile couples. You can now have a baby genetically related to you even if you are not able to conceive one. It is no less than a miracle. Although like every other thing, there are contoversies in the concept of surrogacy. Some say it is unethical. Some just don’t wanna be supportive in general and so on. There is a need to end such controversies. So people won’t have to go far away abroad looking for a chance at life. Ukraine is growing its name in surrogacy process. But other countries need to step forward as well. For the betterment of humanity, we should all work together.

    Polina Delany

    Hi Stormi. I’m very sorry to hear about your health condition. Well, mine is also same. So, yeah? Anyway! I’m also undergoing surrogacy August of this year. So, yeah! I’ve seen many couples becoming parents through it. Although, I’ve not tried it on my own…So, I’d wish you best of luck! 🙂

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. How are you? Surrogacy was the solution to my problem. Everything there was perfect and they handled my situation very efficiently. It felt like a burden taken off my shoulders. Like someone else started taking care of your problem and you are free. It felt great. Of course, I had my ups and downs during the time. But at the end, I got the most precious thing I will ever have. You should totally go for it. Take care. Good luck.

    Lucy jones

    hello. how are you now? I’m sorry, you had to go through a lot. you are such a strong lady. tears rolled down my eyes. wish you health. ill pray. about surrogacy, you should definitely go for it. it is a sure shot. it has more success chances. the birth will be given by the surrogate mother. the genetics will be totally yours. my sister is in Ukraine. Biotexcom. it is a really good clinic. working professionally. providing with commotion all facilities too. we are so glad she made it to them. you can search me up. take care.

    Nelly Kom

    If you can’t carry your own baby, someone else can carry it for you. I’m sorry you have to go through all this. Surrogacy is the perfect solution to your problem. It has been helping people around the world to beat infertility. It surely is expensive, but it is compatible. The choice of the clinic is very essential. You have to research the ones with high success rates so that your money pays off. After the initial step, everything else is easy going. The legal matters are also handled and sorted by the clinic. My sister had her surrogacy process done as she was infertile. She has a son now and loves him more than anything in this world. She has waited for so long and so is you. You deserve happiness. You won’t regret your decision. All the best!


    Infertility is really hard to deal with. Dear, infertility is natural so don’t blame yourself. It hurts so much to know that you can’t conceive a baby. My heart is filled with deep sorrow. I must say not to give up. With courage and constant tries, you can have your own child. Surrogacy is prominent in this regard.


    Hello dear! I hope you’re feeling better now. I wish you didn’t have to go through such a tough time. However, sadly many do. TTC is no easy thing. There are soo many out there who face difficulties as you are. I think it’s best to be patient and to be completely thorough in your research for alternatives. So far, you seem to be on the right track! 🙂 Surrogacy is a great way for you to opt. I think you’ll be quite happy with the result. If you’re worried about the price point, there are some great fertility clinics in Europe you should check out. Keep us updated!


    Hey Stormi. I hope you’re doing well. I’m really sorry to hear about your loss. It’s an awful situation to be in. Always sounding like an optimist doesn’t help either. It’s good that you’re being realistic. I had a similar experience. My husband and I had been TTC for many years. When we finally got pregnant, I had a miscarriage. My misfortune didn’t stop there. It kept happening. I had even more miscarriages in the coming years. I have finally, now, decided to go for surrogacy. You should really consider it. I think it’s a great and very safe way to go. Good luck!


    Hello ladies! Hope you are doing well. Bad to hear for what you had gone through. It is really hurting. But good thing is that you are not losing hope and thinking about the surrogacy. It is the best way of having a baby. Do not worry about the process. The success rate of the surrogacy is satisfying. I would recommend you to go for it. Do not waste your time. Just go and complete your family. There are some clinics in Ukraine which are best in it. Baby will also biologically connected to you. My all best wishes with you. Best of luck. God bless you.

    Alsa Markle

    Dear, hope you are doing well. I was declared infertile after I met an accident. Life was like colorless. I had lost everything. Nothing was in hand of me. Losing your child is the worst feeling ever. I lost an unborn child. I was finished. Then I went for surrogacy because I had no other option. My husband supported me. You wouldn’t believe that I am now a mother of a young boy. No have to try new things. Keeping yourself depress all the time is not a good option. I would suggest you all to must go for surrogacy because it is legalized and surrogates are respected.


    Some fears are very natural. It will only be overcome when you will take the procedure. I am glad that you have chosen this alternate way. It is amazing. It will give you your own child. Don’t worry about anything. There are a lot of people who feel like you. Have faith. Keep your vision high. Good luck.


    Hello Stormi. I trust you’re doing great. I’m extremely sorry to know about your misfortune. It’s a dreadful circumstance to be in. It’s great that you’re being sensible. My husband and I had been TTC for a long time. During my last pregnancy, I had an unsuccessful labor. lastly, I chose to go for surrogacy. You should think about it. I believe it’s an extraordinary and exceptionally safe approach. Good fortunes!

    Julia Christine

    Hey Stormi! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post and I felt so sad to know about your condition. I can understand the situation you are dealing with. Well, I think you should go for surrogacy. It’s really a kind of blessing for the couples facing fertility issues. I have also walked through the process of surrogacy. I was also declared infertile due to heart issues. I was so shocked and frustrated at that moment. At that time, surrogacy was the last option for me to have a baby. Then I adopted this and now I have a baby. Initially, It looks scary but when you get into the process. You will feel free and comfortable. That’s all your assumptions

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