• Hello there. Congratulations on your conception. I am glad to know about you. Stay strong and blessed. More power to you. Baby dust on your way. Keep sharing more.

  • Don’t lose hope. More power to you.

  • Hi everybody. How goes it with you? I am not fine at this point. My malignancy, it is deteriorating. I truly need to be a mother. We have been attempting to make sense of this. We limited to Surrogacy But still, we have any inquiries with respect to this. Also, now we are sitting tight for the seventeenth and eighteenth of August. Biotex Com is…[Read more]

  • Stay blessed.

  • Hello! How are you? I hope you are dong fine.That was a very good post. It was quite informative. You are absolutely right. PCOS is sucha commom problem these days. People need to address this more seriously. You need to make some major life changes with this disease. And then and only then can it be easier on you. It is very important to avoid…[Read more]

  • I have heard some bad reviews about adonis as well. They were about their IUI procedure. I don’t know about surrogacy. I have emailed them several times. They don’t reply. I think I should keep clear of them I guess. I will keep searching for some good clinic then.

  • Hey there! How are you? Well there is no best time. Whenever you feel you should. But there should be a minimum gap of 2 years I think. If you need a personal opinion though, here goes. If I were you I would have the second child after 3 years. Exactly 3 years. No more no less. But sadly I can’t have a child. Not even one. I have endometrial…[Read more]

  • I am fighting cancer. I wanna be a mom so bad. But my doctor says it is better not to give my body the stress of pregnancy. Also I am not sure if I can get pregnant ever. I have cancer in my uterus. I am looking into surrogacy too. Hope to get some genuine help here.

  • Oh, that is too much of struggles. You have been throgh a lot. You are a strong lady. 🙂 I am sorry to know that. But I am glad that now you are looking forward to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best option, I must say. I wish you luck and success in future. Stay strong and hopeful. Baby dust on your way.

  • Hello Olivia. how are you? I am sorry to know about you. You have been through a lot. I am sorry for your first marriage. But glad to know that you are going for the second one. And the best thing about it is that the person you are going to marry is understanding. TTC is a journey which sometimes breaks you completely. All you need is support of…[Read more]

  • ElizabethLauritsen replied to the topic Update in the forum Getting Started 6 years ago

    Such a good news for them. They will be going for their first treatment. I hope everything works well for them. Wishes and luck to her. I would like to say that you stay by her side. Keep giving her positive vibes and strength. And keep sharing more about her with all of us. Lots of prayers to her.

  • Your post must give so many so much hope. Its always good to hear a success story. You went through some hard times indeed. But you faced them. You might have stumbled. But you did finally get up. And that is all that matters. You are a strong woman. A lot of women here need such stories. Most of us are the victims of infertility one way or the…[Read more]

  • ElizabethLauritsen replied to the topic Never give up in the forum Transfer 6 years ago

    Hey there! Congratulations. I’m so happy for you guys. We also went through alot. I had 2 IUI and 3 ivf in America. But it didn’t work for us. I was so heartbroken. Then my husband suggested surrogacy in Ukraine. I was not sure about it. But I didn’t want to turn the idea down. I was the one making him suffer. Every BFN was like a jolt on us. I…[Read more]

  • Great suggestion. I would have loved this headsup when I was in search of a clinic. So I’m sure it’ll help many. Thanks a lot for sharing. I went through a surrogacy process. I have a beautiful daughter now. I’m thinking about the next child now. Let’s see what my DH thinks about it.

  • I would definitely suggest going for it. If it was a great experience this time, I’m sure it’ll be a great experience again. You should go for it. We all have wishes. And everybody deserves all the tries they need to make them come true. Family is something very important. And if you think you need another chikd to complete your family, go for it.…[Read more]

  • You are a nice person as you are helping people. Such a good post it is. It is an informative one. Nowdays people need such type of guidance. Don’t forget to share more. Will be waiting to hear more from you. Love and luck to you. Stay strong and blessed.

  • ElizabethLauritsen replied to the topic Tons of questions in the forum Transfer 6 years ago

    How are you doing? I guess that can really be a big help. Actually there are many ladies suffering from PCOS. I hear every second woman talking about her PCOS. It is prevailing all over the world. I guess lifestyle and envirnoment are the major cause of it.
    As you can see the envirnoment is getting polluted day by day. Our diet is so rough and…[Read more]

  • Hey there! You are right. That is exactly what I felt during the three years of ttc. Although nobody had the intention of hurting me. But I was hurt by everyone. I started avoiding everyone. But thankfully the surrogacy proved to be a miracle.

  • ElizabethLauritsen replied to the topic Pregnant At 44 in the forum Baby On The Way 6 years ago

    Such a wonderful end of the journey. Your friend must be very happy now. Glad to know about her. I wish her good luck in her future. For me, age is just a number. It is never too late to get pregnant. It is all about luck I think.
    I would like to spare a moment to thank you for this post. It is a source of inspiration for many. A source of love…[Read more]

  • Hey Victoria! Thanks for this post. Sticking to that hope that keeps us going is the most important part. You are right. There is a solution to almost everything. We just need to find it. Surrogacy worked for me as well. I love my little angel. I hope you all get what you are looking for. Best wishes.

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