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    I guess surrogacy is the last option for me now to have baby of our own.
    I have contacted many surrogacy related clinics and had gathered quite good info about surrogacy.
    I also contacted some surrogates who are willing to carry our child in their womb.
    I was pregnant thrice but had miscarriages every time.
    I had many complications while getting pregnant.
    During my first marriage i had no luck with having children although i conceived for 3 times.
    I know today surrogacy is a common thing but i am worried about many aspects of having a baby via surrogacy.
    I guess we will find a surrogate with the help of clinic we are consulting.
    I am married for second time i want to have baby of my own to live with.
    But regarding and having a look at my previous pregnancy period i know its not a good idea to be pregnant again.
    So i talked to my husband and have agreed him to go for surrogacy option.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hey Olivia. I hope you’re doing well. Surrogacy isn’t “hope”. It works for sure. Don’t worry about it. I’m really sorry to hear about your condition. However, I can assure you this is the best decision you will take in your life. Good luck!


    Hi beautiful. I hope things are good at your side. I am really sorry to know about your condition. You have selected the right option for me. My cousin sister had a surrogacy too. She could not conceive due to cervical cancer. It was impossible for her to conceive naturally. She had consulted the doctors in Ukraine. They were of the view that she should go for surrogacy. Now, I m so happy to see her a proud mother. The clinic offers remarkable services. The doctors give quite genuine suggestions. I hope you find a surrogate soon. I hope things go smooth for you. All the very best to you. Sending baby dust to your doorsteps!


    Hello dear. I hope you are well. Surrogacy is a good decision. If you are not able to get pregnant, or if you’re having complications so it is better not to take a risk on your health. I hope surrogacy proves to be a good option for you. Loads of love.


    Hey, Olivia, I am extremely sorry to hear about all your ordinances. It must have been really difficult for you to go through all of this by yourself. However, you are a brave woman and you coped well. Going for surrogacy is a good option as it will ensure that you are a mother. Just make sure you have properly researched on this topic as that really is important. I chose a clinic after doing a lot of self-research and it was only after that I decided to go for the treatment. Best of luck to you do keep us updated.

    Sarah Williams

    Hello Olivia! How are you holding up dear? Umm, yes! I agree with you. More importantly, I’m deeply sorry for your losses. But, listen dear! It’s really a good option to go with. Last year, my cousin sister has had her procedure at a center in Ukraine. It was nothing to worry about! It went pretty smoothly for her. Now, she even has a baby girl with her. They are living happily than ever. You and your husband has made a fine decision. So, yeah! Stay strong! Wish you both all the best in your journey. BABY DUST TOWARD YOU. xx


    You are right. I have a baby through surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. I think it is last option for us. I was left with the only option after IVF. I thought I cannot be a mother ever again. But I was wrong I have a baby now. I have no more worries in my life. I think I would recommend it to others too.

    Anika louis

    Hey. Hope you are doing fine. Your decision of Surrogacy is best. Surrogacy is the best Unnatural method to get your own biological baby. I know it’s a hard time for you. This feeling of infertility is really painful. Surrogacy is the best unnatural method than others. As it is not painful and expensive than others. I had Cervix Incompetence disease. Due to which I faced infertility. I can understand your situation because I had suffered the same. But when I adopted Surrogacy I felt really happy. I have done my Surrogacy from a clinic in Europe. They provided me a surrogate who gave birth to our child. Now I have my own biological baby through Surrogacy. I am blessed to have him. I hope this would help u a lot.

    Felicia Saz

    Hi Olivia. I’m really sorry about this. You didn’t deserve that. I’m assuming you had three miscarriages. That is so hard to deal with. You are such a strong person. I’m proud of you. I’m glad you accepted fate. A lot of people find it hard to do that. You have made that right desicion. I too really think surrogacy would be the answer for you. IVF is great too. But it doesn’t work all the time. Your condition tells me your uterus is unable to carry a baby. So hurry up now. You don’t want to lose the quality of your eggs. If you want suggestions, I know of a great clinic for this. The internet is full of good reviews about this place. You should look it up. Hope it helps.


    You are correct. I have a child through surrogacy. I have faced unknown infertility for 10 years. I went to a clinic in Europe. I think it is the last choice for us. I was left with the only alternative after IVF and IUI. I figured I can’t be a mother ever. Be that as it may, I wasn’t right I have a child now. I have no more stresses throughout my life. I figure I would prescribe it to others as well.


    Hey there Olivia. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must have been hard for you. I wish you good luck. Take care.

    keira trey

    hello there! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. your story is really painful, you have to be strong though this. surrogacy is a great option for women who are struggling with infertility. it is the hardest thing to cope up with. I miscarried when I was 37. and I wasn’t able to conceive again because the doctors said my tubes are too damaged for this. I choose surrogacy because it helped a friend of mine, and she has two babies. I went for surrogacy and I can tell it was an amazing experience. everything was surprisingly good. I have a baby and I am really happy with my life. do not lose hope, and take care of your health. there are always other and better options. I hope it turns out well for you.

    Alice Blake

    hello dear. how are you? hope you’re fine. congratulations on that. you should go for it. I’m sure it will help you a lot. I’ve heard surrogacy has good success rates. may you get success? stay strong. you can do it. don let negative thoughts come to your mind. ill pray for you. sending you baby dust. take care.bye.


    Hello! hope you are doing great. Sorry to hear about your journey. It is really hard to face. But I appreciate you do not lose courage. I am glad to know that you finally find a way to getting a baby. Surrogacy really helps. It is just like a miracle for the intended parents. I cannot explain that how surrogacy changed my life. I lost all my hopes. But at the end I found surrogacy to be helpful. I got a surrogate son through it. I wish you best of luck. God bless you. Take care.


    OliviaSmith why you think like that.? I don’t know what the reason behind it. but it is a bitter reality. So sorry for that. The good thing is you have admitted this reality of your own. I have seen many couples who wasted their time. even they didn’t know what had happened with them. How they can get the solution of it.? I can understand your situation. Your doubts are all right. You are fearing this because you have a bad experience in past. But you know technology and science have made progress. Doctors are working very hard just to give birth to a baby using artificial ways. Everything will be fine. Don’t be afraid of such things. My best wishes are with you.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 91 total)
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