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    I believe you are doing well. Infertility can cause problems in the life of people who are suffering from it. It can also affect a person mentally. The good news is this problem can be solved with the help of new and improved techniques introduced by science for people to have their own children with having body parts like them. I hope this helps to solve your problem.


    Hey! It is really sad to hear about your miscarriages. It can be a really heartbreaking experience. However, you need to stay strong. It is part of life and terrible troubles that we will keep facing. God chose us to face such difficulties because He believes we are the strongest. I am going through infertility myself. I have been suggested by my cousin to go for surrogacy. I am very convinced after discussing with the doctors. I hope surrogacy works out for you. Let us know about your experience. Sending baby dust your way!


    Hey, I hope that you’re all good with health and fitness. I’m the daily visitor of this forum. We get married happily before one year ago. I want to share my experience with you. Doctor tells me that i’m infertile. I can’t concieve because of my tissues disorder My friends told me about the Adonis clinic. We decide to get treatment from this clinic. We can contact to clinic via phone. But with the couple of weeks spent. They didn’t reply our messages. This can create the bad image on the people


    Hi there, hope you are doing great. I am sorry that you are suffering from infertility. This is the worst nightmare of any women in the wide world. I hope that you are positive. It is very important. Surrogacy is the quite effective procedure. In surrogacy, you have a child of your own DNA. That’s why it’s quite relaxing. I hope things will be better for you soon. Thank you. Wishing you luck.


    Hi, well I support your husband. I think you should try surrogacy before going for adoption. A biological heir can never be replaced by an adopted one. Atleast thats what I have learned as I am adopted. My husband also wanted to adopt but I convinced him for surrogacy. We are soon going to start our treatment. We would have started it already if we had not wasted our time with unprofessional clinics like Lotus in Ukraine. They have wasted my time by refusing to share info and ignorance, that is why I am searching a better alternative. So please be hopeful and find some good clinic to have your own child.


    hi sweetheart! It’s a major thing to end up surrogate mother for your companion, might be gestational surrogacy is a better choice for her? As to me, you are still exceptionally youthful and regardless of whether you need to have more youngsters with your significant other, there is a great deal of time for that.
    I think just on account of my mom I remained solid for my entire life since I was conceived without a womb and dependably knew I would t be able to have kids in a normal way. There was nothing I can do as such I needed to aside from this idea. When I got hitched and begin arranging family my better half and I knew we have to locate a decent center for surrogacy. I feel extremely sad for every one of the ladies who confront fruitlessness in their lives. I m a mother of 2 ravishing young men conceived by surrogate mother in Ukrainian center. They are my infants and I wear t think there is something preferred on the planet over to be a mother.
    We need to return to Ukraine for a girl in some time


    I felt deep grief for you. You have faced too many bad times. Miscarriages are really hard to face. Don’t blame yourself as this is the fate. Life is hard for a lady and society makes it harder. All one can do is to remain firm. It’s appreciable that you have not lost the hope. Most of the people give up due to continuous failures. However, you’ve made a right decision at the end. Surrogacy is the best solution for you. IVF is popular among individuals nowadays. But it would be difficult for an intended mother to carry the child. Success chances in IVF are almost 20 to 30 percent. While surrogacy is quite different. In surrogacy, a surrogate mother carries the child. So, there is no chance for any miscarriage. Many clinics in Europe are offering great assistance in this regard. You’d go for it. Wishing you all the best for the treatment.

    Farah Smith

    Hey Sweetheart, Thanks for sharing such an informative topic. This should be discussed publicly so that many women get help regarding this issue. My Good wishes and prayers are with you. Be careful and keep your eyes open. You are going to be amazing mother


    Hey, how are you? hope you are doing well. You have taken the right decision. Surrogacy is a miracle. Every infertile couple can get babies through surrogacy. I was also infertile. I was facing fatigue injury. I tried to conceive but I failed. Then I went to Europe for surrogacy. I have a baby now.

    Farah Smith

    “Hey dear, how are you? I hope you are fine and in good health. Really sorry to know what you are going through my love. Miscarriages are indeed very hard phase of women . Losing your kid and don’t do anything is very worst situation of women life. Its great to know that you didn’t lose hope. Being strong and hopeful us always the key to success
    Well, my dear Surrogacy will be best for you.
    IVF is there too but according to me, it is a bit risky as success rates are also low as compared to surrogacy.
    Surrogacy happens with the help of surrogate mother. It is highly successful.
    And icing on the cake these European clinics are doing excellence in this regard. You should go there. My good wishes are with you.”


    Hey Olivia. how are you doing? Hope so you are doing good. Well, my dear, I am feeling very sorry for you. This is really unfortunate thing happened to you. But der you have no fault in it. Sometimes God has better for his people. And maybe this best for you. I am glad that you are now considering surrogacy as your option to fulfil your dream of becoming a mother. One of my friends also had a baby through surrogacy. And she is very happy in her life now. So dear I just want to tell you that you are on right way. And things will definitely work for you. Just be patient and stay positive. Best of luck. Sending you positive vibes.


    Hello there. This is good news that you have opted for surrogacy. I have read so many good new on these forum about surrogacy. I really hope you find a good clinic, who care about their clients. Also, a surrogate who would be taking care of your child like her own.
    Surrogacy surely has become very common. It is the need of the time I think. More and more couples are opting for it. It is a very beneficial option. Though, it is tiring and hectic. But all this is a small price to pay for having your own child.
    I really hope you find a good clinic. Keep us posted on your journey. Do not lose hope. Stay positive and focused. Love and prayers for you.


    Hey there. I am so sorry to hear about that. I have no idea what you might be going through. But i hope what i am going to say might help you out. Don’t let anything let you down. You are a beautiful and confident woman. And opting for surrogacy really needs a lot of courage. Don’t stress out. You should consult your doctor first. Then you should take everything positively. Do things that make you happy. Surrogacy is the best option. You will have your own baby soon. What can be better. My best wishes and prayers are with you. Stay blessed.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. How are you? I am 43 years old. I am infertile. I am opting for surrogacy now. My husband also wanted to adopt but I convinced him for surrogacy. We are soon going to start our treatment. We would have started it already if we had not wasted our time with unprofessional clinics like Lotus in Ukraine. They have wasted my time by refusing to share info and ignorance, that is why I am searching for a better alternative. I hope you are okay. Don’t lose hope. Lots of love.

    Rhonda Jet

    hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your MCs. I know it must be really hard for you. However, you seem to be really strong. It’s really nice that you are going for surrogacy. I wish you good luck. Take care.

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