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    emma joe

    Hello Dear, Hope you are living awesome and healthy like a superman. I was like one of you people. I was also infertile move from one clinic to another. Wasted my time and failed to have baby. My relatives and parents advise me for adoption but i was confident and i decided for the surrogacy and visit the Ukraine after some time my beliefs come to true in the real world. i am now as much happy as like the wish is fulfilled said So at the end i would like to say something for the women that my suggestion for those who are facing infertility should visit the Ukraine clinic BioTexCom, Best wishes and my love for you. 🙂



    I can understand your pain. It was really hard for you. Women life is difficult without a child. So it’s painful for women to suffer for the child. Don’t worry my friend. You should go for surrogacy. It will be the best option for you. There is a good clinic in Eastern Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. Their prices are less expensive. Don’t lose hope and go for it. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing. It brings hope in the life of many couples. I wish you to have a baby soon. My best wishes are with you.



    Hi, I hope you are best in your health. I am glad to see your post. You choose the option for infertility treatment. The success rate of that treatment is more than any other treatment. Your decision about surrogacy is good. Surrogacy is the good unnatural way to get your own biological baby. I know it is the difficult time for you. Infertility is really painful. Surrogacy is the really good solution of that. I can understand your situation because I faced same. I am also infertile. Infertile is very painful for many women and men also. I was totally disappointed and discouraged but I am really thankful for my friend she told me about a clinic in Europe. I went to that clinic outstanding and specialist of infertility treatment. Many other clinic use reputation of this clinic. After checkup doctor advised me that surrogacy is good infertility for you. I agreed and after surrogacy, I have a cute baby. I recommend surrogacy because of the success rate of this so high. Many women positive view about that.



    Hello. Hope you that you’re all fine. I’m 24 years old. I’m infertile, because of heart diseases. I can contact the Lotus clinic to take treatment. But they didn’t reply us of any single email, even we can call for it. Then, we disappointed by this act and search another clinic. Now, I’m getting treatment under another clinic, that is near to my street. The staff of this clinic are so good and friendly. They can help us. I’m satisfied with this work and with the couple of weeks spent I feel recovery in my health. I thought that, i can recover my self in some days. I’m so confident about their work. This clinic is more attractive then Lotus clinic. I hope that it must be most popular clinic, then the Lotus clinic. Because they cannot feel the responsibility of Lotus clinic’s.



    hi, hope so you are doing well. Handle the situation wisely and calmly. All will be fine soon. Don’t overthink. Stay positive and happy. Think positive all will be fine sweetheart. My best wishes are with you. My prayers are with you. Keep smiling. Keep smiling. Hoping you get positive news. Take care.



    Hey Olivia! Yes surrogacy is a last resort for many. I am one such female who thinks the same. I am 36 already. I have tried every other treatment. Knowing that I cant carry my baby because of inhospitable uterus, surrogacy is the last option for me.
    I have even convinced my hubby. He loves me alot. Thankfully he agreed to fly to Ukraine for our treatment. As I have heard that treatment there the best.But we are unable to track down a worthy clinic there. Somebody told me about Adonis clinic. But my personal experience with Adonis is not very good. Infact the way they treated me over phone was unprofessional and humiliating. I will never visit that place or recommend it to anyone.Fingers crossed for surrogacy!



    Hey Olivia! How are you holding up, dear? I am so sorry to hear about your losses. Miscarriages can be terrible. I hope you are doing better now. I have heard many positive reviews about surrogacy. In fact, I am opting for surrogacy myself. It has a higher success rate than other methods of conceiving a baby for infertile couples. My best wishes are with you. Hopefully, I will hear some good news soon.



    It’s very Sad to hear from you. It was the tough time of your life. But in the end, you made the right decision. I can understand the pain of infertility. It is a very difficult time. But good to know that you are thinking for alternatives. Surrogacy is a very secure procedure for having a baby. Do not worry about the Surrogate mother. There are some clinics which are best at it. I am also having a baby girl through IVF. They arrange surrogate mothers for couples. Best of luck. Stay happy. Don’t hesitate and go for it. It will be the best decision of your life. Till then best of luck.



    Hey dear. You have decided good option. Surrogacy is good for you. but please contact good clinic for yourself. Don’t waste time on fake clinics like Lotus. They are just making fool of people. They don’t respond to any query. So beware of them. Consult any good clinic.



    Hi Olivia. how are you? I am glad your husband agreed for surrogacy. Dear don’t contact Lotus clinic for the treatment. They looks like scam. I am contacting them since last month but didn’t get single reply. They seems suspicious. Don’t waste your time contacting them. Think carefully before making a decision regarding any clinic. Good luck



    I hope you are fine. I know this will be able to help you through this situation. You will be able to have your own child. Thi will be the best feeling of your life I wish you all the best in life. I hope you achieve the best in life. Good luck



    Hi There. Hope you are doing fine. I read your post. Surrogacy is really a blessing for infertile couples. It is really a good option for couples who can’t conceive. I think you should go for it. It will be friutful for you. Best of luck.



    Hi There. Hope you are doing fine. I read your post. I agree. This is 2018 and people still frown upon such things. What is wrong with them. They make issues even worse than they already are. I hope they come to their senses.



    Hey Olivia, how are you doing? I am so sorry you had to go through this. It’s quite heartbreaking to bear three MCs in a row. I had two MCs. And I felt the same. I left all of my hopes and it too. It took all of my strength and I felt so helpless. But I am glad my best friend told me about a clinic located in Eastern Europe. I contacted them via mail asked them many questions about the surrogacy procedure. And their replies were enough to satisfy me. I am going to start my surrogacy procedure with. And I am sure it will be successful. Their success rate is 95%. I would definitely advise whoever facing infertility issues should visit them! They are the best for dealing with infertility issues. Goodluck to you too



    Hey there. How are you? I know this is a difficult time. It is not only you who is in this. A lot of us are. You will get through. I promise you that. We all do. We all survive. Hoping is the best part. It keeps you going. Never lose hope. If you try hard enough, you will get what you want. I used to be all broken up. Until one day I woke up and decided to do something for myself. I came across a lot of hurdles on my way. But in the end, I found the support that I needed. I found this clinic in Europe that helped me throughout this phase. I will be forever grateful to them. If you have made your decision, Stick to it. Cheers.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 105 total)

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