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    Jessy Smith

    Hello dear. How are you? I agree surrogacy is a blessing to many. You should keep your hope high. I wish it will work perfectly for you. Stay strong and happy. I wish you all the best. Good luck ahead!


    Hey Olivia. I hope you’re doing well. I’m really sorry to hear about your condition. Surrogacy is the best option for infertility. You must go for surrogacy. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post with us. I hope you find your happiness in the form of a child. Most of the people lack awareness. Through your post, they will get some information about it. I wish you a very good luck. Surrogacy isn’t “hope”. It works for sure. Don’t worry about it. However, I can assure you this is the best decision you will take in your life. Good luck!

    Kate Adams

    Hi beautiful. I hope things are good at your side. I am really sorry to know about your condition. You have selected the right option for me. My cousin sister had a surrogacy too. It was impossible for her to conceive naturally. She had consulted the doctors in Ukraine. They were of the view that she should go for surrogacy. Now, I m so happy to see her as a proud mother.


    Hey dear. Sorry about all the bad things. Hope everything is good for you. Surrogacy is a good option indeed. It will surely work for you too. You can contact clinics in Europe. They are giving their best. Many couples got the blessing. I hope you will find happiness soon. You had been through a lot of sufferings. You are very strong. You are still hopeful. Let’s hope for the best. Keep us updated further. Good luck.


    Hey Olivia, it felt really good to see your post. Its’ good that you have decided to go for surrogacy. I am considering it too. I am also trying to get normal pregnancy for years but I wasn’t lucky enough. So after all other treatments and in a very hopeless phase, my friend told me about surrogacy. I also searched about it on many forums. I also saw many videos and read reviews. I am quite motivated after reading all those reviews. The success stories motivate me even more to go for it. Currently I am in Ireland, so I have decided to go to Ukraine for surrogacy. As I can easily get visa for Ukraine. Also the treatment there is quite inexpensive and the success rate is quite high. Currently I am talking to Biotexcom for treatment. They have wide database of surrogate mothers so we don’t need to find the surrogate mother ourselves. Also the other facilities are quite client-friendly.

    Alsa Markle

    Wow! this is so good that you have decided to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is such an amazing thing. It is giving happiness to so many couples. I feel so glad that now surrogacy has been adopted by many couples. Many countries have now open ways for it. They have legalized it. I hope that surrogacy works for you as it worked for me. Yes, I was infertile but now I am a mother of a girl. We are so happy now.

    Sara Alston

    Hi Olivia. I am really feeling sorry for you that you have to go through this situation. My dear doesn’t lose hope. Surrogacy is definitely a right choice for you. And it will surely work. Keep the faith and keep believing in your self. Best of luck.


    Olivia Smith hi! What’s happened with you dear that you got a miscarriage. it’s so sad dear. but don’t you worry? The technology has progressed. now every woman has a right to be happy. I think you make a right decision to choose surrogacy. I think it’s really a great blessing. you should visit the best clinic for surrogacy. so that it doesn’t show any bad impact on you after treatment. It’s a step by step process. I can also share a link with you. maybe it will help you. here is the link see it carefully. Maybe it will guide you in a better way. or dear if you want any help than you can contact us. We are friends take care.


    Surrogacy will be best for you. Though it’s last but not the least. So you should go for it. The best thing is that your husband is supportive. I have seen many couples in which males left females for being infertile. There is a good clinic in Europe. You must go there. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. Their prices are less expensive. Till then I wish you a very good luck.


    Hey Olivia, hope you are enjoying good health. I liked your decision. Don’t loose hope ever. I know infertility drains ones’ energy and well being. It exhausts one both mentally and physically. So it is not easy to cope with infertility and stay calm and happy. But still keep trying. I am also an infertile. I am also considering surrogacy. I hope my eggs are fine in this age of 36. Because I want to go for gestational surrogacy. I have even emailed this clinic named Lotus in Ukraine for information and assistance. Even I called them but didnt get positive response. So I am looking for some other clinic now.


    Wow Alsa good to know that. Knowing about successful surrogacy attempts really made me happy. As I am also an infertile. And I am planning to go for surrogacy. I am going to start my process soon. Already trying to get info from clinics. I wanted to go for Lotus clinic in Ukraine but their response was very demotivating and harsh. Though devastated by their rudeness I am still in search of a good clinic. I am still hopefull 🙂

    Martina John

    Hey Olivia! How are you? I’m very pleased that you are going for surrogacy. It’s really a great step to deal with infertility. I also adopted this method to have a baby. Seriously it helps. I know how difficulties a woman faces but such methods provide us ease to have a baby. Just stay strong and be hopeful. Everything will be fine


    dear. hope you are enjoying good health.sorry to hear about you that you did not conceive naturally. you have selected best option. surrogacy provide you hundred percent result.consult with your husband. Best of luck. a lot of prayers for you.


    Nice to hear your story. Sorry for your failures. You have been through a lot of difficult time. But it is great that you never gave up. You continue trying and your this effort will be bringing fruits to you now, real soon. I am glad that you chose surrogacy. It has a high success rate. I am hoping the best for you, May you be blessed with the best. Best wishes. Fingers crossed.

    Leslie Adams

    Hello there. How are you? Hope you’re good. Surrogacy is indeed a very good option. So don’t lose hope. It’ll work out best for you. Stay strong. Lots of love.

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