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    keira trey

    hi there. I hope you are doing great. it is so good to know that she got pregnant at 44. it is such a beautiful thing. guys natural way is the best way. but if you fail, never lose hope there are other ways to have a baby like IVF and surrogacy. you should be strong and happy.


    Rhonda Jet

    hey there Stormi. How are you doing? I hope its all great. This is really a great post. It will help a lot of people. I know its really inspiring. I know its hard for many people to get pregnant in your forties. However, if you are strong physically and mentally. It will work out. to all the women in their forties. Just be strong and don’t lose hope. There are other options for you as well. Like surrogacy or even IVF. Take care good luck. Love and support.



    Thanks for sharing this post. Glad to see this motivational post. It will really give hope to those who are over age. But there are fewer cases when the woman can conceive after 40 years. But nothing is impossible. I have also seen 2 cases in which women conceived after 40. When there is a life, there is hope.



    This is really astonishing. So far I know people who are not able to have their rainbow at this age. This post is one of its kind. This reveals the unexpected nature of life. You can think of anything. Just little courage can change the entire scenario. It is really great. Congrats once again on this achievement.



    Hello Stormi. I hope you are doing good. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story. Congratulations to her. It is so good to see people don’t lose hope even if the reach this age. This is really an inspirational post. I think women must read such posts so they don’t remain hopeless any longer. Miracles do happen. One must have a faith in one’s self.


    Nelly Kom

    Thank you for such an inspiring post. You’ve motivated a lot of women here. The heartiest congratulations to your friend. It’s very hard to conceive naturally as you age. The quality of eggs starts to decline after 40. But she is strong and healthy enough to take it after 40 as well. My aunt got pregnant naturally at the age of 46. While I faced infertility at the age of 25 only. So, it merely depends on your health and your lifestyle. One must remain fit and have a healthy diet. When a person is physically and mentally fit, he can achieve things. Thank you for being so humble and spreading motivation. I wish women don’t hesitate to try after 40. Lots of love and prayers for you. Best wishes!



    Hey there Stormi. How are you doing? Thank you for the post. I hope you are doing great. Yes, you can get pregnant at a later age. I hope people be strong. Good luck. take care.



    Such a wonderful end of the journey. Your friend must be very happy now. Glad to know about her. I wish her good luck in her future. For me, age is just a number. It is never too late to get pregnant. It is all about luck I think.
    I would like to spare a moment to thank you for this post. It is a source of inspiration for many. A source of love and hope too. I hope people will stay strong on their journies. Keep spreading love and hope. Lots of love to your friend. More power to you. best wishes and luck for you in future.


    Evelyn Rose

    Hello Stromi! How are you doing? Ths is so nice of you to share your friend’s success story. Congratulations to her. Finally, it worked for her. They must be happy and contended. It is an inspiration for many people on this journey. All people need is a little hope and support. And you are doing it the perfect way. Your post will ensure people that there is hope. They have to stay strong. All they have to do is to fight it till the end.
    Keep spreading love and hope. Keep sharing with us more such stories. Love and hugs to you. Thank you for the post.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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