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    Hi there I am here to give hope to women who are 40+ years old and wanting to be pregnant. My friends first pregnancy was at 40 and now have a wonderful 4 year old son. This time she was not trying to get pregnant but was also open to it if it happened. She did use Pre-Seed because she had it and wanted lubrication. Her husband and she had unprotected sex twice that cycle (CD 11 and 12) and WHAM BFP at 8dpo. Very very faint…had to squint to see it and a stronger FRER BFP 10DPO. Not too many symptoms. She felt really good, actually….just twinges. A tiny bit of cramping and that’s it! She knows it is still really early and anything is possible but she still remains cautiously optimistic. I just want women out there to know you CAN get pregnant in your 40’s naturally!! It is possible!

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Stormi. How are you doing? Thank you for such a motivating post. This is great. Congratulations to your friend. It gets harder to conceive with age. However, this does not mean it is impossible. I know a woman who got pregnant at the age of 43. There’s still hope for people in their 40s out there.


    Hey Stormi, glad to see your encouraging post. People like you who give some time for the well being of other people are worth encouraging. Your post is really a motivator. There are many ladies who are actually worried about their increasing age and its effects on their pregnancy. But now your post will keep them tension free. And they will start thinking positively about their motherhood. Keep on posting such encouraging stuff Stormi.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hi! I hope you’re well. This is a very positive post. Good to see people sharing positive experiences which can boost other’s morales, greatly. Most people lose hope very quickly. They start looking at other options when they can actually still get pregnant in a natural way. Thank you for sharing this.


    Hey, Stormi. Hope you’re doing great. Congratulations to your friend. It gets harder to conceive with age. However, this does not mean it is impossible.A friend of mine got pregnant at this age. There’s still hope for people in their 40s out there.Be positive.


    hello, stormi. your post is so inspiring. most of the women are afraid of getting pregnant at this age. but you shared the experience of your friend. it means someone can easily
    accomplish their wish at this age also. there are few ladies who need such inspiration. keep on posting such posts for more motivation.


    I am so happy for your friend. I do believe that such can happen. Although there are always some negativity with the health of the child. Personally would not “worry” over higher rates of genetic disorders. again, you just had a baby, what 40 months ago? as for who can care for your 3 year old while you are giving birth. isn’t that prime baby sitting age? i know lots of moms who had babies in their late 30s or beyond. My aunt had her third child while the first two were teens when she was 46. and this was in 1994! get prenatal care and keep up your good health. to get pregnant by accident at your age bodes well for the health of your unborn, is my personal opinion. it’s obviously good sperm and egg, i think. To take hold with a one shot opportunity. as for the golden years again if you will be 63 when this one graduates.


    Stormi thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s relay inspiring and enthusiastic. People who are facing failure and didn’t make a try again will get inspiration. Congratulations to your friend who conceive in this age. Mostly woman thinks that pregnancy comes during your early age. As far as your age increases your period cycle becomes abnormal. When your period cycle stuck then makes hurdles in your conceiving. No doubt age is a factor to consider. But not as much as we should become hopeless and disappoint. I know it’s not a simple phase. But people who keep more courage and patience finally get their reward. There is a wait that exists in nature’s phenomena but bot slackness. You will get your gift on a best suitable stage of life. Nature just wants to test you. how many calibers you want or keep this desire. Just keep calm and wait. Everything will be fine.


    Hi! I think it’s great your friend was able to conceive even in her 40s. Kids are really a blessing. I wish every one them. If anyone is facing troubles due to their age, however, please know it doesn’t have to end there. There are many options for you. I tried surrogacy (for another reason). It’s been great for me. Wishing everyone here all the best!


    Hey! I hope you are doing well. Congratulations to your friend. I hope she remains happy forever. And thank you for an amazing post. It was very motivating. Women do ask such questions. They are confused about it. I think every woman in 40s should read this post. They should know that it’s not impossible to conceive naturally at their age.


    Hi everyone! As I am lurking on this site because my friend is trying to have baby number 2 at age 42. I thought it would be appropriate to give you her story. She married her husband late and they begun trying as soon as they were married. She had one chemical pregnancy, and one miscarriage at ages 39 and 40 respectively. Then at 40 she became pregnant and delivered her daughter at age 41. She was tracking her ovulation and her periods using the cervical fluid method. She was also on a low-carb diet. She knew she was pregnant the moment she conceived. She had what she can only describe as fuzzy static in her uterus. She had to wait 3 weeks for her bfp. She even went to her Midwife and had a blood test which showed negative. She was so discouraged and confused because she knew she was pregnant. One week later after a negative blood test and at cycle day 34 she finally got her bfp. Her daughter is now 10 months old.

    Sasha James

    Hey there. How are you doing? I am really glad to see this post. It’s really motivating for women. I know its a little hard after 40. However, it’s still possible. I wish everyone good luck. Take care.


    I so happy to hear that. And it’s so nice of you to put up a post like that. Most of the times when people ask about getting pregnant in their 40s, they’re told it is impossible. Which is why they don’t even try. Your post would really guide them. A friend of mine also had this age issue. I am definitely gonna share this with her. Bless you. x

    Shirley Akin

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I am happy to know about your friend. This is so nice of you to share her story. Her story is really a true inspiration to many out there. I hear a lot many people talking about their struggles and efforts they are putting to be pregnant. In such a situation, your post in a ray of hope for all of them. It is giving them that little hope which they need right now in their lives.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life and spreading the love.Stay the same. Keep spreading love and strength. I wish you lots of success and luck in future. Hope to hear more from you. Keep posting more and spreading the hope.
    Much love. More power to you.


    So nice of you dear!! Such a great post.Inspiring and motivating post for all of us.There are a lot of couples who are trying to conceive the baby.Unfortunately, it’s such a hard thing.I knew very well at that age of 40s or up to conceiving is not easy.It’s quite a tough condition.Actually, the quality of women’s egg goes down once you entered at the age of 40s.On the other hand, I knew some of the women uses parental vitamins that are giving better chances of conceiving.With relaxed, body and mind it would very easy to conceive the baby.Really glad to know that you are sharing such an inspiring and loving story.Lot’s of people having great information for future.Keep updating us with the encouraging story.Keep going on!Best wishes.

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