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    Hey there Stormi. I hope everything is good. I am really glad you posted this. It’s very motivational for so many people. Glad that you care about people. I hope everything works out. Wishing everyone good luck. Take care.



    Wow, Stormi! Such a nice and motivating post it is. Your friend is really an inspiration for those who are TTC. Mostly it’s hard for women to conceive in the 40s. this happens because eggs lose their fertility with the passage of time. But glad to know about your friend. Heartiest congratulations from mine side. Best wishes for future!



    hey, stormi!! Thanx for sharing such a story. A friend of mine got her first pregnancy at the age of 41. This does not mean it, whether she is 40 and it is impossible. There is nothing impossible. I hope that she will conceive soon. Looking forward to her best. Fingers crossed.



    Yeah, you are very right. The age does matter but as long as you have good working ovaries and follicles then you are able to conceive naturally. My friend has conceived recently at the age of 45. She has no past with MC’s or any infertility. Her fourth one is on the way. And it is a girl:D. However, would say that the success depends on so many factors. I have been trying for 7 years to conceive, failed IVF’s and 3 Mc’s. Went through a lot of pressure. Finally, surrogacy has put all my fears and frustration to rest. So close to the next stage of egg retrieval. Good luck who to those who are ttc. Congratulation who have made it to parenthood.



    When you are in your 40s and trying to get pregnant. You are often told that the chances are pretty slim. Those who already have children have to put up with comments from people asking them why they are still trying for another child at their age. But only people in their shoes can know the longing that they may have for another child. For those who have not had children before. You may enter the world of trying to conceive with some naivety—perhaps expecting to get pregnant right away. In any case, I will try to put forth here what I have learnt about the particular struggles of trying to get pregnant at 44. Firstly, I want to start with the positives. It is very possible to get pregnant at 44. I also know of a number of ladies who have got pregnant at 44 and of course a number of ladies that have been trying for quite a while and are still not pregnant. What I would say is, it is possible. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself for it to work straight away. By all means do all that you can to maximize your chances from the beginning. But try not to obsess every month over whether it has worked or not.



    Hello, Stormi. What’s going on with you? Very grateful to you for such an informational post. This is amazing. Pay my congratulations to your friend. It gets difficult to conceive with age. But it doesn’t mean that conceiving is impossible. I know a lady who got pregnant at the age of 48 years. Wishing you a blast of luck!



    Yes of course stormi, you are right. Your comment is very motivating. The only thing is that one should not lose hope. As there is always a way out from your problems. Life is the name of challenges. Just face the challenges with such a strong power that everyone appreciates you. Today, many ladies are facing the problem of infertility. But the thing is that many ladies became disappoint. They just think that they will never be able to become a mother. But the fact is that those who keep strong will get something good in future. And those who lose heart remain empty handed. I myself is considering a clinic for my infertility issue. I am very positive about it. I just hope that everything goes successful for me.



    Congratulations but you should also note there risks accompanied by such. We clearly see a decline in the probability of pregnancy with age. For a woman in her early 40s, the probability of pregnancy—whether or not she is undergoing fertility treatment—is about half that of a woman 10 years younger. If the average miscarriage rate is 20 percent. The risk is closer to 25 percent for a woman in her 40s. Diabetes Older moms are at greater risk of developing gestational diabetes because their endocrine systems aren’t quite as resilient as younger women’s. All the body systems that pregnancy normally impacts get impacted a little more with age. For example, the extra weight gained during pregnancy may take a greater toll on an older woman’s musculoskeletal system, causing more back and muscle aches. Fetal growth restriction, which occurs when blood flow to the fetus is reduced, is more common among older moms. That’s because as a woman ages, her circulatory system becomes less robust, so she may not deliver as much blood to the uterus and placenta.



    So nice of you dear!! Such a great post. There are a lot of couples who are trying to conceive the baby. Unfortunately, it’s such a hard thing. I knew very well at that age of 40s or up to conceiving is not easy. It’s quite a tough condition. Actually, the quality of women’s egg goes down once you entered at the age of 40s.On the other hand, I knew some of the women uses parental vitamins that are giving better chances of conceiving. With relaxed, body and mind it would very easy to conceive the baby. Really glad to know that you are sharing such an inspiring and loving story.Lot’s of people having great information for future. Keep updating us with the encouraging story. Keep going on! Best wishes.



    Hey @stormi, it’s so nice of you that you have shared your experience. It’s so encouraging and motivating. Those who are facing failures in conceiving and don’t make any further attempt will get motivation. Congrats to your friend who successfully conceived at such age. Fertility in ladies is at its peak before the age of 30. But it tends to fall down gradually after the 40s. Hence, the chances to conceive only remains 20 to 25%. Hence, age is a factor that effects. It may be very disappointing and heart-wrenching. But you have to be strong and solid enough to fight with it. Those who don’t lose heart and keep on trying definitely get the reward. Indeed the patience ensures the victory. Surrogacy and IVF are also some working treatments for infertility issues. God tests his creations in many ways. All a man can do is not to lose hope in any circumstance. I hope that you will get your desire soon!



    Hey. It’s Anna here. Today is probably the best day of my life. I received a call from my surrogacy clinic. I am so happy to share my feeling with you. I am going to become mother today. I want to share my experience with all of you. I have had multiple abortions in the past 7 years. I was hopeless at that time. After few days my next door neighbors suggest me to have a baby through surrogacy.I went to surrogacy clinic. There I realized after meeting and interaction with people that it is an easy way to have a baby. Also, the plus point was that package was economical. So I decided to have a baby through surrogacy. I was a bit confused in beginning but clinical staff helps me a lot to go through my pregnancy. I am the mother of a baby girl now. I will suggest all those infertile couples to have a baby through surrogacy. Hope so my experience will help you.



    Hi Stormi. Hope you do good. This post is really an inspiration for all the 40 plus women out there. Your words are really motivating. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I know it is hard to conceive with old age but not impossible. There are people who get pregnant late in their forties.A friend of mine conceived with twins when she was 44.She is a blessed mother now. People must not give up too soon. They should keep trying. They should remain optimistic. You never know when the right time arrives. Good luck to your friend. Hope she makes it to the end. keep us updated.


    Julia Christine

    Hey! It’s me, Julie. I hope you will be fine.
    I just read your story. It is quite motivating. People lose hope even after 35. But it also depends upon the health of the couple. I think a healthy couple takes less time to conceive. And the intended parents gave to a healthy birth. Regular exercise increases the gamete formation rates in humans. By the way, it’s a great motivation for the woman, who lose hope earlier.



    Hi Stormi, I hope you are fine. I feel amazed to hear about your friend. In my point of view, age is just numbers. It doesn’t matter what age you are conceiving. Recently I saw a post in which at age of 80 had her first child. Your post is encouraging for others. You and your friend are the inspiration for others. Best of luck my dear friend for future.



    I am so happy Stormi, you are indeed an inspiration for women who are bit older and conceived Naturally! It is an evidence that age is not as important as it is being portrayed by media. I have seen so many couples who are more than 45 and convinced naturally. Your story has motivated me to try first with my eggs for my process. You are so lucky, Stormi. I wish you lots of luck and may this be your blissful journey.

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