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    mariya jones

    I hope you and your DH are fine. I wanted to tell you that there are many people around the world who are suffering from infertility. You should not lose hope, neither you should be afraid of surrogacy. It is a process that is done under the supervision of experienced doctors. There are some clinics that do not provide what they should provide. So all you need to worry about is a good clinic that fulfills all your wishes. My friend went for a treatment in a clinic in Ukraine. She was so happy with their environment. She is now living a happy life. I pray that all the people in this world attain their happiness in life.


    There are no hard and fast rules to become a TTC. You are already into motherhood. The parenthood responsibilities are here. 18 months is a considerably enough time. In few months you can train your child to become independent. If you really want to have another one first think of your own health. Your physical fitness is a must. If you are not fit you can be in hot waters.

    emma joe

    All things considered, in the wake of perusing the post, I believe it’s cute that you’re thinking about another child. Dear, there isn’t any immaculate hole that ought to be between youngsters. It just relies on your will and want. In the event that you think you folks are prepared for another youngster then for what reason not? Your infant’s in a decent age and truly, a hole of 2 to 3 years between kids would be something I’d incline toward. The rest is clearly your choice. Good luck! (y)


    hi Asia Coleman!hope so you are doing great. I am really happy to hear about your son. I think two years gap is a good time. However, it depends on you.i have two children .i took a gap of 3 years. And I am happy with my decision. if both children will be small .i believe it will be difficult to provide attention to both of them equally. You are a wise lady .take the decision which suits you best. If you are really ready for it. Go for it.just be happy stay calm and think positive. I wish you good luck. Take care. Lots of love and support.

    keira trey

    hey there! I hope you are doing great. the best time to start conceiving is during your ovulation time. it’s usually after 14-15 days from your first day of the period. it can vary from person to person but generally its the duration. and it is considered to be the best time for conceiving.


    Good luck with your plan. I hope this time it will be a success. I’m 43 year old now.
    I’m married now and i was married before.
    From my first marriage i had no luck with having children although i conceived for 3 times.
    I had many complications while getting pregnant.
    I was pregnant thrice but had miscarriages everytime.
    I am married for second time i want to have a baby now.
    Having a look at my previous pregnancy period i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again.
    So i talked to my husband and have agreed him to go for surrogacy option.
    Surrogate are willing to carry our child and the clinic had said that the surrogate will have no effect on the DNA of our child.
    The child will be off my and my husband DNA.
    You should also visit a for surrogacy method.
    I also contacted some surrogates who are willing to carry someone’s child in their womb.
    Now we are looking for a perfect surrogate to carry our child in her womb.
    I also met some mothers raising babies from surrogacy procedure.
    I have contacted many surrogacy related clinics and had gathered a lot of information regarding this process.
    I guess someone here will also be going to surrogacy and will guide us.


    My Husband and I currently have one son, Josh, who is now 18 months. We want to continue growing our family but we don’t know if we have given ourselves enough time between having kids to start again. How long did you guys wait? Is there a magic number that is a good amount of time between kids?


    hello Asia Coleman! First of all, congratulations I am very happy for you. dear, I think all the families have their own problems. Some couldn’t bear the expenses of their child. And some couple wants to have a large gap. There is not a magic number of good time for your children. Children are always hungry for the devotion of their parents. I am not in favor to have a child again. I have only one child but I think he is enough for me. Dear if you want to have one more child. but I think your first child is grown up. Then you should grow your family. I will also recommend you to hire a maid who can take care of your child. dear, I also hire a maid for my child. have a nice day dear.


    Hi dear. I am really happy to hear about your son. I think one year is a good time. However, it depends on you. If you are really fit. Go for it. I wish you good luck. Take care. Lots of love and support.

    Julie Rivera

    Hey there! How are you? I hope you are doing great. Well dear there is no exact magic number. You have to weigh out your resources against the pleasure of having another baby. I mean you should be financially stable. And if you have just enough for the one baby you have, why go for another? But if you can afford then there are still many questions. How much gap do you think you need? I s your body ready for another pregnancy? Is your baby ready for a sibling? Etc. These are must ask questions. and they can only be answered by you. Hope you will make the right decisionn. Hope whatever you decide is the best decision for you. Goood luck dear. Remember in prayers.


    Hey there! How are you? Well there is no best time. Whenever you feel you should. But there should be a minimum gap of 2 years I think. If you need a personal opinion though, here goes. If I were you I would have the second child after 3 years. Exactly 3 years. No more no less. But sadly I can’t have a child. Not even one. I have endometrial cancer. It is still in stage 1. Caught very early. I guess I just got lucky. But my luck did not work ou when it came to having a baby. My doctor has advised me against becoming pregnant. I am thinking about other ways now.


    As a general rule, you should probably hold off on trying to conceive again for 18 to 23 months – about the same waiting period recommended for women who deliver vaginally. That may seem like a long time, but you’ve just had major surgery in addition to giving birth and you need to let your body recover and replenish lost nutrients. For instance, you may be anemic because of the iron transferred to your baby and placenta during pregnancy, as well as the blood loss you suffered during childbirth. Women who deliver via c-section lose twice as much blood – about two pints on average – as women who deliver vaginally. Studies have also shown that women who conceive less than six months after giving birth may have a higher risk for complications such as a ruptured uterus or a premature or low-birth weight baby. You’ll need some time to adjust to your new life as a parent, too, before you add another baby into the mix. By giving yourself plenty of time to heal and to get acclimated to parenthood, you’ll give your next baby the best start in life.

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