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    TTC is the hardest period of a woman life. I was also trying to conceive from a long time. But had no luck with TTC. Although i conceived for 3 times but the miscarriages were in fate. My first husband left me and i was totally broke. Than i was in depression quitting my job and staying up last night. Now i am at an age of 43. I am going to be married again. I have told my husband everything about my complications regarding pregnancy. He is still willing to marry me. He says that he has consulted some good clinics regarding surrogacy and we will go for surrogacy to have a child. I had many complications regarding pregnancy. Now i am happy i have someone to support me. I have read about surrogacy from many people on this forum. People here have shared their stories of TTC. They also have shared their success stories of Surrogacy. I am now trying to know the experience of people about surrogacy. If someone has a recent experience of surrogacy than kindly share with me your experience. Thanks in advance.

    Joanne Silvia

    TTC really is a tough experience. I’m sorry to hear about your struggle. I went through something similar. So, I can definitely relate. I’m glad you’re going for surrogacy. It’s a great method. Good luck to you!


    hello, are you? this is such a sad story. it brought tears to my eyes. I can understand your pain. I must say. your such a strong women. keep it up. lots of prayers for you. go for surrogacy. my sister has osteoporosis disease. she cannot conceive naturally. she is under surrogacy process in Ukraine. the clinic is professional accommodation and food provided. I suggest you that too. take care. bye.


    Hey beautiful. I am really sorry to know about your miscarriages. You must have had a tough time. Don’t lose hope, sweetheart. Life has put you in a test. Try to pass the exam with good marks. Have firm faith in God. I have had surrogacy too. I had lost all my hopes when I could not conceive naturally. I am a victim of PCOS. I have consulted my doctors in Ukraine. They suggested me for surrogacy. I am so happy to have my own baby. It was a wonderful experience. Surrogacy is truly a blessing in disguise. You must give it a try to. All the very best to you. stay safe.


    Hey. I am so happy for you. You must have faced many hardships but now a good period is going to start. I am so happy for you. We have o be thankful for our better half that they support us. I know your condition. I had 3 miscarriages and then I faced infertility. I went for the treatments but no result. I also went to many gynaecologists but they asked me to go for medicines. I was agreed and I started taking medicines. I wasted many years in it. I was happy that maybe it would work. So I was so fed up with all this. In the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. It was a reputed clinic. I went there and now I am blessed.


    I am so glad for you. You have confronted a hard time. I am so cheerful for you. We have to be grateful for our significant other that they are with us. I know your condition. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I went for the medicines, however, no outcome. I likewise went to numerous gynecologists however they approached me to go for prescriptions. I began taking prescriptions. I squandered numerous years in it. I was upbeat that possibly it would work. So I was so tired of this. At last, I chose to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. It was a well-known center. I went there and now I am honored.


    Hello, don’t get sad. Your life seems to begin once again. I hope you’ll see many changes soom.
    It’s awesome that your husband is so supportive. I know many stories in which women’s fertility journey was delayed because of break up. Be stronger and keep believing in your goal.
    Infertility isn’t the new topic for me. I have lived through many heavy moments within my biography. It’s part of my own experience.
    I suffered from infertility. I felt well I had good sexual life. It was Tuesday when my doctor has found big myoma growing in me.
    We planned and had difficult treatment. Then doctors decided to carry out surgery. Due to complications during the surgery they had to remove my womb.
    This affected my life. I understood I’m not a usual woman. Something making me woman was out.
    Such things come to your life. You meet them with different emotions. Then they break everything you loved and relied on.
    Surrogacy becomes your reality. You start thinking another way. The list of options you could use is too short.
    We weren’t an exception. We started planning surrogacy. Our future children remained our meaning of life.
    My husband isn’t a doctor but he works at the hospital. He supplies hospitals with some stuff. He held his own investigation among gynecologists.
    The advice was to make inquiries in Ukraine. We didn’t think too long! He took urgent vacation.
    As I myself don’t work we bought tickets and flight to Ukraine. We didn’t contact clinics beforehand. So, we visited several ones.
    I couldn’t know how many clinics are there. I meant those which deal with Infertility. It took almost three days.
    Then we spent one more day thinking and discussing it. We decided, visited the most favorable clinic once again. It was our unplanned initial consultation.
    I’m grateful to my clinic’s managers. They were so kind to help us to avoid schedule. The most important is that we’re at home. Our children are six months old.


    Hi, Olivia Being infertile is the worst feeling in the world. As I know how it feels like. So I can understand your pain. Your story is very heart drowning. You face a lot in your life but did not lose hope. I pray that you will be a mother soon. Yes! I had surrogacy treatment. This treatment is like a bright light to me in dark night. I am so blessed to have this. As I was totally lost when I get to know I am not going to be a mother. But surrogacy just giver me another life. My DH was so supportive of me in all this. Our surrogate was the noblest women I have ever met. I had the best time of life there. Hope so my word will help you to take a decision.

    Julia Christine

    Hello! Julie here. I hope you will be fine. After your case study, I really shocked to know that it really happens in life. How strong you are. It’s a very difficult thing to face. No one can feel your grief.
    Now I’m pleased to know that you have decided to marry again and have found a great partner. As you have decided to conceive through surrogacy. Then, I would like you to give you some advises that may help you. You have to choose the best surrogacy centers. There are some clinics in Europe that are very popular for surrogacy. I have got many great reviews about it.
    I am also suffering from infertility. I was so worried those days. Then I went abroad for surrogacy. From there I adopted a child. And now I have a baby a year old.
    I hope everything will be fine.
    All my sympathies are with you.
    Take care


    Hello. I hope things are good in your life. I am really sorry to know your situation. Miscarriage is really agonizing. It really breaks a person mentally and physically. Its good to see that you have decided to move on. You have decided to marry again. I cannot conceive naturally. I am a victim of infertility too. I have consulted the doctors in Ukraine. I had my surrogacy done from there. It was a wonderful experience. I have got my own baby. Thanks to surrogacy. Thanks to it for making me a super mommy. I think you must go for it too. I wish you all the best for your future. Stay blessed.

    Jessica fields

    Your ex-husband was a coward. He should have supported you. I am glad the new one is considerate. Yes, surrogacy has most success stories. Search for a good clinic. You will be good to go. I am sure things will work in your favor.


    You have really gone through so many traumas in life. Life can sometimes be really hard on us. I can totally understand that MC must have been so difficult to cope with. However, you definitely are a very strong person who dealt with all of this with such bravery. I personally think you should visit a therapist just for peace of mind. I am really happy for you that you were able to find a life partner who cares about you. Looking into surrogacy is a great option and I am glad that your husband supports that. I am still on my surrogacy journey so I will try my level best to give you all the important details. When I decided to opt for it I did a lot of research I checked various clinics success rates and it is after that I choose one. They operate aboard but I was willing to go because of the high success rate and soo many good reviews. My initial meeting with them was amazing they provided me with a lot of information regarding their program. Since we went with a DE option we were given access to their database. A few days back finally decided upon a donor and now they are matching us to a surrogate as well. I hope things go fine from this point in time. Feel free to ask any specific question.


    Hey there Olivia. Glad to hear from you. You have come to the right place. How are things nowadays? I hope they are well. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must have been hard. What you have gone through is really saddening. I wish I could take away everything. However, you are really strong that you survived all this. Now that you are considering surrogacy it’s really a joy. I have had it. The best choice I made. I wish you good luck. take care.


    Do whatever it takes not to lose put stock in, sweetheart. Life has set you in a test. Endeavour to pass the exam with extraordinary engravings. Have firm trust in God. I have gone up against desolateness for quite a while. At long last, I went for surrogacy. I went to an inside in Europe. It was an exceptional core interest. I went there and now I am regarded.


    Honestly speaking being diagnosed with a fertility problem is I guess the worst thing a woman is told. I think those who are able to absorb this news are the real superheroes. We are constantly looked down upon by the society as if we are inferior or something. It is just the most awful feeling in the world! However, I recently started visiting this clinic and the people there make me feel so much better. They are so nice and considerate and like they truly understand me. I think Olivia you should also properly research and visit the clinic which is right for you and with you. Best of luck.

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