• Good afternoon! I had my journey finished recently. I’d like to share it in shorts.
    I had a tumor and during surgery my womb was removed. My husband and I we tried to conceived before it. After that terrible event we were very upset. Many aspects of life were closed down for us. I was afraid of our divorce. I was happily mistaken. My h…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. This topic has to help. There’s nothing to worry for.
    I myself have gone through surrogacy. I’m excited. In my opinion this thing is largely the last chance for people like me.
    Some can face with misunderstanding in families. It happens because maybe your parents have ancient conveniences. They are outcome of previous age.
    Th…[Read more]

  • Hi honey! I guess there was nothing extraordinary. I gonna tell in short.
    I knew our babies were born. We were overwhelmed with emotions. It was such a huge flow of positive vibes.
    I was crying. My husband was jumping on toes. We at once wanted to know how to attend them.
    We were instructed all was okay. It was weekend. Thus we missed two days.…[Read more]

  • Wondering what it means. If I’m from Spain I want to have surrogacy journey in USA it’s called abroad. Another situation is when I’m from USA and I want to have it here.
    Okay, it’s not abroad. But it’s the same as for my Spanish kind of my biography. In this case I’ll be sharing the same important details.
    Do you understand what I fancy sayin…[Read more]

  • The same feeling I got dear! Hey! I didn’t intent to make anyone cry. It’s coincidence.
    I guess my story is rather simple. By the way it’s long and boring. But it’s another face of coin.
    My children made my happiness complete. I supposed they would be like lighting in the dark. I was mistaken they are like whole light of Universe.
    Even now I h…[Read more]

  • Today as I said I decided to check my post. I even didn’t expect to see answers! That was great.
    It’s so pleasant and kind from you. I don’t know why. It really touched me.
    My reasonable decision was to respond to each person. I’ll be doing it in detail. For me it plays an essential role.
    Sorry if my long post was so long. I apologize for mak…[Read more]

  • to chicago
    Thank you for constructive criticism! I’m really pleased hearing such things. You were bored.
    Sure, because my story was boring. I’m also a boring person. Life as a ruled gets filled with boring moments.
    Perhaps surrogacy is boring as such. IVF was invented by tiresome ones. Infertility people and particularly women without womb are…[Read more]

  • haily@
    Surely we often face people’s stories full of disappointment. They do not disappoint me. They likely cause deep sadness. It’s a great mission to browse on Internet sharing wonderful stories. These stories really inspire.
    They give hope. I appreciate you were here on my page. You left some words about your own experience. It is already pre…[Read more]

  • @Ema Churchil
    That’s more than great! You say my story inspires. Stop kidding me!
    Your particular story is a source of inspiration. I swear. I don’t see much power in my own story.
    It’s not example of victory. We weren’t the ones going through barrier, breaking blocks to our dream. Anyway the main thing is result.
    I just don’t understan…[Read more]

  • @Lika Koni

    You are definitely right. In Ukraine you can find many clinics dealing with infertility. I even can’t suggest something objectively.
    There’re many worthy facilities. As I mentioned we visited several of them before started. I can say we chose ours because it was the best.
    We were just hooked by attention. I like polite people. Eve…[Read more]

  • @Emma

    Hey, I agree. I completely agree. Perhaps few years ago I stack to another attitude.
    Now I have reconsidered my view. Surrogacy is obviously one of the best ways out. It’s a helping hand for millions.
    The gift that surrogacy gives us is priceless. I don’t want to add magical nature to medicine. I just wanted to say it really saves liv…[Read more]

  • @oliviasmith
    I appreciate you shared your story here. That means you left here positive vibes. It’s cool dear!
    For me it’s often pleasant to read such stories. You’re such a real warrior. Cancer is a plague haunting people.
    I think your main battle is already behind. You could read from my story I’m happy. I’d like to give everybody at least a p…[Read more]

  • Hello, don’t get sad. Your life seems to begin once again. I hope you’ll see many changes soom.
    It’s awesome that your husband is so supportive. I know many stories in which women’s fertility journey was delayed because of break up. Be stronger and keep believing in your goal.
    Infertility isn’t the new topic for me. I have lived through m…[Read more]

  • Hi Akira! That was nice from you to share your incredible story. I like when people tell their stories in short.
    In my turn I can’t do it. Even when I get used to write briefly I become involved and forget about time. No matter actually!
    Cancer is perhaps the most terrible things that can happen to us. you must be a brave one. I respect you b…[Read more]

  • I think it’s mostly common thing. No, it’s not good to say. It’s rather thing that makes clinic’s status solider.
    My clinic arranged a person who meets people in airport. Even considering we knew how to get to them they did it. They also sent a driver who took us to the hotel.
    We didn’t have the most expensive package of service. Despite t…[Read more]

  • No, in fact things are performed in another manner. Sure, I was always worried. It’s completely normal condition.
    You are in the most serious deal of your life. Actually you feel nervous. However, something wasn’t like your description.
    There wasn’t a casting at all. No need to spare your time for this. You aren’t the specialists to recogni…[Read more]

  • My babies are brilliant, thank you very much! I can’t get pleased enough. I want to freeze this moment.
    They will never be little again. It’s amazing and hurtful at the same time. I so much love their fatty small fists and knees.
    I just can’t express this adoration. They grow up too fast. Hey, someone can’t you stop this time?!
    I’m joking. T…[Read more]

  • Hello kindest people! No time for marry comes around! First of all I’d like to share my story.
    Then I will be more patient. I like reading stories written by brave people. There are lots of such people in this battle for fertility.
    Nevertheless, I met many of them. Some of them influenced my own history. I received their wisdom and i…[Read more]

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