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    The same feeling I got dear! Hey! I didn’t intent to make anyone cry. It’s coincidence.
    I guess my story is rather simple. By the way it’s long and boring. But it’s another face of coin.
    My children made my happiness complete. I supposed they would be like lighting in the dark. I was mistaken they are like whole light of Universe.
    Even now I have them and continue reading people’s stories. They inspire me anyway. But for what they inspire?
    I don’t even know. I have what I needed. My children are my biggest love.
    Believe such stories are more than just for infertile. They are like example to follow suit. We know how stubborn infertility warriors can be.
    I know it’s kind of impossible to attract other people to such forums. I mean people without problems of fertility. They aren’t interested in that.
    But they could find some wisdom here. Most of internet users are careless. They don’t deal with hard problems.
    Here they can learn much. The simplest advice not to give up is a common one. It suits everyone.
    Perhaps someone who writes a book comes here to find some new experience. I’m not going to have my next journey soon. Anyway I fill my gaps while reading stories on our forums.


    Hey again! I’d love to ask you some details. Our last conversation stopped.
    I guess we are often busy. You have enough what to do every day. These are such pleasant troubles.
    Hope one day my life will be filled with them. How are you doing? Is anything new about your sweethearts?
    I still can’t understand how the afterbirth things happen. What’s it going after your surrogate delivered? Can you describe it a bit?
    My kindest regards dear. I am eager to repeat your way. Good luck !


    Hi honey! I guess there was nothing extraordinary. I gonna tell in short.
    I knew our babies were born. We were overwhelmed with emotions. It was such a huge flow of positive vibes.
    I was crying. My husband was jumping on toes. We at once wanted to know how to attend them.
    We were instructed all was okay. It was weekend. Thus we missed two days.
    Then when it was the first opportunity we went to the hospital. A driver took us from the hotel. There was already an interpreter In the place of meeting.
    Our driver passed us to him and we went on. Our kids were born at the big grey from the outside building. It didn’t look friendly.
    I was afraid it could be the same inside. In fact it was a little bit lighter than I expected. It was a state hospital.
    I suppose my clinic doesn’t co-operate with private ones. It doesn’t make difference. I saw our maternity hospital.
    It was rather fine. There was nothing bothering me. It looked clean and neat.
    My babies were lying separately from surrogate. She had c-section. I thought she was under care.
    We visited our children every day. We spent approximately an hour per day with them. It was so touching.
    We took much photo. We always played with their tiny feet and fists. We were allowed to touch them.
    In three days we met our surrogate. She was all right. We spoke through interpreter.
    Actually I didn’t know what to ask. We’ve not been prepared for such meeting. We forgot to bring presents.
    I hope she didn’t get offended. We brought them to our next meeting. So, how was it further?
    Of course our babies couldn’t be discharged before the surrogate. It took 6 days in general for her to recover completely. That’s true.
    We were discharged together. They got some papers, swapped compliments and we were free. Immediately after we got medical birth certificate we had our babies.
    We could go home. As usual the driver in a big buss took us. Our babies were in a car with us.
    The next destination was our hotel. Meanwhile day or two after discharge our surrogate went to notary office. She signed up the refusal.
    She officially refused from babies. It sounds terrible, hah, no. in fact it’s a regular procedure.
    Our surrogate is such a kind one. She is very lovely and cute. I hope it wasn’t too difficult for her.
    Perhaps basically that’s all.


    Hey Palestina. I am so happy for you and your family. Patience always pays off. Patience and hope are key to get your dreams. Well, you both go through a lot to carry your own child. You both truly deserve your child. I really think that you both did extra effort to have you, child. Best wishes for your future.

    Julia Christine

    Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your thread and I become very sad to know about your miscarriage. It’s a very painful sight for a woman. At last, I’m glad to know that you adopted a baby through surrogacy. I have also passed through this process. I really appreciate you for this. Just stay positive and hopeful. Everything will be fine.
    My prayers.
    Take care


    Hey, How are you? Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It will definitely help those who are deciding to go for surrogacy. I also had a son through surrogacy. I went to Europe for it. My experience was great there. Best wishes to you too!


    Your story is so motivational for infertile couples. You have gone through the tough time. Now you should be happy. I hope you will find your happiness soon. Surrogacy is best treated in a clinic in Europe. Best of luck. You will be a mother soon.

    Farah Smith

    Hi there hope you are fine.Thanks for sharing your story with us. This will surely going to inspire many couples out there who are looking for some inspiration and motivation. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing of science.Our good wishes and prayers are with you.Keep sharing your words with us.Stay Blessed.


    Thank you for sharing your story. It has motivated me a lot. Life has really not been on my side. Infertility journey is extremely tough to be on. I have so many times lost hope. However, the key to success is to never give up. Life has lately been full of highs and lows. I myself have recently opted for this procedure. We did a lot of research as well. I was initially extremely nervous to opt for the procedure. However, the clinic and the people within it have my experience so much better. I hope everyone is able to have the same experience as I did. Just have faith in the system and hope for the best. Congratulations to you on a mini birthday. I hope there come many more.


    I’m so sorry to hear that you suffer from infertility. But surrogacy sure is a blessing, isn’t it? I feel so happy for you that you are finally gonna get your baby. My baby is on its way too! Just to add on the information, I too decided to go with surrogacy and got it done 5 months ago. Cheers!


    Hey! This is a great story. Wow. It felt such pleasure to know about your experience and your successful surrogacy journey. I just can imagine what feeling it would be. Carrying baby in your arms. This is such a Bliss! I feel so happy sitting here. This has genuinely just made me feel a whole lot better about my own process. This post is a mood uplifter, guys! You really made the best choice going to that clinic. They have a great success rate. I’m really delighted that it worked for you as well. I’m sure you guys would be thrilled. I am, myself, going through the process of surrogacy. I really hope I can share my good news with everyone. Thank you so much for sharing this!


    Hey thank you for the post. I am glad surrogacy worked for you. I am sure it must have been joyful to hold the little ones in your hands. Surrogacy has helped so many people. The joy on the intended parents faces can never be described in words. I hope that everyone has the same experience. A lot of couples decide to move to Ukraine for surrogacy. What package did you decide to opt for? The thing I really like about the clinic I currently am interested in visiting is the accommodation facility. It is amazing how everything is so organized.


    I am glad after reading your post. All is well that ends well. Congratulations on your success.
    You are one of the blessed ones. You DH is a nice person. Having a supportive partner is a great blessing. I am also searching these days. Your post has helped me a lot on my way of searching. As I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis. I hope it will help more people. Stay blessed.


    Your post is more relevant to this topic and I was also confused about. Means I was thinking that child does not contain pure genes of yours. He/she has surrogate mother genes too. Low and more her habits too. As far as my knowledge is concerned with this post then I would like to share my point here. Most of the clinic have a legal right to do as. Means they acquire passport or real documents from both surrogate mother and parents. They make a report and stamp on it that this child is no more belong to this surrogate mother. After your clearance from the clinic, they provide you such legal and authorized facilities. These services are not too late. Right after the day of their clearance, they hand over their original documents with a birth certificate of kid. So this shows the clinic sincerity and pureness. Otherwise similar to this treatment clinic plays fraud. They cheat you by playing with your emotions. So have a great day!!!


    wow. wonderful story. Full of motivation. Surrogacy is indeed a blessing. Last hope for infertile women.Thank you for sharing this post. This will definitely help others. You are a very strong woman. Indeed Ukraine is best for surrogacy. It has best surrogacy clinics. Congratulations on your success. I am very happy for you. Good wishes.

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