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    Hello there Stormi! Hope that you are doing great by now and hope that you have sought relief from the help from people around you and on this platform.
    You took are a really bold step of sharing your story. You do not have to feel depressed about not being able to conceive. But trust me there are so many women out there who are simply trying conceive. I am amongst those women who are infertile, and I have been trying to conceive for the last 7 years.
    I hope that you stop worrying too much and stay positive and happy!

    Kate Adams

    Hello dear. Feeling sorry to hear all about you. I knew you are being afraid and worried too. Dear, life does not stop at any moment. We had better options and methods. Just the thing you had to required to find the different ways. With the positive thoughts and hopes, you will do everything better and normal. You should never give up. consult a good doctor as well and think about surrogacy. Wish you good luck.

    Polina Delany

    Well, don’t lose hope. I’ve also had Hysterectomy in past. Now, next month I’m undergoing surrogacy at a repro center in Kiev. So, yeah! It works pretty fine. Same, I’d advise you. Don’t lose your focus for now! First undergo this situation then worry about it. Your personal health is more important than anything. Stay blessed! Best of luck hon. xx 🙂

    Alsa Markle

    Hey beautiful, I hope you are fine. Don’t be afraid to go for surrogacy. Having a child is all in fate. I and you can’t decide it. I know infertility is a curse and I am also facing it. But you should face it like a fighter. I am glad that you are brave enough to try experiments. Infertility can only be fought through positivity. And surrogacy is just a blessing. Don’t be afraid. I am also a surrogate mother. And it feels so good. Surrogacy is making wonders. You shouldn’t leave this chance. Move ahead and face the happiness. I hope surrogacy will work for you. My wishes are with you.


    Hey! How are you doing? Really sorry to hear about the health issues you have gone through. It is definitely really hard to go through infertility. You build up so much of expectations throughout your life to conceive a baby. And when your dream turns unachievable, its the most depressing feeling ever. However, do not lose hopes. I have had my uterus removed due to polyps. I was hopeless about becoming a mother again. However, one of my cousins suggested my surrogacy. She got her child through surrogacy. So I am considering her recommendation. I have seen many more positive cases of surrogacy. However, I would like to hear some first-hand reviews myself. I wish you all the best! Take care


    Hey Stormi. You are not the only one going through this and it is not rare. We are all in this together and it happens to the best of us. You don’t need to have any pessimistic thoughts about your decisions rather you should feel proud to have come to some conclusion instead of just sitting in your bed crying your eyes out. Surrogacy might sound a bit difficult and complicated at first but once you are confident enough I know you can deal with it all on your own. There are many clinics out there working in this regard and especially those in Europe are getting much appreciation. If you keep trying and not give up, I am sure you are going to find the right one for you. I really hope you find the support you need. Cheers.

    Sara Alston

    Hey Stormy. How are you now? This is really very heartbreaking. All my sympathies are with you. My dear doesn’t lose hope and stay strong. Things will definitely work for you. My dear surrogacy is the best option for you to become a mother. Because in IVF you have to carry a baby yourself. And your body healthy is not in a position to do so. So my dear surrogacy is the last option for you. And I am sure this will work for you. My dear, you should consider this option for yourself. Success chances of this process are 95%. don’t afraid my dear my friend also had a baby through surrogacy and she is happy in her life. A final decision will be yours. Best of luck.

    Leslie Adams

    Hey my dear Olivia. I am extremely saddened to hear about you. The grief you’re going through, I’ve been there too. For a long time. Me and DH TTC for about 10 years. After 10 years of wait, we finally conceived. Our happiness didn’t last long. I miscarried. Not only that, my doctors declared me infertile without a cause. I was shook to the core. The pain of not being a mother again was eating me up. We decided to go for IVF, but my womb didn’t take that up. Even IUI failed. The last option we had was surrogacy. And let me tell you, when nothing worked, surrogacy did for me. After all that long wait, we were finally going to be parents. And now we are. So don’t lose hope. One of these clinics helped me. You’ll find your way too. Best of luck! xx


    Hey there, don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s not going to harm you in any way. You should always just take good care of yourself. Try this method. It’s everything good for you in it.


    It’s a great method. There are some places which are not good. The method is great. You should go for it. It’s going to help you. Don’t worry. Take good care of yourself. Everything will be alright.


    Don’t be afraid my Freind. Surrogacy is not a painful procedure. It just needs your patience. I know you have gone through a very rough time. It was difficult for you. But never lose hope. When there is no way there is still a way. I know that will be difficult for you. But be strong. But be aware of lotus and Adonis clinic in Europe. They are the worst clinics. They have very bad reviews. My Freind was a victim of them. They were very harsh on her. There is a good clinic also. You must go there. They are best in dealing with fertility issues. I will recommend you to go there. Till then I wish you a very good luck.

    Martina John

    Dear Stormi! I hope you will be fine. I just read your post. I really felt so sad to know about your condition. But don’t worry, such ups and downs are the part of life. I’m glad that you have taken a great decision to deal with such this issues. My friend has also been through this situation. She adopted surrogacy for her. I was the last option for her to have a baby. She was so frustrated at that moment. Later she went for it. Now she has a son who is 3 years old and living a beautiful life. So go for it. I hope it will be helpful to you.
    My love and support


    Hey. I hope you’re doing well. Aw, honey I know it’s a tough situation. It’s really hard being infertile. I know, I can relate. Trust me, you don’t need to worry. Surrogacy is the perfect procedure for you. I don’t know where you are from, but there are lots of clinics that can help you, They are extremely good and affordable. This will help you address the legal issues regarding surrogacy too. I have observed so many dreams turning into successful reality through surrogacy. And it’s great to have that. I hope this post helps you. I have no doubts that this will bring you success, should you opt for it. Good luck and lots of love!


    Hey Stormi. I hope you’re doing well. Your story makes me sad. infertility is a very common problem. Majorities of women are facing this problem.. Surrogacy and IVF is the best solution for infertility. We go with surrogacy. now I’m a mother of a baby boy. You should have to consult with the clinic. Doctor give you the best advice. Don’t lose hope. Never give up. Be happy”


    Hey I hope you are fine now. Firstly I think that is a very discouraging behavior from your advisor. Surrogacy is your only hope! I have read so many good things about the process. There are so many good things about it over the internet. Although I am new to this forum but I have read a lot of success stories over here as well. I think you should read them as well. Surrogacy has proven to be a highly successful process. For the procedure the thing that really matters is a good clinic. Therefore, it is important that you research properly about it. If you are well researched then there will be no problem. It is illegal to do this process in certain countries so while you are searching keep this in mind. Best of luck to you. All my warm prayers are with you. Do keep us posted.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 147 total)
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