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    Hello dear. I am really sorry. It must be hard for you. Ant the others conversations about you are giving you pain. But please you should not be a worry for that. Don’t care about the others talking. Because it will give you more stress and will give you tension. You can’t make everyone happy. But you one thing you can make yourself happy. It is more important. Try to spend the time with your family and with your friends. Don’t be depressed. If you feel happy the make sure everything will be good at the time. And there are many ways to have a baby. Just ignore all the thoughts of others and adopt a child for you. Hope you will feel so relaxed after that.Good luck.


    Hello there! Olivia how are you doing now?! I hope that discussing and sharing your heart out must have helped you overcome
    Certain negativity regarding your issue of miscarriage.
    You need to talk it out to your husband.
    You need to make him understand that you are not going away from getting pregnant but it is truly an issue of not being able to maintain with it. It is still not too late of you can go to a good clinic and see a good gynecologist.
    Because if you want to biologically get a child, then you need to take risks and chances. However, do prepare you to mind for other alternatives as well. Such as surrogate and IVF are very helpful. They have a higher rate of success as well dear. I am also trying to conceive for last 7 years and my final option is also to go for a surrogate.
    Good luck! Take care


    Hello, Tiffany out there!
    How are you feeling love? Your post was depressingly eye-catching and attention grasping that i could not hold myself from helping you. Please try to stop degrading yourself! I know what it is like to feel incomplete and how it feels to see fellow women getting pregnant biologically. But this is not the end if the world. We got to do what we got to do Tiffany. It was not your mother’s fault as well. She used to admire her daughter that is you.
    What’s better than playing a blame game and feeling guilty is to face it.
    I am also a married woman and I have been trying to conceive for about 7 years. I felt a hollow of emptiness in me. But my family and my husband supported me throughout. Now we are looking for good clinic options to seek for treatment. There are solutions like surrogate and IVF. You should just feel the motherhood either biologically or generally through any other way.
    Hope you find my post supportive.


    Hello dear, I would suggest you go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is best for infertile couples. The baby is 100% of your own genes. You can have a biological baby through surrogacy. And It is mostly successful. I had also gone through this situation. I was an infertile woman. I was trying to conceive. And My husband helped me a lot. Now I am blessed with a baby. Thanks to surrogacy.


    Tiffany, I have read your story till the end. It’s really full of grief. Lady hard to say that I am infertile. Then I am trying to join surrogacy. If I will succeed then I will realize him that how precious are you for me. baby you are the apple of my eye dear. I can’t tell you, dear, that how pain I have to bear for you. please pray for me.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. Don’t lose hope. As there is always a way out from your problems. Life is the name of challenges. Just face the challenges with such a strong power that everyone appreciates you.


    Hey, it must be hard for you to bear. I’m feeling sad for you. Well, people say odd but you’d not care about them. Not all the people always be happy with you. instead, your happiness matters. It’s more important and better for you too. Sit back and get relaxed dear. You’d not get so much emotion because due to it you will lose your senses. try to give your precious time to your family. You can also do yoga for getting rid of depression. If you still face trouble, you can visit your doctor. There are many success stories relating to surrogacy and you can also check them. About every ninth couple is coping with infertility issue. Surrogacy has also benefitted numerous people. So, I must say that you’d give it a try. Wishing you all the best dear!


    It’s really sad to hear your story. It’s true infertility has spoiledmany people’s dreams. I can understand the situation from which you are going through. Everybody wants it own baby. It’s a dream of every mother to see her child, to see his/her looks, to feel him/her in her arms. Mother had many expectations towards his/her baby, but infertility had ruined many mother’s dreams. But nowadays there are many treatments, the procedure to get rid of infertility. You must have to try any of it. Surrogacy is a best option among all. But definitely it’s all your choice. Have a discussion with your doctor.

    emma joe

    Hi, Emma is here. I hope you are awesome. I think this Life is the name of difficulties. I can understand the sorrows of you but so I couldn’t hold myself from helping you. We got the opportunity to do what we got the chance to do always. Well for such type of issues that you are facing there are arrangements like surrogate and IVF. You should simply go through for the test and visit Ukraine. Hope your problems will run away from your life. 🙂 Best wishes.

    Farah Smith

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are fine. Well, my dear, I am really sorry for what you are going through. It makes me really sad reading this thread. Well my dear, don’t care much about what other says to you. Just try to be happy and relaxed. Everything will be alright very soon. After hard times good time also come. Try to change your hectic routine. Take proper food and diet. Give time to your love ones. You are not the only one who is facing this issue. There are many women out there in this boat with us. According to reports, every 11th women faced this issue. I would suggest you to go for alternative Methods. Surrogacy is changing the lives of so many hopeless people. Just go for it. My good wishes and prayers are with you. God bless you.


    Your post brings tears to my eyes. I am sorry for what you are going through nowadays. I can understand your pain. I was also infertile due to some reason. But now I am a mother of the surrogate baby. I don’t want you to suffer from this pain. Is it that important to you what others think? I think you shouldn’t even bother these type of people. Just let them speak. Ignore such society. Discuss with your doctor and go for surrogacy or IVF. I am sure you will have your own biological child. It does not mean you can have your biological child if only you give birth to him. You can have biological resemblance through surrogacy or IVF too. Good luck.


    “Hey, I would suggest you go for surrogacy. Through surrogacy, you can have your biological baby. The baby is 100% of your own genes. The baby has no concern with the surrogate. I had also gone through this. I had a baby through surrogacy. I was infertile due to fatigue injury. My family was not supporting me. But, my husband was supportive enough to help me out. Every couple wishes to have babies. Then we went for surrogacy to Europe. Now I am a blessed mother. Hope everything goes right in your way. Good luck.

    Anika louis

    Hello. I am so sad for you. I know it would be extremely painful for you. Infertility is so difficult to face. Some lady faces infertility after the first child. I also faced Infertility due to uterine polyps disease. So I chose to go for treatment. It didn’t go successfully either. I was so disappointed and discouraged that what might be next. I chose to go for surrogacy. I picked the clinic that was renown for it. We were somewhat confident about it. We faced no trouble in discovering surrogate. The clinic found us our coordinated surrogate. Today I am a happy mother. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. I hope it would be helpful for you too. Stay blessed.

    Julia Christine

    Dear Tiffany! Hope so you will be fine. You are right to some extent. But everyone wants to have their own baby. If someone is unable to conceive then they would try some other ways to have their own baby. In the modern World, nothing is impossible. We can adopt the methods of IVF and surrogacy to have a baby. No matter if the baby has grown in someone’s womb.


    Your post was so touching. You are right infertility is a curse. Infertility gives depression to the person. How difficult is to survive without children. This tough give me goosebumps. It’s very difficult. I can’t even imagine having life without children. It’s so painful. I have seen many couples who are living life without a child. They are being TTC for many years. They are living a miserable life. I wish nobody have such worst experience. It is really difficult. But I think they are the best people. They have a lot of patience.

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