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    I had 3 miscarriages from my first marriage. There were firstly many complications while getting pregnant. But once i was pregnant i miscarried. For 3 times i miscarried. Than i gave up in getting pregnant again. I lost all my hope of having a baby. Than i came to know about surrogacy method. I heard it is a common method of having a baby. So now i will go for surrogacy.


    I feel very sorry for you. It must’ve been so hard for you. I’ve been through this situation so I how it feels. Miscarriages hurt a lot. There is no other feeling worse than the feeling of losing your unborn baby. You have no one else to blame except you. I’ve had 3 miscarriages myself. They were heart-wrenching. After which my body had been so weak that I wasn’t even able to start trying again. I had almost given up. Then my husband convinced me for surrogacy. I believe that it was the best decision of my life. good luck to you too.


    I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are so hard. It is never easy to lose your unborn baby. I can feel the pain. Indeed surrogacy is an amazing process. I hope that you will be a mom soon. The without wasting time you should go for it as soon as possible. I hope that you will have a baby soon.


    Hey girl. I am so sorry for you. I hope you will be a mom soon. Indeed surrogacy is a blessing. I hope that you will be a mom soon. My friend has faced infertility for 7 years. She was so upset. After few months her husband became infertile. They became more worried. She was so upset because she wanted a baby badly. They only had the option of surrogacy. They went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided them with a healthy surrogate. They are parents now.


    Surrogacy is a great method. It would be really helpful for you. Meanwhile, keep trying. Don’t stop ttc. Who knows when a miracle happens. It’s going to be alright, dear. Just don’t try to take such tension. Now you chose your path. It’s everything pretty much clear in your mind. It’s going to be great for you. Just try to take good care of yourself. What you chose is best. Don’t worry.


    Hello Olivia. How are you? I wish you best of luck. Hope everything go right in your way. I had also a baby through surrogacy. I was infertile. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband helped me a lot. We both wanted a baby badly. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic. Now I and my husband is very happy. “

    Anika louis

    Hey. hope you are fine now. I can understand the pain to lose the baby. I want to share my sister’s story. That will help you a lot. My sister is now 46. As the age of a woman increases she faces more complications. My sister spent 10 years infertility treatment due to miscarriages. But she faced failure. She decided to go for surrogacy without any delay. She went for it and now she has twins, a boy and a girl. that was a surprise for her. It is never too late to take any right decision. I hope this would help you.


    Hey there. Please don’t worry. You never did it to yourself. It was destined. We can’t do anything about what is destined. Just forget about it now. There are a lot of methods for your help. Surrogacy is one of them. Other methods are available for your help. You can for them. They’ll help you a lot. We should always stay positive. Staying positive always helps us. Try to take good care of yourself.


    During my first marriage i miscarried for 3 times.I always had complications while getting pregnant.Now i’m married for second time at the age of 43. Having a look at my previous pregnancies i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again. So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy and he is ready to go for it if we will have a baby of our own DNA.
    So i started looking out for good clinics regarding surrogacy.I researched over the web and found many clinics regarding surrogacy.
    While having a look at best known clinics for surrogacy i came across a name of clinic many times. Having very good positive reviews.So i contacted that clinic and told them about my issue.They said they will help us in every possible way.They told me about their procedure and they will help us in every aspect. They told us that we can have baby of our own DNA sample. Surrogate mother will not have any effect on our child. She will just keep our child in her womb. The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby. They will test her and will analyze if she can carry our child in her womb or not.
    If someone has some experience regarding surrogacy let me know your experience than.

    jennifer jonas

    Hey, I hope you are feeling well. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Miscarriages are hard and depressing to handle. You seem like a very strong person. I can totally understand your pain because I’ve been through the same. TTC is a very difficult job. I hope everyone suffering through infertility overcomes it. I went to this clinic in Ukraine and had a very nice experience. Surrogacy is a beautiful procedure. I couldn’t conceive naturally because of heart disease problems so I talked to my doctor and he suggested me to go for surrogacy. It was a beautiful journey and now I have a beautiful baby. I hope your journey is beautiful too. Best of luck and prayers from my side! xx

    emma joe

    Hi Emma is here, Well it feels me very bad when i think about the bad days that i spent, I give delivery for more than four time but my baby comes in this world in dead form. I dependably had difficulties while getting pregnant.Now i’m hitched for second time at forty years old. Examining my past pregnancies I get it’s anything but a smart thought to be pregnant once more. So I convinced my better half to go for surrogacy and he is prepared to let it all out in the event that we will have our very own family blood but all in vain. While examining best known facilities for surrogacy I ran over a name of center ordinarily. Having great positive reviews.So I reached that facility and enlightened them concerning my issue.They said they will help us in each conceivable way.They informed me regarding their technique and they will help us in each viewpoint. They disclosed to us that we can have infant of our own DNA test. Surrogate mother won’t have any impact on our tyke. She will simply keep our tyke in her womb. The center will locate a decent surrogate for our child. They will test her and will break down on the off chance that she can convey our tyke in her womb or not. People insist me a lot to visit the BioTex but i was confused, so atlas when i visited the Ukraine the it was the moment when surrogacy make me happy. Best wishes for all the women. 🙂

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. How are you? You seem like a very strong person. I can totally understand your pain because I’ve been through the same. TTC is a very difficult job. I hope everyone suffering through infertility overcomes it. Good luck on your journey. Take care.

    Nelly Kom

    I’m very sorry to read about your complicated life, dear. You seem hopeful to me, and that’s amazing. A miscarriage is the worst thing a person can ever suffer from. There isn’t any pain greater than the pain of losing your unborn baby. Sometimes life tests us in very terrible ways. Always remember that everything happens for a reason and there’s good in everything that happens. I can feel your pain because I’ve been through this situation. I’m happy to see that you’re going for surrogacy. It is by far the best method to beat infertility. Having a biological baby wasn’t this convenient before. All thanks to modernization. So, to begin, you will have to look for a good clinic which has amazing customer reviews. See for the ones you can easily afford. Your dream of having a baby will surely be fulfilled. Just stay strong! Lots of love and prayers for you, Olivia!


    Hoping that you are enjoying good health. My condolences to you on your miscarriage. Miscarriages are really hard to cope with. You are such a strong lady. You have faced a hard time and never gave up. I have gone through such circumstances and I know it really hurts. TTC is disturbing and it takes a lot from a lady. Well, infertility can be treated with artificial treatments. Science has put forward the idea of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great blessing of science. I have read many success stories relating to surrogacy. People have praised a clinic located in Ukraine so much. I hope you’ll have success experience too. Wishing you all the best for your future journey.


    It is indeed regrettable. You must have spent a great deal of time in fighting these odds. I realize that it is something not easy to cope with. It is challenging for any woman to feel the happiness and then lose it. You faced it thrice. It is natural that you missed the hope. Losing happiness so many times is tormenting. It is too complicated to fight the odds. It is difficult to think that life would change. You are doing a great job by planning for surrogacy. It will surely change your life. Surrogacy is an excellent gift from technology. The assistance of the surrogate mom can bring you lifetime happiness. Although you would not feel the pleasure of natural birth atleast, you will find some way out too. If you search, then you will come across many success stories related to surrogacy. After three miscarriages and time of hopelessness, I can see good times approaching. There would be more happy times coming. I hope that you will keep posting your experiences. These will be a source of inspiration for many infertile couples standing in the row.

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