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    Don’t call yourself a victim. You never did anything wrong in this. It could’ve happened with anyone. We can’t do anything in that. Just take good care of yourself. Yes, Ukraine is the best place for it. You’ll get your help from there. Even there, some places are not trustworthy. Just avoid them. You’ll get to know about them easily on your own. You should never worry about that. Give it a go.


    Infertility is becoming so common that every third person is a victim of infertility. A big risk factor of fertility is the age factor. Aging decrease a women’s fertility after the age of 35. It’s because this stage women’s egg reduced in large number so it has a lesser chance to conceive. But now science has introduced many treatments to get rid of infertility. Like fertility drugs Clomid, Femira, Gonadotropins. These drugs produce evolution, which helps to conceive. IUItreatment, but this treatment is best for male infertility. IVF treatment by this treatment doctor takes woman’s egg and fertilize

    emma joe

    I am Emma, i am going to tell you briefly about the surrogacy and will suggest a best place for this surrogacy that i experienced. I am from USA and was in a serious issue for the baby. I was wondering for some solution then many of the people told me to visit the Ukraine. Now i have my own baby and i am living a happy life with my family and cute baby. I took the steps for surrogacy procedure for the baby. For that purpose i went to BioTexCom in Ukraine. That was the placed where i become satisfied after facing the many issues and other problems. I will suggest to all the women who are in problem of the baby born issue, they must once visit the Ukraine. I am thankful to all the people who appreciate me and advise me to visit Ukraine. I am happy and i pray for all of you to get well and cute baby asap by surrogacy. 🙂

    emma joe

    Hi there, I am Emma. I feel extremely glad for you that you took a good step for your life that your are going to have surrogacy. After surrogacy I have a child. I am so glad to have her. In spite of the fact that numerous individuals still view it adversely, for odd reasons. I am aware of such a significant number of couples in my circle who have been confronting richness issues. You have settled on the correct choice, particularly on the off chance that you are matured.I hope after visiting the Ukraine you will have a baby and you will be happy always. 🙂

    elizabeth maya

    Hi everyone hope you all doing good.I want to discuss my life experience with all of you. As i am adopted child and i was never treated good by my family.They always treated me so badly, beacuse of their behaviour i started taking pills which made me infertile.That was the most sadfull thing of my life.I tried almost 5 staright years but nothing worked for me. One day on internet i saw a ADONIC CLINIC related to my problem BUT whenever i called them i got no response , so bad experience. Thanks God one day my sister told me about sorrogacy. I live in ireland and search so many places in Europe because i cant go out of Europe because SCHENGEN visa is free all over the Europe. I discussed my story with my sister and she told me about Surrogacy, i was so happy after she told me so i visit the surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. In that clinic i had a baby through a Surrogacy. So guys nothing is impossible guys please never lose hope. everything is possible in life.


    hi, so sorry to know about your struggle. So proud of you love. I really appreciate this. So happy for you. I am happy that you did not lose hope. Nowadays infertility is not a problem. As many treatments are available. The thing is nothing is impossible until or unless you lose hope. I am so proud of you not losing hope is a big thing indeed. My best wishes for your future ahead. Surrogacy is the best process. My friend chose this as she was got to know that she was infertile. Lots of love. Take care

    emma joe

    Hi, I hope you are living happy and doing awesome.I am upbeat that you didn’t lose trust. These days fruitlessness isn’t an issue. The same number of medications are accessible. The thing is nothing is unthinkable until or except if you lose trust. I am so pleased with you not losing trust is a major thing in reality. My all the best for your future ahead. Surrogacy is the best procedure.The best choice for the women if she is infertile then shes must choose the option of surrogacy or the IVF. Wish you all the best and good luck! 🙂


    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. I am happy you are going for surrogacy. It helped a lot of people. There are good clinics for it. You will definitely get the benefit. Will be waiting for more updates. Wish luck to you all.


    Hi there, This is Jackoline. Hope you all are doing well. I am here to discuss my story related to a clinic with you all. I got married 5 years ago and faced 3 miscarriages. I cant describe my feelings of loosing my children. My husband has been very supportive regarding all this. Doctors considered be infertile because of the removal of my gall bladder. My husband and I went for other options like surrogacy. We have searched about such hospitals and we decided to go for Lotus. We were living in other city so we have emailed them to share the process with us so that we can move on. We didnt get any reply then we found their phone number called many times no one responded. This was the worst experience of our lives.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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