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    Hey everyone. I was scrolling down through this forum. Reading different pregnancy issues, infertility treatments, success stories etc. And then decided to share my thoughts with you.
    I was thinking that how blessing are these infertility treatments have been proven to many couples around the world. If we would start guessing the stats about number of infertile couples. It would be impossible. But I have noticed that as infertility is rising day by day. Similarly, infertility treatments are also there to settle down everything. And people are getting benefits from it to a higher extent. Many people who are not still aware of these treatments, they are also becoming familiar slowly by word of mouth appraise or by viewing any body else success story. Hats off to science and technology who has minimized the problems of today’s era. I must say that, if everybody has knowledge about these treatments. And they fully utilize their benefits. Then there would not remain any couple without kids. This is just my general opinion. Your opinions are highly appreciated.


    Hey gorgeous. Hope you are doing good. I totally agree with your opinion. Infertility treatments like surrogacy, IVF, IUI are totally a blessing in disguise. So many women out there have got their own babies because of it. I am also one of them. There is a need for awareness among the infertile couples so they can have the maximum benefits for them. Good luck to all the people going through it. Take care. 🙂


    Hey. You are right. Infertility is becoming very common in people. We have to face it now. I was one of them. I have faced infertility that was not treated well. I was upset but that made me decide to go for surrogacy. I am a mother now. I chose at the right time. I wanted to be a mother at any cost.

    Felicia Saz

    Hi girl. How are you doing? I totally agree with you. These techniques really are a blessing. I had my son through surrogacy. This really made my dream come true of having my own baby. What a time to be alive am I, right? Thank for this amazing post.


    Hello. You are correct. infertility is becoming normal in individuals. We need to confront it now. I was one of them. I have confronted infertility for 10 years. That was not treated well. I was disturbed yet that influenced me to choose to go for surrogacy. I am a mother now. I picked at the opportune time. I needed to be a mother at any cost.


    Brooklyn, you are so right with your words. Infertility has become so widespread, that every other woman is affected. It also has affected relationships. Because women tend to face various sort of phases during her infertility journey which really affects the familial, social life. I have experienced it. And I believe that surrogacy is a blessing. And, surrogates are a true blessing who sacrifices their lives in order to bless other women with the luxury of parenthood. I totally agree that surrogacy is a need of today’s world.

    Jessica fields

    You are absolutely right. I second your thoughts. We need to create awareness. Many couples are still unaware of this. Also, it should be legalized throughout the world. It is a miracle and blessing. It shouldn’t be banned.


    You are absolutely right. I second your thoughts. We need to create awareness. Many couples are still unaware of this. Also, it should be legalized throughout the world. It is a miracle and blessing. It shouldn’t be banned.?


    Brooklynn we are glad to have your thoughts. This forum is for sharing thoughts and views with each other. women can talk to each other in a friendly manner. Firstly, you are absolutely right. Having kids is such a great blessing. there is no alternate of kids in this world. Kids make their parents relation stronger and stronger. The number of couples facing this issue has increased so much. Infertility is rising due to the abnormality in periods. Women don’t take healthy food. Some couples fall in love before marriage. As infertility rises same as it is its treatments also discovered. Really science and technology have played a great role. I mean we can’t believe that surrogacy is possible. But in reality, it exists. That’s so amazing.


    Hey, there it is nice that you decided to post your thoughts on the forum. I wish things were this easy. Yes, definitely awareness regarding such procedures needs to be spread. However, there are many other factors that are involved. Financial, political and even religious factors are involved when you start considering these procedures. Also, the severity of the infertility disorder also is one of the major factors. However, it is true that with the advancement of the technology we might have a future where women would not have to go through a painful infertility journey. It is a positive thought that counts.


    I’m so glad to see that people here keep sharing their stories of success. We all need more positive experience. I don’t know why but infertility is getting more and more popular issue. What influences women’s health that much? It is so unfair. Every woman is worthy of having kids. I’m really glad that doctors are doing their best to solve this issue. More and more infertile couples enter the surrogacy programs. My son was also born by the surrogate. That’s why I completely support this idea. It works and it is great. Every infertile couple should know that they have a solution. Whatever they choose IVF, surrogacy or adoption, they will become parents. And it is very important to choose a good reproduction center to help them.


    Yes, I also believe that. If everyone is going to be aware of these things. There would be no problem ever again. I wish that everyone feels the same. There are some people that don’t think of this thing as good. They don’t believe that its good. They thought nothing is going to be great for you in these methods. I never understand why people do that. Still, what can we say? Let them think what they do.


    Hey Brooklynn, How are the things? I am in pro with your opinion dear. You are really appreciated. Surrogacy is really a blessing. It is a hope for many couples. I also think that people should well aware of this matter. Surrogates are the kind ladies. I wish baby dust to all couples.

    Evelyn Rose

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope everything is going well. I totally agree with what you have just said. Rightly said. I guess knowledge of the new technology is very important. People must know their pros and cons.
    I have seen many websites talking about these infertility treatments. People share their experience. I think it is such a nice idea to share your experience. From others experience, people get to know new things.
    I would like to thank you for creating this post. That is so nice of you. Keep spreading love and hope. Lots of luck and success to you. Stay blessed.

    Polina Delany

    Yes! I continuously agree with your points. I think people should really try these options. Everyone deserves this privilege of becoming a parent. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! I’m also undergoing surrogacy this year at a repro center in Kiev. Yeah! It works that way. You can’t keep having an incomplete family…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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