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    Indeed they are worse. I am sorry for her bad experience. Women should search the best clinic first. Before visiting any clinic. Hope everything will be alright in her life soon. And she get her baby soon. May God bless her.


    It is a sad reality. Some clinics are doing this for personal benefits. We should spread awareness among people. People have a lack of information so they choose the worst. I know that people want to go for the best. They don’t do any research before visiting a clinic. So they face worst circumstances. I recommend that you should first have a complete information about a clinic. This would be helpful as you will be aware of such clinics. Cleanliness is important for a clinic or hospital. People prefer to go to the clinics that take care of hygiene. So I think a person should go to the clinic that would be perfect in every aspect. I hope that it would be helpful to you. So we should stop people to choose such clinics. This may save someone’s life.


    Hey! Fertility treatments like surrogacy and IVF are the great alternatives for the people who cannot able to conceive naturally. Many of infertile people fulfill their wish of having children through these fertility treatments. But now it makes difficult for IP,s to choose fertility treatment because of some clinic non-serious attitude towards the customers. L***s is one of them who is not doing the work which they should have to do. I have been heard lots of complaints about this clinic. My friend too a victim of this clinic. She had wasted her precious time by choosing this clinic for her fertility treatment. She emailed them and asked for information related to treatment and clinic policies. But she was so disappointed by the behavior of the clinic. The clinic didn’t give her any response to the emails she sent to them. Now she is looking forward to a reputable clinic. I hope she will find a better one soon. Wish a best of luck for your cousin. God bless her.

    Sara Alston

    Bad clinics are like a nightmare. You should try to forget that nightmare as soon as possible. Because this is good for you. My dear, you should try another clinic. Don’t lose hope. Things will definitely get better to you by time. But before going for infertility treatment this time you should investigate about the clinic. And it’s even better to ask about the experience of their previous patients. It will provide better information for you. Hope so you will understand my message.


    Hello, hope you all are fine. This really hurts me. Every clinic Looks for there own benefit. It is our responsibility to aware people. Everyone wants the best. But because of less information, they select the worst. Research is important and should be your priority. Grab full information about the clinic. So you will be aware of each and everything of a clinic. People prefer good hygiene clinic. So I think people should choose that clinic which is perfect in all respect. So we should stop choosing those clinics about which we don’t know. I hope these things will help you. This may save someone’s life. I hope you got my point.

    Rhonda Jet

    Hey there. This is really awful. I hope you and your cousin are doing well. I don’t know how someone could fall for them. They are all over the internet for bad reviews. They are just trying to make money by playing with emotions. They don t realize the seriousness of the condition of the people that visit them. However, I hope your cousin didn’t lose hope. I hope she still has her hopes high. I wish her good luck. Please give her all the support. There are a lot of good clinics. Thanks for telling people about her experience. I wish her good luck. Take care and lots of love.


    I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s bad experience in Lo**s. I know how bad she has been feeling now. This shows their selfishness. How much they are eager to get money. Let them make their place being selfish. Keep their selfishness aside and think about the factor of being using the weakness of others for their own pleasure. They are just doing the same thing. They think people are foolish and we can deceive them in emotions of being a mother. If you talk about the staff, then I will say the clinic’s management is responsible for the staff’s cleanliness. Their ethics, habits, way of treating with people and getting feedback totally depicts their education, level of seniority and their institute’s authentication. A staff becomes better when a clinic’s management offer them handsome pay scale. If you are not paying them good, then how can you expect from them to be sincerer and loyal to their duties? This is not a way to run a clinic. In this way, clinics ruined patient’s life as well as their reputation too which directly affects the country name. I think they should be just loyal to their staff first then expect an extraordinary thing from the client side.


    Hi. I can’t believe this. It must have been so hard for her! She doesn’t deserve this. I can understand what she must be going through. My friend had the same experience with this clinic. She did not know what to do! They treated her in the worst manner. I’m just glad things got better for her. She left them at a good time. I hope things get better for your cousin, as well. My prayers are with her. Good luck!


    I can imagine what you are trying to say, Meggy. A clinic is made up of staff’s efforts. In fact, a clinic earns its reputation via the management team and staff’s hard work. People are a witness to this thing that a clinic with poor management had gone out its identity from this world. They are unable to win people’s trust. It’s hard to earn trust and this trust is only win when you serve them well in past. No one trusts your skills the first time. You have to show them what you are and what you can do better as compared to others. I will only say that L**us has lost its name. Now, it’s unbelievable to recall them again. I am helpless to say this because I made the worst experience of my life. Everybody should know what they did with me. what they are trying to do with you all. So think hundred times before taking an action. Wish you all the best.


    I know there are controversies circulating around about this clinic, I also want to mention this clinic Lotus. A similar experience happened to my cousin. Your review may save many lives. Also for lotus and other clinics for their self-improvement. So, future patients won’t be facing such issues. Because they are generating fake profiles and fake diagnosis of the clients. Such a horrible thing to do is into a clinical profession.


    Oh Meggy! I am sorry you have to face such an unpleasant experience. This is so disgusting. Hygiene should be the priority of clinics and hospitals. I am glad that I never actually visited this clinic. I am also an infertile and had been TTC for 10 years now. My DHs’ friend recommended us the same clinic L***s. We emailed them to get necessary information as we live in Ireland and were not able to visit immediately. This clinic is so irresponsible and negligent that they didnt care to reply us. We kept emailing them for like 5 weeks to ask about their expense, facilities and SMs but they are so ignorant that they never replied us. This really broke our heart and we decided never to visit such reckless clinic who have no ethics to communicate with patients. We contacted another clinic in Ukraine and got a very positive and quick response. They have explained us every thing in detail and answered all our queries. We are soon going to visit them to start our surrogacy journey. It finally feels like my misery of facing 2 ectopic pregnancies, 2 failed IUi attempts and TTC efforts are going to be rewarded. This clinic has given me a real hope and I am very much excited to start my treatment.


    Hi, how are you doing? Thanks for informing the future parents about this clinic. I have read many reviews about this clinic. Everywhere people are talking bad about them. They are the the worse. I don’t understand how their clinic is still functional? My friend also experienced a bad experience. She heard about this clinic from a friend of hers. She made an appointment via email. But when she visited the clinic she got disappointed. The clinic was really in bad condition. There wasn’t anyone on the reception. Also the cleanness condition was too bad. Every thing was covered with dust. After seeing all this, she immediately left the clinic. People need to check reviews about the clinic before contacting them. Take care all


    Hello Meggy hope you are well? And oh sweety you are not the only one! Clinics like these should be taken into account! I mean they are literally playing with peoples lives. This is seriously not a joke. Did you try to make a complain about them? I think you should do that definitely. I have also gone through this experience. I was hoping for surrogacy. I founded this clinic A***. I experienced the similar situation. They have alot of hygiene problems aswell. Their clinic is not at all clean at all. More over, they have highly unprofessional staff and doctors. I mean how can you play with peoples lives just for the sake of money? After seeing that clinic i would never recommend it to anyone. I also reported against them. I think you should too.!


    Hello there, I read your post. That is extremely a terrible affair. I additionally had an awful involvement with a center name A****s. I sent them fourteen days back. At last, they reacted me back after quite a while. they are requiring some medicinal endorsements and reports. That reports are so much costly. I didn’t have had yet. I am likewise in incredible trouble. Don’t know what would it be advisable for me to do? All things considered, we have enough time yet. We shouldn’t ruin our vocation. Endeavor to accomplish something unique. All the best are with you. Have a decent time.


    I am sorry to hear about it.It is very common now a days.Everybody is trying to cheat now a days.what profession they belong to they just try to cheat.Clinics are also are trying to loot.There is nothing to be trusted now.L***s is one of those clinics.I say a movement should be made so that these type of people institutions should be closed and banned and should jailed.

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