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    Hello! I am extremely sorry to learn about the experience. It is without a doubt terrible. These facilities are truly breaking the core of numerous individuals. They don’t try tuning in to the issues of the patients. I am certain A****s will lose its notoriety along these lines. The primary need of the center ought to be to tune in to the patient. Take care of their concern. Help them fix their illness. Be that as it may, unfortunately this isn’t going on here. They don’t trouble what is going on to the patients. They are some way or another including in their agonies. I figure increasingly mindfulness ought to be spread about them. This will help numerous other people who are searching for a center. They won’t have an awful ordeal as you did. I wish you fortunes as well! I trust all runs well with you as well!



    I am so sorry about your experience. It is just a useless clinic. They don’t give a response to any of the emails. I don’t understand why they are doing this. I don’t understand what’s is the point of running this business when you don’t even want to attend your customers properly. That’s so insane. Anyway, Don’t lose hope. Everything will be fine. You can search for other reliable clinics. Good luck.



    I feel so sad for your such terrible experience. I have also seen many negative reviews about this clinic on different forums. They need to work on their management. Plus they are very expensive. They need to work on that too. People are not satisfied with their behavior. They are so irresponsible and unreasonably expensive they need to work on that too. Their behavior is not very nice with their customers.


    Rhonda Jet


    Hey there Meggy. I hope everything is good. Lotus is really a terrible place to go to. I hope she is alright now. Please be aware of such scams. There are a lot of people talking about them on forums. I wish her good luck. Please give her all the support she needs. take care and prayers for you.


    Lucy jones

    hello there. it is such a heart to see clinics doing this. they should be the ones working for people welfare. thanks, you bewared everybody. I’ll pray you to find a good clinic. best of luck. take care. keep trying. sending you baby dust.



    My Goodness! L***s clinic is awful. You did a right thing to walk away from that clinic. There unhygienic practices show that how much they are concerned towards patients’ health. I am also a victim of this clinic. Thankfully I didn’t payed a visit. I emailed them to ask information related to surrogacy and their facilities. their communication channel is as pathetic as their hygiene practices. I am glad that I switched to another clinic for my treatment.



    Although I have seen people show sympathy towards infertile and that is annoying sometimes, BUT, making them suffer like this is so out of limits, I am seeing this first time. This is pretty disgusting. Must be so disturbing for people who go through this. ugh, God forbid. It hurts for people like us we already have to go through much. I gave up on my dream of playing sports because it came in my way of fertility. And if I have to hear mean behavior from people I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive or not.



    Hey Maggy. I’m very sorry to hear that. Scammers like that shouldn’t be allowed to operate. It’s pathetic. I don’t know how to console you and your family. It is a grave loss. Apart from that, you need to stay strong. Try another clinic. Ukraine has the best clinics. IVF and surrogacy are important. These things can be critical if not dealt wisely. So stay sharp, stay focused. Don’t give up. You need to keep going. Much love to you. Take care.


    Veronica Strafford

    Hey, I have seen so many people being scammed by this clinic. When i was scammed i thought someone had hacked into their system. But now im so sure the whole clinic is a scam. I can say this because when i contacted their authorities they were very least bothered. Their indifference shocked me. Seriously beware of this clinic. I hope someone takes a legal action against them.L***s is scam so dont fall for it.



    This is upsetting. Fertility clinics are supposed to efficient. I have found it so odd for behaving in this manner. Our lives depend on their action. So they should be sincere with us. Consultancy is needed which is offered by a good clinic. It’s the matter of urgency and should be handled carefully.



    I am so sorry to know about your friend. I can feel her. I know how it feels excatly. As I have been thorugh all this too. I hope everything will b fine for her soon My best wishes are with her. Stay strong and positive. Baby dust to all.



    This is too much. I have been hearing people talking about their rude behaviour, This needs to be stoped. We are humans. And we deserve to be treated well. There must be something to stop them. This behaviour can no longer be tolerated. I hate them.

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)

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