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    jezebel hi! Be calm. I can understand your nervousness at this. dear, I think you should investigate all the clinics before visiting it. I heard many bad reviews of people in clinics. but I think there are also some trustful clinics in Ukraine and Europe. You can also investigate the clinic on their sites. Just keep in mind your worst experience during visiting any clinic.


    Hi Ezabel! I am sorry that you had to go through infertility. I know it can be hard to deal with but hang in there. I would recommend you go to Ukraine for your treatment since Ukraine has some of the best clinics. I went to Biotexcom for my surrogacy treatment and I think you should contact them too. They are the best at what they do. All the best to you.


    Hi, I think you need to research the clinics. But beware of Lotus and Adonis. They are scammers. Plus You can choose either option. It’s good that you decided to consult a doctor. I mean if there is something serious then I don’t think you should consider IVF. I am pregnant through IVF but the procedure is very draining. It can take away all your energy. I would suggest you consider surrogacy. I mean think about yourself. If you get pregnant by IVF then there can be complications. The labor can be painful and complicated. The child can inherit the disease. It is better to be careful. Go for Surrogacy and get a baby.


    Yes, there are a lot of good places that are great. We must look into them once. Everything will be alright with us. It’s not going to be a problem. You must be aware of some facts. I am not going to hide them from you. There are some places out there. That are to play with your emotions. Simply. I hope you don’t want to go with them. You should just keep yourself aware of that. After that, it’ll be alright. We must not worry about it. Always think about the good places. It’s going to be alright. The good places could do anything to help you.


    Of course, you are right. There are so many people. As much queries rise in a mind. We can’t help it. It’s really vry difficult for us. It’s not a problem at all. We should ask. I want to tell you that everything is great. There is no problem at all. Just try to take good care of yourself. Also, everyone is right. Be aware of some places.


    You seem to be quite worried about the selection. I know infertility has really broken you. I think you must try the clinics in Ukraine. They have good very reasonable rates. The doctors are quite honest in their opinions. The staff cooperates too. You will not regret your decision. I have had mine done from Ukraine too. When I was devastated it was surrogacy that gave me hope. Since you are looking for affordable prices. It is good to check them. It was an amazing process. Good luck to you.


    Hey. How are you doing? I hope things are great at your end. I am so sorry that you cannot conceive naturally. It is always sad that you cannot carry the baby yourself. I have been through this. I know that feel. But, surrogacy is great too. You will have a biological child of yours. Isn’t it great? I think you must look at Ukraine. It has got one of the best ones. I have had mine done from Ukraine too. My experience went superbly. The clinic was good. It offered a good package with accommodation. I think you should also go there. Sending baby dust to your way. All the very best. Stay blessed.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. How are you? I am happy that you are going for surrogacy. This procedure is making much efforts to light the life of an infertile person. May you find your happiness soon. Though I have no idea over clinics. But I am sure you would have picked the best one possible. And would surely look into this too when I would begin my procedure. Hope to find much positivity soon as this is appearing on this forum. I’ve heard a lot about one. I’ve heard a lot about BiotexCom. You should consult them. I hope you have a good journey. Take care.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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