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    Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I am really very upset these days! I have the worst experience with L***s clinic! They have ruined me! I have been going to this hospital for like 3 weeks ad they are delaying on next week. They have removed my uterus! Made me of no use! Now I don’t understand what to do! I didn’t know about it! I went to some other doctor with my mum. She told me that there is no hope now! I am shattered! I am dissatisfied with their behaviour! I would suggest everyone that don’t get treatment from them! They just destroy you as they did to me! Worst experience ever!

    lisa grey

    Yes, Alina. I am so sorry about your infertility. I also have the same problem as you have. I am conveying this message for the last three months. I have told almost everybody about the services of the Adonis clinic. They are very irresponsive and irresponsible. They look like that they are just making money. They have very illiterate staff. Very misbehaving and unfriendly staff. I don’t know why they just do not change their staff. I am really worried that they do not pay attention towards the patients. And you are saying about the cleanliness of their clinic then listen, they do not care about what patient needs and what a patient want. They just care about their fees and money. I am so sorry to say that the Adonis clinic is the worst clinic in the World right now. I suggest everyone please does not visit them if you want some real treatment and services. Thank you.

    Dakota Quinn

    This is just terrible. I am so sorry for what you have been through. These people just do not know how to deal with clients. Have you considered any other clinic? I know this must be hard. But do not lose hope. There are so many better clinics out there. I am glad that the first clinic I contacted was a good one. They took the time out to deal with us and our queries. Even though at times they did not reply asap. I really hope you find a good clinic. This is just a bump in the road. It is not the end of the road. Stay strong and positive. Things will work out.


    Hey there. How are you feeling? How are things going? This is just so shocking. I am so sorry for this disappointing experience. Though do not lose hope. This is not the end of the road for you. Rather you have just entered your surrogacy journey. And this is just one of the clinics. There are so many all over the world nowadays. Do not let this one experience shape your future. I am sure you will find the best clinic for yourself. Even if does take some time. I am sure in the end it will all be worth it. Love and best wishes.


    I just read your post, Alina. And after reading your post, Now I can say that my friend was really true. She told me the same as you are saying. But I didn’t believe her. I am so sorry for her. I was just ready to visit them. I am an infertile lady and many people suggested me to visit Adonis clinic. But my friend had an experience with them. I asked her about the clinic. And she told me the same as you just said. I am not going to visit them now. I was considering them the best in the world. But now, I am very thankful to you also for telling us the truth about them. My friend told me that they are just making money. But after reading your post, I am going with my friend to some other clinic for the better treatment. Please, everyone, do not visit Adonis clinic. They really suck.


    I am sorry to know about your infertility. It is a tough time for you. I know how it kills a person from the inside. I was also in your boat. Dear don’t trust such clinics. They do not trustworthy. Most of the times, I came across bad reviews about this clinic. They are real scammers nothing else. But I am telling you about a clinic. It is in Eastern Europe. I don’t remember its name right now. But I will let you know about it soon. You can try that. It is the best clinic in town. But you can have your own research about clinics as well. I am here to help you out. Good luck. Take care.


    Hey there Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about this. I know it must be really hard. Why do people keep falling for these clinics? They are just scammers. They keep spamming. They had tons of negative reviews. They are very well known for it. I hope you don’t fall for such clinics again. I wish you good luck. Be strong and positive. Take care and lots of love. And a lot of prayers too for you.

    Martina John

    I just read your post. You are absolutely right. Such clinics are spammers. They are looting people in this field just for the sake of money. They do not have any concern about someone’s life. You should verify the reputation of that clinic before visiting them. One of my friends had gone there for IVF. She had a worse experience there. Even the option for IVF had closed for her later. So be aware of them. And try to find the best clinic for such services and stay strong. I hope you will be successful.


    Let me share the thoughts of my friend here. My lovely friend Elsa tried many fertility clinics in Europe. The procedures were too expensive. A relative of hers suggested her to find a clinic in the Eastern Europe. She contacted the clinic named Adonis. In first few emails they sounded very vigilant and dutiful. This trust took them to Adonis. Unfortunately the situation was not as they expected. The staff was not helpful. They had to wait for several days before first check up. It was an extra finanial burden. Elsa was too sad when the doctors were discouraging about her situation. The rates were not as they sent through email. There was a list of the hidden charges too. If any one is planning to go there it is better to stay away from them and look for some better option.


    Hey there! I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. Infertility becomes very common nowadays among women. But surrogacy is a great solution available to cope with infertility. It feels so bad to hear about the adonis clinic. My friend had a bad experience with them. She is infertile and looking forward to surrogacy. She has been heard great reviews about adonis clinic. She tries to make contact for asking information related to treatment. She emailed them many times and waited for 2 weeks long. But the clinic didn’t respond even a single email. She was very disappointed by the behavior of the clinic. Now she is approaching to a different clinic which has professional behavior. I hope she will find a better one. My best wishes are with you. God bless you.


    Hey there Dear. I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about it. It really breaks y heart to think. Clinics now days are running behind money. They can’t seem to control their reputation. Adonis is very well known for its bad rep. They try to scam people too. I have heard a lot of stories. I hope no one else ever falls for them. Tere are many good clinics. Don’t give up. Just be strong and hopeful. Take care of your self. And lots of prayers.


    Hey Alina! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. I feel so bad to hear the attitude of adonis clinic towards the patient. At this stage by such behavior of clinic with patients make them depressed. My friend also had a bad experienced with the adonis clinic. She emailed them many times. Waited for so long for the response of clinic. But she wasted her time because clinic didn’t respond yet. She was disheartened by the behavior of the clinic. I have a lot of complaints about this clinic. People should take care when they are choosing a clinic. These scammers should be banned by the law. I hope you will find a better clinic and be a mom soon. God bless you

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. I am so extremely sorry for what you went through. I had a similar experience. In first few emails they sounded very vigilant and dutiful. This trust took me there. Unfortunately, the situation was not as I expected. The staff was not helpful. I had to wait for several days before first check up. It was a complete waste of time. I hope no one goes through this pain. I hope everyone has a good experience from good clinics. Take care everyone.


    Hi Alina! I hope you are fine. I just read your sad experience. I can understand your feelings as I am infertile too. I was also afraid of going to such clinics. But I was glad to know that one of the best Ukraine clinics, Biotexcom is organising a visit to London. They will be in london on 18 on 19 of August. My grief is about to end as I’ve heard that these are one of the best clinics in world. They will also sign contract with us on the spot if we want. This gave me a hope to live further.


    Dear, I felt really bad for you. I have also read many bad reviews about such clinics. They are dealing with people in the worst way. It really doesn’t mean that only such bad clinics exist. There are many good clinics that also exist. They are helping for the sake of humanity. They will understand your problems and they will give you the best treatment for that. All your doubts will be cleared once you visit them. They are the best in their field. I have read many good reviews about this clinic. People shared their success stores with them. Remember difficulties in your journey makes your destination beautiful. Don’t hesitate and go for it. It will be the best option for you. Baby dust to you

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