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    Hello. I am extremely sad about your experience. I know it is difficult to experience this all. Infertility is heartbroken. It has smashed the expectations of such huge numbers of patients. You trust a center and wind up with this. My sister is likewise in a comparable situation. She has been attempting to contact A****s a clinic for a significantly long time now. She has made them a few calls. Additionally, messaged them. In any case, all futile. They don’t take interest in the patients. It looks as though they have the poor correspondence benefit ever. They look more like a spam to me and making money from innocent people. I hope that you locate a superior clinic soon. We are likewise taking a gander at different alternatives for my sisters. I hope all goes well. Wish you all the best!



    Hello! I am really sorry to read about your experience! I have been reading many negative posts on different forums about this clinic A****s! I know its really devastating when someone is playing with your emotions when you are going through the toughest part of your life! Infertility is such a touchy issue! Infertile couples should be treated nicely! Don’t lose hope! There are many other good clinics in Ukraine! Search well before going to any clinic from now onwards!

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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