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    Hey Dear. How are you and your friend? Well, this is really a positive thing. Those who don’t give up can never lose. So dear, give her congratulation in advance. Cause this time she is going to be a mother. And things are going to be ok for her. Because success chances of surrogacy are about 95%. Wish her best of luck from my side.

    Sara Alston

    Hi. How are you doing? Hope so your friend is feeling better now. I am feeling very sad for her losses. But this is part of life. You should give her opinion of surrogacy because one of my friends also had a baby through this process. And she is living a healthy life now. At least you should take a look on some videos regarding a surrogacy treatment. Wish you best of luck.


    Hi Ronni, how are you? I feel sad for your friend. Infertility is really hard to handle. A family is incomplete without a child. No one can understand that better than me. I am an infertile too. I Have been trying to conceive for the past 7 years. I got married around 7 years ago and had my first earliest pregnancy that ended into a miscarriage. I am just here to support you that your friend is not the only facing this infertility. There are many women around the globe who have the same issues dear! Just make sure that you are always there for your friend all the time.
    Wish your friend all the very best dear!


    oh my god, what are you saying? five failed IVF cycles..she has faced very hard times. oh, that’s a good thing. it means she has a strong willpower. that’s why she didn’t lose hope at any step.lotus clinic is a scam. they loot people. they play with there emotions. they don’t have any heart. consulting with them is just waste of time.that’t good, that she is now searching any other clinic now. I’m hopeful for her. oh, that’s great. surrogacy is a divine. that will be suitable for her. the best clinic’s in the world are mainly situated in Europe. I didn’t know the exact location. okay then, my best wishes are with you. okay, good luck in the future for your friend.


    Hi. I am sorry to hear about her condition. I know hat she is going through some really tough times. hope her all the best. I know it is very difficult to go through all this. But she is so strong. During that time a person needs family support, it is good that you support your friend. I suggest to you that she should go for surrogacy. Many people here had positive experience regarding surrogacy. The only thing is many people are still against the idea of surrogacy. I would suggest you support her during her decision regarding surrogacy. Make sure that she also chooses the best clinic.
    I hope that she gets success in whatever she plans.


    It is really a big grief to learn that you can’t be a parent. There was a time when people felt that infertility was an end to their life. The science has made the things better. The scientific innovations have added happiness to the lives of those who have lost all hope. Through processes like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy the life has got the charm. You can have your rainbow from any of these methods. If you are recommended to go for surrogacy then it means that you are heading towards a happy life. The clinics you choose for your surrogacy respect your privacy. I hope that you will soon see your dreams coming true. I have my loads of prayers accompanying you. May you cherish the moments of Parenthood. Good luck!


    Hi there, I am so sorry to hear about your condition. It’s just really very bad. I feel really bad for you. I know this could happen to anyone. Don’t you worry. You see. There are some good clinics out there in Europe. They are going to help you a lot. Just contact them. Tell them about your situation. They are going to ask you more. It’ll be alright. Just be aware. There are some places that are not going to reply to you. Just ignore them.

    emma joe

    Hi there hope and belief that you are doing awesome. Sometime in the past individuals felt that fruitlessness was a conclusion to their life. The science has improved the things. The logical developments have added satisfaction to the lives of the individuals who have lost all expectation. Through procedures like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy the life has the appeal. You can have your rainbow from any of these techniques. In the event that you are prescribed to go for surrogacy then it implies that you are heading towards a glad life. The facilities you decide for your surrogacy regard your protection. I trust that you will before long observe your fantasies working out as expected. So, at the end of my message i will suggest the infertility problem facing women to go for the best clinic only because the clinic matters than the procedure i will say for Ukraine BiotexCom the best places having high success ratio from another place in the world. 🙂


    I hope you are doing good in life. I can understand that it is very much sad to know, what you have been through. You should not remain depressed because of it. Always remain strong. This time will change. You should go for surrogacy. It will be very much good for all of us. We will be able to help ourselves. Be sure that you choose the right clinic. Lotus and Adonis are not good clinics. They will not help you in these situations. I hope you understand this thing. Find a suitable clinic that will be very helpful to you. I wish you all the best in future.

    Mrs Mcguill

    Sorry to hear about your friend. She would have been really depressed. Paying so much money for IVF. Spending so much of time. Yet, not getting successful. I hope she does not give up. Wishing best of luck to her.


    Hey Ronni, I have come to know about your friend’s condition. I can understand her condition is not good. I know it is a nightmare for her. But her story is very inspiring. She never loses hope till yet. She is very strong who trying to yet. It was a great loss for her. But I think she will be achieved soon. As she is trying. I want to give the suggestion that. She must need to go to the best clinic. She never takes it easy. If she did it will become a loss for her. So also keep trying to find the best doctor. I hope all will be good soon. Good Luck.


    Hi Roni! how you’ve been. Good to hear about your friend’s positive attitude towards life. Getting hopeless is also a disease. You cannot do anything right with the negative mind. I feel really bad about her losses. I know a clinic in Europe. They treat best. I hope her IVF will go successfully there. Have a good life.


    Dear sister. It is no doubt a big loss for your friend. I am very sorry for her. You take a good decision. To share your friends experience here. This is a very good platform. We all can share our problems here. And also can discuss all the important issues as well. We are like a family here. It is very nice to discuss all our experience here. So we can know about each other. It will be benefited for us in the way we can manage our lofe’s matter according to them. So I hope you will get the best suggestion here. Your friend needs to go to the best gynecologist. And said her to share all the minor issues too with the doctor. It is very important to share all the things. I will pray for her. Good luck.


    I feel sad after hearing your story. I am really sorry for your friend. She had gone through a very rough time. It was a difficult situation for her. I have also heard many bad reviews about these clinics. Don’t lose hope. My best wishes are with your friend.


    I am really grieved to learn about your friend. Infertility is really a curse. The things ge worse when the hope goes down too. The same happened with your friend. She was infertile. She looked forward to the IVF. The dreams shattered again. In this desperation she contacted the fertility clinic. Actually Lotus is a renowned name. People contact it from all over the world. This all is happening due to their successful public advertising. It is too unprofessional to let down the people in this way. The IPs are already desperate. Not responding them means unnecessary wait. I would suggest that she must keep sharing her experiences with lotus so that others can be saved. At the same time I wish her all the best.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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