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    Julie Rivera

    Hi everybody. I am composing this to share something extremely vital with every one of you. As all of you realize that we had our Surrogacy from the Biotex Com, Ukraine. What’s more, know we have our infant young lady. It was so intense and hard to deal with that agony we experienced. I know and can totally comprehend the torment you are experiencing. I came to realize that their staff is coming to London on the seventeenth and eighteenth of August. They will spread mindfulness about every one of these medications. Anybody of you who are experiencing serious difficulties in making sense of this may visit them. They are so pleasant and kind individuals. They will encourage you. I wish fortunes to all on TCC. My all the best and fortunes to all.

    Mrs Mcguill

    Thank you for this post. I hope it motivates others. I was diagnosed with cancer last year. The doctors said a hysterectomy was the only option. I did the surgery. It removed cancer. But it left me infertile. I could not conceive. I was devastated. My husband found this clinic. I was very confused. But as soon as I went there, I became satisfied. The doctors assured me of the process. We decided that this clinic was our choice. Thanks to the clinic, we will have our two twins soon. I would suggest it to all infertile couples.


    hey Julie Rivera!!! Well that’s good news. I also want to go there. I am planning to go there with my husband. So that they may check reports of both of us. Hopefully we will leave soon for London. As you know my husband didn’t allow me to go for surrogacy. he is against of this procedure. As they think it wastage of time as well as money. But I convinced him hard. I asked him Anastasia is giving some relaxation on procedural costs. Moreover, we also want to discuss about the unexplained infertility. even after visiting clinics many times we don’t know the major cause behind this. be ready on 18 19th of August. See you soon there.


    I have been through surrogacy with them. I am now a proud mother. If you’re an intended parent considering surrogacy, you may wonder what the advantages of surrogacy are when you have other methods of becoming a family (for example, through adoption). However, for all intended parents, there is the overwhelming advantage that other methods may not be able to provide, a child that’s genetically related to you. More often than not, this is the reason why intended parents enter into the surrogacy process. Many intended parents who choose surrogacy do so because they’re struggling with infertility, either because of genetics, because they’re a same-sex couple who cannot have children on their own, or because they are single. The disappointment and stigma of infertility can be harsh, which is why surrogacy gives parents a chance to overcome these issues and successfully have biological children. Raising a child from birth: Surrogacy gives intended parents the chance to not only raise their child from the moment they’re born but also actively be involved in the pregnancy. Not all adoptions can offer the same advantages.

    Jessica fields

    Yes, I have heard of this clinic. Is it situated in Europe right? I think I might visit this one. It is convenient for me to travel there. These reviews are a plus point obviously. Let’s see now, how things turn for me. I am really excited to be a mother.


    Dear, that’s really wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Indeed it’s one of the best clinics in Europe. They are helping people to achieve their dreams. I will definitely visit them. I am in need to have proper surrogacy treatment from them. Thanks for sharing this news with us. Stay blessed

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hello, Julie. It’s going to be a great event! I heard a lot about it. Actually, you know they changed the dates and the venue! They haven’t yet revealed where they’ll be hosting it, now. But, they have changed it. Thought, you should know. I am so excited! It’s going to be amazing. Ah, I cannot wait!


    Thank you for the heads up dear. I will also agree with you concerning the clinic. I have been there and their services are just top notch. A wonderful option for building a family is the use of surrogacy, donor eggs or donor sperm. The high success rates that these options offer have enabled many of their patients to become parents. A woman’s chance of a live birth using fresh embryos from donor eggs is over 50% (SART 2014 National Summary Report). In cases of male factor infertility, the use of donor sperm significantly increases the chances of bringing home a baby. For some, discovering that this route is their best option can be unexpected. We are here to help you. They will guide and support you through every aspect of this process. From helping you navigate any emotions that arise. To offering the best medical care. To assisting with the logistics and finances. Their mission is to ensure that you have the resources you need to do what is best for your unique situation.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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