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    Here are some ideas for introducing surrogacy to your children and involving them in the surrogacy process: Start by reading children’s books about surrogacy and other family-building methods. These books help normalize surrogacy and gently introduce the idea. Mention that you might want to help another family have a baby someday, and ask your children what they would think of that. Once you’ve found a match with intended parents, tell your children about the intended family and show them pictures. Tell their story, and explain that you’re going to try to help them have a baby. Ask your children to help you take pictures to send to the intended parents as well. Tell them that these pictures will be included in a special storybook for the baby so that your family will always be remembered. Let your children write letters or draw pictures for the intended parents and the baby. If possible, have your children visit the intended parents’ home so they can see where the baby is going to live. Let your children pick out a special toy for the baby that they can take to the nursery. Go out to dinner as a family with the intended parents so your children can get to know them.

    Polina Delany

    WEll, yes! It’s really important! You’re right! It really gives slight ahead situation for people who involve their children. So, yeah! Well, last month I went to a center in Kiev. I heard there that child was opposing her mother for being a surrogate and all. It ended up being into a huge issue. So, yeah! It was at Adonis center, in Kiev. Things went pretty bad, I think it was also clinics fault, as they failed to give importance to the privacy and all. So, yeah! Now, later I went to other centers. They really had better procedures. So, yeah! It’s really important to do things in a loop with anyone. So, yes! Thanks for sharing such an informative post!


    Hello all. This is very informative knowledge with you. That can guide you that how you can spend the life in future in good way. There are so many stones in our lives. But if we are strong health, then these stones are broken by us. When, I’m suffering from surrogacy, then I become very disheart. But I can hear about the clinic named L****s clinic. This is so far from my home. Then I want to send the email. Then I can send too many emails to this clinic. But they didn’t reply of any single one. This is the bad effect of the clinic. But, I can never lose the hope and try to search another good clinic for better treatment.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello, Tiffany. This is a great topic. I’m glad you’re talking about it. This is crucial information. I underwent surrogacy with a clinic in Ukraine. They helped me out so much! They actually made the entire procedure really normal for me. I felt brilliant after it. It helped me a lot. I have accepted it on a natural level. And, that’s because of that clinic! I don’t think I’ll have a problem telling my kids about it. It’s the future, in my opinion. And, it’s something that’s actually helping people get over infertility. It shouldn’t be looked down upon.


    Couples struggle to conceive a child. For other couples, it is physically impossible for them to have children at all. Rather than struggle with the costs and painful procedures that reproductive treatments can bring, more couples than ever before are opting toward surrogacy. The primary benefit of surrogacy is that it is often more successful than other reproductive treatment methods. Sometimes the surrogate mother supplies the egg to be fertilized, though some couples have their own genetic material implanted into the surrogate mother. About 40 weeks later, the surrogate mother delivers a healthy baby, which the couple can then take home with them without dealing with the physical issues that pregnancy can provide. Another benefit of surrogacy is the chance to form lifelong connections that benefit the family. Many surrogates stay involved in the lives of the children they helped to carry, creating a community aspect of family that provides a loving environment where a child can grow up. Surrogacy generally has significant financial benefits that surpass just the value of the health care you receive. The intended parents pay a surrogate for the service of pregnancy and delivery. The compensation depends on your geographical location and whether you proceed with a private surrogacy or you use a surrogacy agency.


    Parents and their children share a deep, affectionate bond — a psychological connection that endures over time. It’s what makes parents instinctively want to care for and nurture their children, and it is important to children’s psychological well-being, sense of security and self-esteem. While intended parents may not have nine months to bond with their child before birth, given time, preparation and a successful emotional transfer, attachment and bonding will happen naturally — and it will be every bit as strong and permanent as it is for families formed by other means. We know that from an environmental perspective, the child has a keen sense of smell and hearing, and they have already attached to the carrying parent through hearing, smell and touch. The more you can talk to your baby — either in person or through recorded tapes — the more familiar your baby will become with you and your family


    I’m glad this post is up. Some other time, you will have to reveal it the child. If the genes don’t match up. The genetic make up isn’t compatible. He or she will find out. And it’s alot of emotional drama with it. So better tell the child early, and let it out with ease. Be comfortable with the decision, it’s not a bad thing. Adoption is another thing, surrogacy is different. Be careful not to make it sound too alienated. Just keep the child in the loop. Tell them you’re biologically the same, just not the womb. Good luck ladies. Much love. And Take care.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hello, Tiffany. I hope you’re okay. I’m really pro-surrogacy. Which is why I love this! Thank you for this amazing post. You’re correct, this is the way to go about things. Keep up the lovely work!

    Anika louis

    Hey. Thanks for such an informative post. I really appreciate your work. I think this kind of information must be given to the children. Surrogacy has got so popular. It’s better to tell the child early, So they might not make questions over Surrogacy in the future. You have raised a very good question. It will aware so many people. Good luck to the intended parents.

    Sarah Williams

    Read the whole post. Very amazing ideas and tips. Yes, once we are going to have our process. So, yeah! I also think that children shouldn’t be kept in dark. So, yeah! If I was having surrogacy, would have endorsed you already. Anyway! Thanks for sharing it.


    Hi. That is a great piece of advice. Who would’ve thought about this particular topic? Introducing surrogacy to children is very important. Further, in life, they need to know about it. It is only us who can give them this knowledge.

    Jess bling

    This is important. This information is much needed for children. The children should not be kept in dark like this. Also, it will help them beforehand. This will let them prepare their mind. They would be able to make an attachment with the parents. This will help them make a stronger bond. This bond is really important for the children. Thanks for sharing a crucial post. This should be shared with as many as possible. The ideas you have are well thought. These should be implemented. I need your permission to copy paste it. Thanks for sharing it. Someone in my family needs to know about this!

    Jessica fields

    Well said Tifanny. This is something which bothers almost every Intended parent. I had a very interesting conversation about this with a friend too. She said she would never want to tell her child that he was born through surrogacy. Well, it’s her choice. I really liked your take on this topic. You gave a very interesting idea. We should first assess the sensitivity of the child. If the child shows any signs of distress. Then he or she should not be informed. It wouldn’t be a nice idea to take a risk here. Though if the child is sensible then the parents can inform them about the reality. Also, can I send this to a friend? Only if you allow.

    Felicia Saz

    Hello. What an amazing post! I really enjoyed reading this. And I completely agree with this. Children are really nice at heart. We all know about this. They are more open-minded. their thinking completely depends on us. So it is really important to portray any situation to them perfectly. If anything they will love it. They will learn so much from this. It is important to tell them what the surrogate does and how selfless it is. This will help them learn about selflessness. They will also learn about the fact that relationships aren’t made with blood. They are made with the bond people share. They should know how much parents love their kids and how far they can go just to have them. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this with us.


    Hi Tiffany! How are you doing? Well, it’s good to hear that you have a by from surrogacy process. I am also a mother through the surrogacy process. I can understand your situation. Hope you’ll find this helpful. The idea of introducing surrogacy with children is not good. I guess this may cause many troubles for you. The children have a growing brain. If you tell them something more than their age or brain capability it’ll hurt them. But when they grow up. If you want to tell you, child, then you should do this. It’ll be bad if he or she comes to know from someone else. Hope you’ll find this helpful. Good luck.

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