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    Mrs Mcguill

    You have had so many complications through this time. Sorry to know about those. I would suggest that you talk to your doctor in detail. If they think you won’t be able to conceive a baby, you should look at other options. IVF and surrogacy are one of the options. I went through a hysterectomy. That left me infertile. I had to opt for surrogacy which ended well for me. Hence, do not lose hope.



    Hi there, hope you are feeling better now. On this forum, we are all like a family. We do help each other with our past experiences. This is encouraging. Thanks for asking. I hope everything goes as planned. Thank you. Best of luck.



    Hi. I hope I can contact other IPs here to share my experience and to know more about others’ journeys. My surrogate is now 7 weeks pregnant and we are to get update after her first scan on Monday. Fingers crossed everything okay with a baby. I am really worried and hope to hear from those who are/were in the same boat. I’m doing surrogacy abroad and haven’t even seen a woman who’s already carries my embies. How to cope with this from distance? I believe that one update in a month is not enough and I’ll probably go mad not knowing how the baby is doing. Is there any chance to get info more often? thanks



    hi. how are you?. you are strongly welcomed over here. infertility is a curse now. infertility can be resolved by many methods. it creates much hopelessness in the family. surrogacy is safe and sound method. consult the gyno first. For surrogacy go to that clinic whose forum are replying you. Hope for Good. take knowledge about biotexcom. Surrogacy is the treatment better provided at one of the clinic at Ukraine. .This company is shifting to the london. you heard very clear about these clinics. Their service are so good. But hope you will be well known about their work. Their they are providing the details about treatment. Hope for best. hope for good and Best wishes.


    Alice Blake

    Hello everyone. I am 43 years old. I am now infertile. I have been looking for clinics for surrogacy. I got to know about BioTexCom. There is the best clinic regarding surrogacy named BioTexCom. They cleared my confusions regarding surrogacy. The clinic is going to arrange an event in London on August 18 and 19. I am going to attend the event. I will also register myself there for surrogacy at BioTexCom. Clinic head from English team will be also there. He will address the people there. I will go. All you ladies going through this pain should come too. I hope we all find solutions soon.



    Hey there. I’m the only daughter of my famiy. Before one year i got married, I’m infertile Doctors tells me that you can get a treatment from good clinic. Then, i decided to take a treatment from clinic, that is best for me. Then, i hear the L****s clinic. i think that this clinic is good for me. Then i can send the different emails to this clinic. But this cannot reply me every single email. Me and my husband becomes very sad. But we didn’t lose the hope. We daily try the next clinic to get a better treatment. This clinic is very bad for me and for all as well.


    emma joe

    Hi IPF, I hope that you are living a happy life and are now awesome. Thank you for this post. You are doing a great job. I was infertile too. I had my treatment from there. It is the best clinic. It has quality services. The staff is very helping. The doctors took great care of my privacy. The environment is very supportive. Everyone in the clinic gave support. Their procedure to choose a surrogate is the best. They showed every medical report to me. I was very happy to choose them. They were beyond my expectations. I returned back with my son. My life and family is complete now. We all should not take the stress. We have to hope for the best. Everything will be alright. Good wishes. So, I will recommend on the behalf of my experience the best clinics are in Ukraine. Wish you a happy future life. May Godless you. My love is also with you.



    Hi dear, Im sure you are doing well. It feels great to see people are fighting against this curse. Infertility is definitely not easy to overcome. Many people are badly affected by this disease. Im sure your post will help people. We need to spread awareness regarding infertility. People must know that there are treatments like Surrogacy which is changing the lives of infertile people. It has become a hope of so many people. When i was diagnosed with infertility, I researched a lot. Asked so many infertile people to suggest me a good clinic. And most of them recommended me this one in Ukraine. I had a meeting with them, Which was long but worth it. They assured me with the procedure. All my worries came to an end after the meeting. Im so happy to be treated by them. I would recommend people to visit them this month in London.


    Jess bling

    Diana first of all, it is not hard. It is possible with infertility treatments. If you go to Inexpensive treatment. Then you should pack for Europe. It has a well-known clinic. That is reliable. Plus I had experienced them, It is worth giving them a chance.


    Sarah hazal




    Check out this. Hope you’ll enjoy.



    Hi, my name is Liudmyla,
    Iam ukrainian woman living in Czech Republic. I would like to offer you my help in finding a surrogate mother. I am the owner of a surrogacy agency “Hope and Happiness H&H” in the Czech Republic. We are fully supporting program of the Surrogate Motherhood in clinics in Czech Republic or Ukraine. We have a positive experience and many happy families)
    I will be happy to answer you all your questions)
    +420773014303 (WhatsApp, Viber)


    N Patel


    I have an ongoing fibroid issue. My body just keeps producing them in my uterus and I keep having to have surgeries (just finished my 7th) to remove them (7 surgeries in 3 years). I am scheduled to have one more within 6 months to remove however much fibroid was left from my last surgery and remove any other fibroids my uterus has produced. After going through hell and back with surgeries, tests, etc., I’m terrified of the risks of pregnancy in my situation. Multiple doctors have suggested freezing eggs (which I’m getting done beginning of next year) due to the amount of surgeries I’ve had and fibroids my body keeps producing “you never know what the next surgery will be like.” Better to be safe than sorry in this case.

    Husband and I have been talking about starting a family but when I’m not having surgeries, I’m recovering or having horrible symptoms from new fibroids that tend to grow rapidly. Tried many different ways of preventing fibroids, but nothing has work and we have lost all hopes. I cannot go through all the symptoms and surgeries anymore! I feel so drained from it all. We have been looking into surrogacy but it’s so damn expensive!!

    I have been looking into surrogacy agencies in Ukraine. Lotus looked great online until I read about all the horrible reviews. Husband found a company based out of Cancun, Mexico. Anyone have any luck with agencies anywhere who don’t mind sharing their experience, company names, etc. with me?

    I’m new to the forum and a little confused on why no one shares/bleeps out the names of agencies they have used or had bad experiences with, so please forgive me for doing so in my post.





    Many experience successes with the traditional method of conception. Others, who have not been able to conceive on their own, seek help through assisted reproductive technology (ART) and surrogacy. No one way is a guarantee or risk-free. The only certainty is that reproductive challenges are not uncommon. Since the topic of infertility is close to me in fact rather than in word I decided to make serious research. Finally, I have found the BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine. They present themselves as the clinic with highly qualified doctors and with the highest rate of success among European clinics. In one’s sleep I started a chat with the clinic manager, she perfectly speaks English. I retold her story of my infertility. After I made an appointment and went to Kiev. You know, I believe that if you’re trying hard to get a baby, the service level and so on is not that important. Yeah, you had to wait for 3 hours in line to reach a doctor. So what? If I wanted to have a baby I can suffer long lines and terrible roads. I used services in Russia, it was suroagcy as well. ANd it was awful story there. ANd in Ukraine we found our happiness at last.

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)

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